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One for me, One for you; A Saturday Book Review #5

on May 31, 2014

Hello Lovely People. How are you my precious little petals? I am fine, it is 8:04 on a Friday night, I am in my PJ’s, in bed with my laptop and keeping half an eye on DIY SOS- Obviously I’m expecting blubbing- anything can set me off now I’m a mum, films, adverts, books, happy things, sad things, anything. This week it’s in Manchester and the family are on a trip to the Blue Planet…we’ve been there sob- they’re just like us- sob!  Every single time I see this programme I cry. Anyway, this is meant to be a sane and rational book review so instead of going off on one of my usual tangents I am going to sick with the job in hand and tell you what you should be reading this week;

Just to recap before we kick off, here’s what you get each week; Family Leary choose two books each week to read and review. They might be something we already have, they might be something we’ve bought or borrowed or something we’ve been sent to review but, you will always get our genuine opinion; good, bad or ugly…

ONE FOR ME: This is a review of a real life grown up book- This could prove to be the down fall of this feature…me finding time to read a book each week and then tell you about it. If I start reviewing the TSS advice sheet you find in all good tampon boxes, you’ll know I’m struggling!

ONE FOR YOU: The YOU I am referring to here is my babies- so, this will be a children’s book that we have read and enjoyed. This shouldn’t be too tricky since both girls love books though for the little little they are used more as elements of an obstacle course as opposed to a literary educational tool! Finally Ready?!


ISBN: 9780751537505

ISBN: 9780751537505

Right then, talking about crying, this book is bound to make you do that. Unless you have a swinging brick for a heart, I don’t want to put you under any pressure or anything but, if you don’t cry; well, you need to have a long hard look at yourself…kidding!

This book is about Chick Benetto, a one time baseball player whose life doesn’t turn out quite the way he’d hoped. His father leaves when he and his sister are children and he always feels like he is having to choose between his parents though he doesn’t know why they split.  One night after finding he wasn’t invited to his only child’s wedding, he decides to kill himself. What a lovely and light-hearted start to a book! As it goes, he doesn’t manage that and seeks solace at his mother’s house. Somewhere in-between life and death he gets one more day with his Mother who passed away some years earlier when he was somewhere else.

Possibly this book was hard for me to read because I would absolutely adore even a whisper of another moment with my beloved daddy but, even if you are lucky enough still to have the ‘full set’ it will be a reminder of the love that a mother has for her children and all the hurt and hardship that she might have hidden from you because honestly, there’s some stuff that kids don’t need to know.

As I age and my mum inevitably ages too, I realise more and more the depth of the love she had and has for my sister and I. It is awesome and I see it in the love that she shows my babies everyday- we are so blessed. urgh- just did a bit of sick in my mouth at the totes emoshness of that last sentence- soz dudes but, what Iam trying to say is that we don’t always recognise what parents do for us and this book is a beautifully written love story to mothers everywhere and this quote captures it perfectly;

‘…when you look at your mother you look at the purest love you will ever know.’

Don’t get me wrong, my love is slightly less pure when my eyeliner has been crushed into the carpet, when the ball pool has been emptied again or when there’s the obligatory tantrum in the toiletries aisle but you get my drift.

At under 200 pages it isn’t a long book so you don’t need to give up all thoughts of a social life (she writes from her bed pre 9pm on a Friday!). Its an easy, sentimental read which you can cane through in a few nights. A solid 7 out of ten I would think. Possibly a touch too similar in tone to the authors other book, The five people you meet in heaven but then if it ain’t broke, why fix it I suppose! This isn’t a new book by the way so don’t be looking for it in the new release section. It was first published in 2006- Call me slow if you like!



Give me a hug book,

ISBN: 9781445466736

I asked the big little what her favorite book was this week and, happily it isn’t one I’ve already reviewed. Result! Sadly, it may well confirm my spot as the most over emotional idiot ever but, since I asked the question it’s only fair that I give you the low down.

It’s called Give me A Hug and it’s by Jillian Harker and June Goulding.

The big little loves this book and we have read it around 10 times this week alone. It is about a little mouse called Missy who is usually a very happy little mouse but who sometimes gets into scrapes which can only be made better by a hug from her mum. Very cute!

Obviously it’s a book for young children so the story isn’t going to set the world on fire but the illustrations are lovely, the text is big and a happy side effect has been the big little regularly running up and shouting ‘Give me a hug!’. Obviously I’d prefer it if there was a please at the end but you cat win ’em all can you!

Worryingly I have now accumulated a pile of actual proper books that I need to plough through over the next few weeks- There are a couple of corkers coming up so keep your eyes peeled but, as ever, recommendations are welcome!

Happy Saturday.

Loads of Love




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14 responses to “One for me, One for you; A Saturday Book Review #5

  1. Hannah says:

    Well done for managing to read a book yourself, I am always reviewing kids’ ones but I need to find the time for me too. Not sure I need a book to make me cry though, everything sets me off at the moment!

  2. Well you convince me, I’ve added For One More Day to my TBR list, love a good emotional book and the kids book sounds great, who doesn’t love a hug!!?? thanks for linking up with #ReadWIthMe I have tweeted and pinned this post x

  3. familyfever says:

    For One More Day sounds a perfect read, and I very much like the idea that it wouldn’t take weeks to plough through! #ReadWithMe

  4. Honey says:

    They both sound like great books x

  5. Both of these books sound great! And I have to be honest I love a good book that makes you cry and having lost my mum a couple of years ago i expect this one will have me in floods. ReadWithMe.x

  6. Another book to add to my ‘To Read List’ which is getting longer and longer.

    I think my eldest would love the Give me a Hug book as he loves his cuddles


    Laura x x x

  7. I think I would absolutely bawl my eyes out reading for one more day sometimes even adverts set me off!

  8. Catherine says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed other Mitch Albom books, I don’t know this one though. Thank you for the review, sounds like you need a box of tissues handy 🙂


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