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Because I can’t be bothered with all that midnight malarkey!

Around this time last year, I posted a blog about my manic and crazy life.

How grateful I was for friends and family and how much I was looking forward to better fortunes for many of my loved ones in 2014;

Fast forward 12 months and much and nothing has changed.

I still feel utterly blessed to have a wonderful family and so many brilliant friends.

I still feel small and sad and powerless about the fact that not everyone is quite so fortunate and so, rather than rehashing an old post I’ve just straight out copied it. Sorry about that but I’ve been a little busy dancing in the kitchen with my babies and my hubbyto create fresh copy…I’ll do better in 2015…promise!

With all my love, hopes, dreams and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015.



Because I am a skinflint (actually just a busy mum) I didn’t send out any Christmas cards this year and, as the sun sets on 2013 I feel the need to write a little post so I can be sure that you are all aware that I’m not the Ebenezer Scrooge of the blogging world.

2013 has been a roller-coaster, amazing and manic!
There’s been so many big life events for us.

All of these occasions, as well as the minutiae of everyday life have been made better by the people who I over share my life with.
So here, from the bottom of my heart is the wish for a happy and healthy 2014 for you all.
You mean the world to me.

An Ode to Friends.

To old school friends who’ve reemerged, my uni pals as well, it’s fab to have you in my life to talk of that old hell! (It wasn’t hell, it was fab. You try thinking of rhymes whilst parked up in a well-known¬†dogging spot just to get a moment’s respite from the constant wailing of a teething baby. ūüė¶ )

To the besties¬†I see everyday you’ve seen me at my worst. (Apologies!)
I hope I can return the favour, unless it’s just me that’s cursed!

To my brand spanking new Muma mates- I think you are the dogs.
I understand that in return you feel I’m madder than a box of frogs.

For my far-flung friends who’ve moved away,
I think of you fondly everyday.
(Admittedly, when it is tipping it down I’m mainly cursing your names but never the less, you’re in my thoughts- every cloud and all that).

To Facebook friends and blogging buds-I feel we’ve a forged a bond
I could be wrong, it’s hard to tell when you’re from across the pond. (Being honest, most of you are UK-based¬†but that didn’t work- let’s face it, I’m no Keats!)

For friends and fam who can’t wait to see the back of the bad luck that the year 13 brought to your doors, if you need me, I am here.
NB- I am probably wiping a mouth or a bum or a sick covered floor, but I am here. Partly because I don’t have a real job to go to, but you’ve got to take what’s offered dudes. Anytime. Honestly.
(Annoying that this bit doesn’t rhyme but since it’s the¬†totes emosh¬†bit I think it’s ok that it has a different tone don’t you?!)

I’m not really being flippant. I love you, ok but lets not get all OTT about it shall we?

So that is it my gorgeous pals,
I’ve nothing more to say
I hope a Healthy and Happy New Year is coming right your way.

Lots of love and hugs and kisses.


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I just wanted you to know…

I just wanted to say;

I feel like I’ve neglected you a little over the last few weeks- I have been so busy planning Fairs that I haven’t always been fair on you or me or your daddy.

I wanted to create an event to ensure that you don’t grow up in a place that lacks any sense of uniqueness or individuality; a place that has a community that supports each other and I am really proud of the way it turned out, but it’s a tough old balancing act and sometimes it didn’t work quite right.
More than once you’ve told me to stop it when you catch me looking at my phone or answering messages instead of giving you my complete attention and I’m sorry I haven’t been 100% present. When you pick up the remote and pretend it’s a phone or when you ask for a pen and some paper so you can ‘be busy doing your work’ I know that’s because of me.

Working mums
In years to come of course I want you to work hard, try your best and have a good work ethic but I think maybe 3 and 1 is a touch soon?!
I’m also sorry that this year we can’t get you much in terms of actual material presents but, if it counts for anything (which, when compared to a pretend shop or a dolls house or a scooter it may not) you have my absolute love, pride and adoration.

We have just come back from a weekend at Center Parcs with your Uncle and Auntie, Nanny and Grandad and you had a ball. It was amazing to see you on the balance bikes and careering down the slides but, actually, some of my favourite times with you are the ordinary days.

Tuesday is my absolute favourite.
Nothing is a rush.¬†We go¬†to mother and baby group, sing and play and see our friends.¬†Have some tea and toast and then we might go to your friend¬†Bella’s¬†for some lunch before ballet.
Then, we come home and it’s just the three of us, in our house and we don’t really do anything special.
We colour, we read, we cook tea and we talk to each other. Obviously sometimes there’s a toilet dilemma or a mini melt down but in the main it’s just ordinary, all girls together hanging out.

I love it. It’s my favourite day of the week.

This week we had parents evening at nursery and your daddy and I could have burst with pride reading your little progress books.
You are kind, polite, caring and happy little girls and I couldn’t wish for anything more.

When my work project ended in August I knew I’d need to find something else in the end but I never knew how much I’d love our ordinary Tuesdays. Being properly present with you both as you grow is something nothing can compare to or replace.

I just wanted you to know that really.

You complete me.

Sisters.  Best Friends.

Best Friends.




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