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Fox Hunts, Fajitas and A foolish Footballer; Love the Little Things #10

on May 30, 2014

Good Afternoon Everybody! I’m hoping you read that in a sort of sing-song way as if you were responding to a teacher like you had to back in the day before it went all first name and casual?!

How the devil are you? I hope that you’ve enjoyed a short week and half term has been kind despite the weather?

So, we all know where this is heading don’t we; that’s right kids, it’s time for Love the Little things, my rock and roll run down of the week so take a load off, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

READ: For the last month or so I have been posting a Saturday book review so, you can see what I’ve been reading book wise here if you like.
Aside from them, I have been looking back through some of the amazing quotes and poems of the talented and inspirational Maya Angelou who passed away on Wednesday.

She wrote and spoke with such wit, wisdom, faith and courage that it is difficult to choose and I wanted to select one that might be less well known than this but, in the end, I had to have this one because it is so true and I hope, hope, hope that I leave people feeling loved. R.I.P Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou I have learnt


HEARD: So, last week it was the local and european elections just incase you’ve managed to escape Farages smarmy face all over the press and all the talk of the Lib Dems losing it.  Mr L has informed me that More people will vote in the Britains Got Talent Finals than bothered to turn out for the actual, proper, democratic, who gets to be in charge of actual stuff elections…WHAT??? Now, I must lay my cards on the table here and admit that I missed voting for the serious stuff this year but I can offer a cast iron guarantee that I won’t be voting in the Britains Got Talent finals either so I kind of feel slightly better because of that – clearly I don’t care enough about either but seriously, it is scary to think that this is the state of our nation at the moment. People care more about who’s going to pull a rabbit out of a hat in front of the Queen on 1 night as opposed to who is going to be trying to work on our behalves to improve job prospects, local services and hopefully keep us on the long road to recovery.

I hope that somehow we can reverse the apathy before the general election next year. I think I need to start looking into what’s what a bit more.

In other crazy pseudo political news I also Watched Joey Barton and Piers Morgan on Question Time this week- what is this world coming to?? It felt like over half the programme was dedicated to UKIP again and, despite the crude analogy I get what Mr Barton meant when he compared UKIP to an ugly girl…seriously, give it a watch!

I don’t know whose idea it was for him to go on the programme but, after that quote- which he apologised for, blaming understandable nerves, I thought he gave an ok account of himself. Not a ringing endorsement I know but I bet viewing figures were up this week and, if it gets people talking then perhaps we’re heading in the right direction. Oh popular culture, I’m losing track a bit and don’t really know what to make of it all!


WORN: This is far and away my favourite topic this week. I have been on a hen do and the theme was Fox Hunting. Genius.

The opportunity to wear leggings, a lovely warm coat and flat boots on a night out was the best thing ever and way, way better than having to wear the standard Hen Do uniform of named tee shirts. I saw an auntie of the bride standing outside having a fag in the pouring rain literally wearing a dick on her head and a teeshirt emblazoned with the words Mucky Maureen. If any of you have seen the Inbetweeners movie, she reminded me of the bird who corrupts Neil.the-inbetweeners-movie

Anyway, moving on, our hen was brilliantly dressed as a fox and we had an absolutely brilliant time chasing her around the streets of Liverpool. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out on the town and my eyes were on stalks!

Yes there's a boy. No, he's not gay.

Yes there’s a boy.
No, he’s not gay.

Me and my sister

Me and my sister.

Who doesn't love a riding hat and whip on a night out?!

Who doesn’t love a riding hat and whip on a night out?!

Thank you so much to Oli and the girls that put it all together. It was wicked. 🙂

MADE: I have something real to write about here this week and don’t need to crow bar a topic in. Hooray!! Let me just temper your shock by saying it was only fajitas, I haven’t morphed into Masterchef over night.

I think I may have bored you before with the fact I am a Bzz Agent? Basically, they send you stuff to test, try and talk about which, because I am the ultimate nosy Parker who loves a freebie and offering out my ‘gods honest truth’ opinion, asked for or not, it is perfect for me. Check them out and tell them who sent you. Anyway, this month they are working with Santa Maria who have brought out a new fajita kit and some crisps. The crisps are like a new AMAZING version of the good old ‘Salt and Shake’. It sounds a bit faffy as you have to put the, in the microwave, add the flavouring and shake them up- actually, not too bad, exactly how lazy am I?!

Thanks Bzz Agent

Thanks Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent, Santa Maria

Possibly the best chip flavouring ever…

But they were AMAZING (see above!) the tortilla wraps were described by my sister who is a fajita expert as lovely and soft, which they were, the salsa was perfect but, if we had one slight disappointment it was that the actual fajita mix that you put in with the chicken and peppers etc lacked a bit of kick. You could add more of there pepper blend I suppose and, obviously it is easier to add heat with chillis and condiments etc so, all in all we were very pleased and will defo get the chips and BBQ shake again.Bzz Agent


AND FINALLY: Oh and finally- I HAVE A BRITMUMS SPONSOR!!! Yes people, that is correct. Since I keep banging on about all this coding malark as the way to change the world, my lovely boss Emma is literally paying me to stop bugging her and start bugging you instead so, if you are at the Britmums shindig and you want to know about how kids can learn more about all things code then please come over and ask- I will be more than happy to talk about it. You may want to bring an egg timer or something so you don’t spend the whole day in Leary corner!

If you want to know more before then, you need to head on over to Young Rewired State– frankly, we rock.

Happy Weekend People!!

Until next time.



Love the Little things butwhymummuwhy

11 responses to “Fox Hunts, Fajitas and A foolish Footballer; Love the Little Things #10

  1. Lisa H says:

    Love the fox pictures, so funny! It is a sad state of affairs in the country atm isn’t it :/


  2. Great photos and well done on your sponsor Popping over from #ShareFriday


  3. I voted! But to be perfectly honest I didn’t really know what I was doing – I just noted that I didn’t want to vote UKIP or Conservative! I think my vote was pretty much wasted – hey ho. Love the idea of a fox hunting hen do! I bet it was hysterical! #LittleLoves


  4. Jenny says:

    Congrats on the BritMums sponsor. I am dying to get one with NO luck at all. No one wants to sponsor a newbie. I will take you up on the code offer I have some much to learn. Leary corner here I come!!! You will tell me to hike it! Love fajitas and your photo is fab. Love a good mexican style dinner and spice which always makes everything so nice. lol Lovely lovely #littleloves


  5. chrissypsmum says:

    well done on your Britmums sponsor hun! Looks like you’ve had a fab fun week! xx


  6. That hen do looks hilarious and so much fun!
    Congrats on the sponsor, look forward to meeting you! xx


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