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Will.I.Am, The Duke and little old me. #IdeaLaunch

No big deal but I’m writing this post en route home from the Palace! What eve’s, no biggy and all that but, yes, in short I have been hanging with a Duke and a Will.I.Am today. Moreover, we’ve been talking code…Oh yeah, I put on my very best, I understand all of this intelligent shizzle hat and I talked tech with some actual, important people! BOOM! I think I might have actually pulled it off.

So, as I sit on the train home in my post Burger King stupeur; here’s how it panned out, in real time… Read the rest of this entry »


Happy Bloody Mothers Day.

My Facebook feed is clogged up with Mums telling the world what a marvellous Mothers Day they’ve had. How terrific their toddlers have been and all the sunshine and flowers that have filled their days.

That is not what mine looked like.

My Mother’s Day has not followed the traditional formula of being gently woken with a cup of tea and some lovely hand-made cards.

Mr L was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I went out with my besties last night and, based on historical events, the husband felt that what I would like most on Mothers Day was a lie in. Particularly since we’d already had an hour stolen thanks to the whole ‘spring forward into summer’ thing. Annoying. It was a fair guess but (based on historical events) I stuck to beer last night and didn’t go mad as I didn’t want to waste the day feeling retched. Smug is not the word.

So, no tea (given it up for lent), no chocolate (ditto) and, it seems no weeing on my own. Not even on ‘My Special Day’.

I was handed my cards whilst sitting on the throne and only had a cursory glance at my present which was a lonely planet guide to gods own, Wales. Brilliant.

We delivered my mums presents played there for a bit and then drove to the park.

The car journey which would usually be 10 minutes took the best part of an hour thanks to stupid road works and no diversion. So, at least I had time to look through my book. OMG. Mr L had suggested a day trip and had marked (don’t worry puritans, only with post it’s) possible places for us to head to with a picnic. NOOOOOOO.

He thought, that because I didn’t mention it, I didn’t want to go. Obviously it was too late to make a day of it and we are in stationary traffic with no way out I decide, very practically, to cry about it. Well done Mrs L. Useful.

All of this is happening to a backdrop of 101 Dalmations on CD and the big little calling Muma Muma Muma on a never ending loop and, when I answer as patiently as I can, she says nothing. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh.

Eventually we get to the park and get out. We had decided to try something new today by taking the truck and trike with us to try to reduce the whole carrying carry on…
The little little loves her truck and walks all over he place with it at home. She is so active. Except today. She refuses to walk a solitary step with her truck and instead lies face down on the pavement.
The big little on the other hand is powering ahead with her trike. Excellent. Basically a family day in different time zones!
The first thing we see as we arrive at the park is a beautiful Dalmatian. She is open-mouthed to see one in real life and I begin to feel that things are picking up.
And, following a brain wave I’ll liken to the genius of Alexander Bell, we put the little little in the truck and let the big one push. #WINNING! The picture of my beautiful girls and my lovely family overwhelms me and, guess what, I cry. FFS. Who does that?!

During a wailing interval!

During a wailing interval!

We wear out the swings and have a good old run around and then headed home for the picnic lunch that Mr L had prepared for our day trip 😦 and then, as a treat, decide to head to Parkgate for an ice cream. YUM.

It’s at this point that the whining really steps up a gear. There is wailing because she wants to walk. Wailing because she won’t hold my hand (I’m not a needy parent but near busy roads there are rules!) Wailing because there are people on the wall so she can’t walk on it. Blah blah blah. It is annoying and, when I raise my voice at her I can feel the happy Parkgate public judging the miserable Mother’s Day mum. Hideous.

The idealised picture I had in my brain of us walking along, slurping on our ice creams as the girls chatted and giggled playfully is, quite frankly laughable. I basically downed my (amazing) doubleheader sharing it with two streaming nosed children whilst policing the wall to ensure neither of them plummeted into the marshes below. Not worth the calories if I’m honest. Too much stress today!

Anywho, the day reached its glorious climax when, as I was taking off the big littles shoes she slapped me around the face. WHAT??

Terrible Two’s?! They were today. Please someone give me some advice on how to deal with this brain melting tantrums- quick! They are sending me up the wall and round the bend!

I’m linking this whole miserable post to Katie at Mummy, Daddy, Me’s linky of The Ordinary Moments’ BUT, that doesn’t mean I want this to become the norm!! Just real I guess. 🙂


Happy Bloody Mothers Day.



So, you know I didn’t get shortlisted for the MAD Awards (sob!) you can help raise my self esteem again by nominating me for one of these bad boys instead (if you like)

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For my Muma on Mothers Day

Morning All!

Happy Sunday and, more importantly, Happy Mothering Sunday! I hope that, if you are a mum, you are reading this whilst lazing in bed with the kids and a tray of tea and toast.tea and toast in bed

Whilst you’re reading this I am likely to be in one of three places;

1) The bathroom with my head in the toilet- I was out with the girls last night- YEY!

2) The kitchen- breakfast in bed all sounds very nice but crumbs in the bed are hideous and, with two under 3 spillages are very likely. We’ve already had a sudocreme incident this week so I don’t want to tempt fate.

3) At the swimming pool- watching my gorgeous girls jumping and splashing and giggling and making my whole heart want to bounce out of my chest because I just love them. (admittedly, the whole aftermath of swimming shenanigans is a ball ache. No one likes the shivering, showering, starving situation but hopefully that will be short lived and we can look forward to them both having a good sleep afterwards…might even buy a paper!!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Saga, Super Blogs and Stereophonics…Love the little things #9

WHAT!! it’s the last Friday in March? The clocks are going forward this weekend? It’s nearly EASTER? Who’s doing this??

I know, I absolutely know that it makes you sound like you are a trillion when you start saying shit like-

Ohh, the time just goes doesn’t it?

Haven’t they grown?

It doesn’t seem like two minutes since it was Christmas…

Well, sign me up to Saga people because I am old, it’s out there. Time is flying. And, because time is flying, it is time for another of my weekly round ups, Love the Little things. Enjoy!

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The Summer is coming, it’s time for a festival!

Ah, this weekend we are Springing forwards towards lighter nights and long summer evenings and this my friends means that Festival season is nearly upon us!! WHOOP WHOOP! I love a good festival, I first went to Reading with Mr L as a present for his 21st birthday (somewhere around 1767). We saw the Fun Loving Criminals (Huey winked at me- no it couldn’t have been another member of the humongous crowd!) and since then I have experienced the bonkers brilliance of V Festival, Cream Fields, Global Gathering and Glastonbury. Festivals are the ultimate excuse to wear neon without apology and act like a care free kid for a weekend. I LOVE THEM.

Oh my word- we are about 10!!

Oh my word- we are about 10!!

Saving myself for Blur

Saving myself for Blur

Crazy Cats!

Crazy Cats!

Now we have two under threes I think Glasto is a little out of our reach, for this year at least. The ticket prices make me weep and with 2 weddings abroad this year it just wasn’t an option.

Happily though, that doesn’t mean we are abandoning the idea all together- oh no, quite the opposite my friends- we are off to Lolibop!




Oh yes we are! At £17.50 including parking the ticket prices are far more palatable and, as you just got for the day there’s no issue of waking up with a mouth like Gandhi’s flip-flop at 5am as the sun streams through your canvas roof. So far so good!

It sounds amazing! I never ever expected to hear myself say such things but, a day out in the sunshine with the littlies wandering around various activities such as art, yoga, baby ballet and a teddy bears picnic whilst slurping on an ice-cream is right up my street.


Obviously, it’s not exactly the same as standing with a cider waiting for The Killers or Trouser Snake himself but…glasto3

Hang on a cotton pickin’ minute…Did you say Animal Man is going to be there? AND Katy Ashworth AND- The Science Museum. Amazing.

Lolibop is now in it’s 4th year and expects this year to be its biggest and best yet with zones and activities selected to suit all everyone up to the age of 10. With a new home- the extremely grand Hatfield House, amazing grounds and on site parking and a train station only 5 minutes walk away, I am mentally packing my bag already with funky shades and the factor 50! Who wants to join us?

Hatfield House

Looking serene before the littlies descend!

Being in Hertfordshire it’s obviously a bit of a trek for us Northerners but you could make a weekend of it- it’s on from Friday 15th through to Sunday 17th August and, there are plenty of places to stay near by, plus other attractions to keep you busy for a whole weekend- call it your staycation perhaps? I am going into full on planning mode shortly! Geek.

One of the main things that attracted me to Lolibop is the fact that, though there will be big name TV characters there, it is not all centered around them. There are reading hubs, theatre performances, dance workshops as well as graffiti classes and nature talks so, it sounds like there really is something for everyone. Oh no, I am genuinely getting quite excited just writing about it!

Anyway, if you fancy it, early bird tickets go on sale tomorrow (28th March) and a full line up of acts and attractions will be announced on the 28th April so check here for more details.

See you there!

I’ll be the cool one in the shades…





Respect the Race or pay the price. BTR Liverpool 1/2.

Evening All! What have you been up to today? Anything special?

Mr L and I have mainly been running!…The BTR Liverpool Half Marathon.

I’ve run this a couple of times before, once in 2007 and again in 2012 with my sister and my friend when it coincided with my first ever Mother’s Day and I decided this new year I wanted to get back into running so I signed up.

2012 Happy Mothers Day!

2012 Happy Mothers Day!

I say ‘get back into running’, I’ve never been a die-hard get out there every day kind of gal. I think perhaps, as with so many things, I am fearful of putting in the hard yards, following a training plan, trying my absolute best and still coming up short.
I guess I’m frightened of failure and by being able to console myself that I didn’t give training my absolute commitment I can still get around that.
Just once I would like to finish something and say, yep- that was me, I held nothing back, I tried my best and I’m proud of my efforts, whatever the result. And that isn’t specific to exercise. But, that’s not the case this year and man alive, I paid for it!
Any who, enough of the soul bearing shenanigans. How did we do… Read the rest of this entry »


Nudey Rudey, New York & #nomakeupselfies…Love the little things #8

YO YO YO! How you doing dudes? I’m hoping that you’ve got that Friday feeling and are looking forward to the weekend…

My feelings about this weekend are somewhat mixed; I am ‘running’ the Liverpool half on Sunday which I am that special blend of nervous/excited about but, after that I will be filling my face with pasta with my babies, Mr L and his family and, hopefully having a pint (nit pickers- I gave up alcohol 6 out of 7 days so this is still ok!) EEEK!

Anyway, this is meant to be a succinct run down of my week so lets crack on shall we?

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How Happy are you?

Today is The United Nations International Day of Happiness!

That’s right, there is now a day to celebrate feeling happy.

Has life really become such a hard old slog that we need a date in the diary to take a step back and appreciate the good stuff? I hope not.

But, lets not be too quick to dismiss this (I’m mainly talking to myself here!).

No one feels happy constantly. Happiness, in my experience is like the tide, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’ll feel like everything is going your way, you’ll have a spring in your step and the world will feel a rosier place. On other occasions it feels like you’re wading through treacle just to get to the end of the day and you wonder what the hell the point is in anything. I have had my share of dark days. I have suffered from depression and happily, at the moment I am well and…happy or, more accurately, content. It feels pretty good.

It is easy to dismiss the idea of a specific day for happiness but, actually, it gives us a platform to consider what happiness is, why it’s important and how we can both get more and give more.

So, here’s my top 10 of things that make me happy.

1) Hearing my babies giggling and chattering to each other. Watching them play together when they don’t know I’m there.

2) Spending time with my husband. Having a conversation and a catch up and a cuddle.

3)  Spending time with my family, my mum and my sister.

4) Hanging out with my mates, talking, laughing, catching up and not having to explain yourselves because you just know, you know?

5) A long hot bath with a magazine, a glass of wine and time to really chill out and relax afterwards.

6) Hearing a favourite old song and being reminded of happy times.

7) Exercise (or the feeling I get afterwards!)

8) Good food.

9) Making plans (usually months in advance!)

10) Oh, and shoes. I love a good pair of heels!

SURPRISE!! It isn’t stuff- it isn’t a wish list of products and brands and things. It is people (mainly).

When people ask me what I want for my girls, my first though is always that I want them to be happy. I never think, I hope they’re loaded. I hope they get a 1st class degree. I always want to see them smile. I want them to have a warmth in their hearts and to know true happiness. It will help them through when times are tough.

Happy Happiness Day.

Lots of Love,



John Lennon quote on happiness


The Pudding Club and another #WinningWednesday

Hi Guys!

Hope that you are all well and happy? I am, mainly because I have a brilliant #WinningWednesday prize for you this week…check it out; Oh, and just for clarity- incase I saw you yesterday or something and I was having a ‘mare, I wrote this post on a Saturday night (loser) having been over to Liverpool on the Friday. Now I’ve cleared that up, read on! Read the rest of this entry »


The Gods Honest Truth about Working from Home

So, today has been a wfh day.

People think working from home is a dream, a play about on the computer, with This Morning on in the background. Doing a bit of pottering, a lot of snacking and a little bit of work when absolutely necessary.

Well; just to confirm, this is not the case. It is especially not the case when you are a part time work from home working mum who is trying to squeeze in two jobs and a blog plus the washing and cooking and cleaning and all of the other stuff that you need to keep on top of day to day lest you find yourself at the end of the year flailing under missed parents evening appoinments, dental check-ups and hair appointments.

Important to note I think that by ‘cooking’ I mean transfering an item from fridge to oven and by ‘cleaning’ I mean removing visible stains and signs of fungal growth! Don’t tell me I don’t have standards.

Lets take a whistful look back on today shall we and see where it all went wrong… Read the rest of this entry »


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