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Love beats Hate.

It’s been a long time since I last felt the urge to log on and blog but today, today I felt that, in order for me to try and make some sense of the indefensible, in order to show my respects and to mark this god awful day I should write.

My darling, darling girls,

I hope that this morning you didn’t notice that the radio was on super softly so you couldn’t hear the words ‘murder’, ‘suicide bomber’, ‘terror attack’, ’22 confirmed dead, some of them children’.

I hope you didn’t spot how wet my eyes were and how reluctant I was to let you go when I dropped you off at school.

I am so grateful that you were so wrapped up in your Lego cards you didn’t pick up on me almost choking when I said that I will love you until the seas run dry.

I am relieved that there was the distraction of sunshine and ballet and playing outside at Grandma’s rendering TV redundant but, I am also so, so deeply sad that tonight and for every night to come there are other families that are not as lucky as us. Families that are broken, lives shattered. Parents that will never breathe in the scent of their children again. I can not get my head around that at all.

Terrorism isn’t something new, there have always been and, will always be some cruel and dangerous people in the world. Last night, terrorism came (again to Manchester) and, I am sad to say, I don’t think this is the last we will see of this in your life times.

I can not profess to know the motives of the man who detonated a bomb after a pop concert last night or the person who drove a car into a crowded street but, I do know their minds are not wired the same way as ours. Their minds work on the idea that they can frighten people into doing or being what they want us to be. By committing these horrible, vicious attacks they hope to frighten us into living half lives, into shuffling about avoiding other people’s eyes. Not smiling at the sunshine and stopping to smell the roses.

As a mummy, it is my job to protect you and care for you as best I can and, I have never, ever felt more grateful to be able to have the time to be around as much as I am to do that. As a mummy though, it is also my job to be honest with you and so, with a heavy heart I must tell you both this.

Daddy and I can not protect you against this. I want nothing more on this earth than to wrap you up in cotton wool, stop all the clocks and stay in doors together forever; kind of like Branch from Trolls in his underground bunker but, drinking your own sweat is existing, not living.

Living my loves is about experiencing all that this beautiful, painful, screwed up world has to offer. It is about love and friendship and music and reading and travelling and tasting and EVERYTHING.

To attempt to live life avoiding danger or avoiding risk is to miss the point entirely.

So, instead, I will lead by example. I intend to redouble my efforts to show you all the wonders that this glorious planet has to offer. I want to remind you that, generally, life IS good and that love will always win over hate.

When we are frightened, we aren’t alone, and, just like Ella’s mummy says- “We must simply have courage and be kind.”

It isn’t simple. It is sometimes hard, it is brave and it can be scary but without that, without love, kindness and courage, what have we got?

Love and compassion, conversation and compromise, friendship and community are the most important tools that we have for overcoming fear. Manchester is full of all of these qualities. Our country is full of all of these qualities. The world, the world my darling is full of these amazing qualities and eventually they will prevail.




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