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Parties, Poems and Pox.

I can not believe it. Here we are on August Bank Holiday Monday. Last one of the year, next week the children will be back at school AND, it is only 122 days until Christmas. This year has well and truly flown by so far.

I spent last week getting ready for Baba B’s Naming Ceremony, sorting the food and drink and trying to get the house ship shape in time for Saturday and then, on Tuesday, the baby was a bit out of sorts. I put it down to teething. She woke in the night and, in the dim blue light of the monitor I thought I saw a spot.
By Wednesday it was clear, she had Chicken Pox. Not many spots but it was there never the less. Aaarrrggghhh.
More and more spots kept appearing and by the big day she was covered. Spots upon spots upon spots. I have never seen anything like it.

Mr L and I decided to plough on. People had booked trains and hotels, we’d ordered the cakes and the keg so, on Saturday, in our garden we held our youngest daughters naming day.
It went pretty well all things considered.

When we were pacing the floor trying to soothe her itching and calm her cries in the early hours of Saturday morning I did not hold out much hope.
A particular highlight was the 3am wailing cacophony from both babies with a bonus track of Mr L’s great auntie (92) calling out for some water at the same time. I reckon in total I had less than 3 hours of sleep that night and when we got up properly it was looking like a pretty grey day.
The rain stopped before lunch, the sun put its hat on and, despite many friends and family having to stay away, due to to the risk of infection (which btw people, we totally understand, so don’t sweat it), it was a great day.

The Godparents all made it, the vicar was happy to come too and, once we’d got hold of some Piriton (which for the record is THE best thing in the world EVER) Baba B was pretty content sleeping in the sling.

Mr L read a poem that I’d written which goes a little something like this;

Advice for Life on your Naming Day.

Good grief!
What advice people can give.
Going round telling others how they think they should live.

So Hannah, these snippets were written just for you.
Take them or leave them, it’s all up to you.

Be kind.
Be polite.
Try to sleep through the night.
If you think something’s wrong try putting it right.

Dream big dreams Han,
as big as you dare,
For if you should stumble we’ll always be there.

Work hard at school.
Never, ever be cruel.
But don’t be afraid of bending some rules.

If you see someone struggle,
Don’t walk on by,
Give a hand, give a smile
Please don’t be shy.

Don’t try to conform,
Just be yourself.
You are at least the equal of anyone else.

Don’t think life is easy,
Sometimes it is tough.
But that’s no excuse to treat others rough.

Don’t get confused by money or fame,
At the end of your life all you have is your name.
My sweetheart, you are bound to make some mistakes.
No worries, that happens to all of life’s greats.

Life is for living,
You get just one go.
So live it my darling and never let go.

But, Huston, we have a problem.
Family Leary has set the party bar too high, even though I say it myself.
We have peaked too soon and I fear it is all down hill from here.

I hoped that the weather was going to be good and, knowing that there would be lots of babies coming I wanted some shade for feeding, snoozing and playing. I booked ‘The Celebration Tent‘.
It was a total hit and all the children that came absolutely LOVED it. Thanks Katie. 🙂
The tent, the bunting, the fairy lights and the lanterns in the tree looked magical and having it for the weekend has been a right touch. Perfect for a sleep over though we haven’t been able to take advantage of that this time. 😦

I want to keep it forever.
If you live in the North West I, and everyone who came by the sound of things, would recommend The Celebration Tent.
Katie, the owner, is so accommodating and lovely. She arrived on Friday night to put the tent up and, when I told her about the dreaded pox she offered to cancel and reschedule which was nice.

Earlier in the year it was my mums 70th birthday. Another garden party and the piece de resistance on that occasion was the Hog Roast, from Pepas Pigs.
Authentic Tongan Cooking. Absolutely gorgeous.

Now I am worried that we are going to have to have something special every time we have a party lest it be seen as a bit pants in comparison.
The Celebration tent doubled up as a wrestling venue in the evening when the grown ups needed to let off a bit of steam and I am not sure I can better that really so I am very much hoping that the next time we have some people over (most likely for a twilight Christmas soirée) people will remember the old adage that

“Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world.”

― William James

We are off to get the ferry to Liverpool now with the 92 year old Great Auntie, the babies and the parents. So all that is left to say is, Have a very happy Bank Holiday and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR LEARY. You really do rock my world.



An ‘Award’ hey?!

Watcha my lovelies.
Just a heads up, this is a long post. Don’t let that put you off, but, you might want to go and get a Gin in a Tin first, unless it is before 9:30am. Before then it is frowned upon. Unless you are reading this on a Saturday. Then it is fine.

I am writing this post from my bed at 7:30pm. I am absolutely spent and really want to go to sleep but, with Baba B’s naming day on Saturday I have a to do list as long as my arm but, before I do another thing (with the help of another Berocca!) I must write this blog or be thought of as rude and ungrateful forever more.
I am neither of these things so here goes.

If you are friends with MumaLeary on Facebook you may have seen that my new twitter friend and blogging bud, Jaki, has nominated my blog for The Liebster Award. Yey.
Thank you Jaki. 🙂
Jaki’s blog is called Stilettos, Stars and Rock & Roll and, once you have read and digested this whole post (plus left a comment and signed up for future updates via email) you would be wise to go and check out what she has to say. 🙂

The Liebster Award is for new, up and coming blogs but, I was keen to find out more about it.
After much poking about on google, it turns out, that it is basically like a bloody blogging equivalent of a chain letter.
Well, that has somewhat taken the shine off it but never the less. Someone thought my blog was good (unless of course they were just struggling to get up to 11 blogs to recommend too). My previously puffed out chest is contracting pretty rapidly now but still. Lets see the glass as half full shall we?!

In order to meet the criteria for the ahhem ‘award’ and get involved in the whole ethos of the idea bloggers need to;

1. Show your appreciation by linking back to the person who nominated you.
2. List 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
4. Nominate another 11 blogs, preferably with less than 200 followers, to pass the award on to.
5. Compile 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
6. Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

I’m not sure why there is so much emphasis on the number 11, I’ll be frank, I wish it was 7 but I’ll go along with it.

Sooooo, first things first…A bit about me.

1. I’m a 32 year old virgin Virgo.
My husband is 22 days older than me and, weirdly, our oldest daughters birthday falls exactly half way between the two. September is an expensive month for Chez Leary.

2. My sister and I lost our dad when we were 7 & 8 (obviously not literally lost, he died of a massive heart attack) I use humour to deal with this life changing event because, even after a 1/4 of a century I still miss him dreadfully. I wrote a blog about it actually, it’s here.

3. I have run the London Marathon 3 times and would love to do it again.
The last time was 2012 and I was pregnant with Baba B.

I didn’t know that but I will forever claim I could have smashed my time of 5:33:36 had I not been cooking our little girl. 🙂
NB- I totally would have done a sub 4hr if she hadn’t spoilt it for me. Rude.

4. I used to be a waitress and I absolutely loved it. I waited on Michael Owen who ordered two chicken courses and I asked if he was a breast or a leg man.
He didn’t laugh. Unbelievable.
I also waited on Jamie and Louise Redknapp. She is criminally beautiful (and also lovely).

5. I am a qualified teacher but left the role to work with Care Leavers as I was sick of seeing the difficulties that young people without adequate support faced both in terms of education and life in general and wanted to do something to help.

6. I have absolutely no time what so ever for trash mags like Closer, OK and other such publications which seem to either airbrush celebs to make us feel like crap OR show pictures of ‘celebs’ when they weren’t expecting to be snapped so they can feel dreadful too. Lovely.

7. I am dreadful at spelling but I really have an issue with people that can’t work out when to use to, too or two. There, Their or They’re. Sort it out dudes.

8. I have been to a Cliff Richard Concert.
Wembley 1988.
I think I saw Sue Barker hiding in the wings!

9. I want to join a choir (with my bags of spare time) I love singing and would really like to sing in an organised Christmas concert type of thing. Does this make me a total loser?

10. I really want to have a beer with Chris Evans. I think he seems like a really top bloke and does loads of fun stuff to raise money for charity. I want a piece of that. (For the record, I don’t mean a piece of him).

11 – I think I am now the happiest I have ever been in my life.
I am knackered, I am looking older than my years and Mr L and I often pass like ships in the night but, when it all comes together there is simply nothing better.

11 questions for my chosen bloggers…

1. What’s your favourite shop either web based or actual bricks and mortar.
2. Where in the world would you most like to visit?
3. What is your favourite meal?
4. What would you do with 24hrs totally to yourself?
5. What was the first film you saw at the cinema and who did you go with?
6. Sweet or savoury?
7. Do you listen to the Radio or have TV in the mornings (or neither)?
8. What is your favourite TV programme, either past or current.
9. What is your favourite season and why?
10. X Factor- excited or over it?
11. If you could have a superpower what would it be?

My interview questions…

1 – What’s your favourite kind of blog to read?

I don’t do enough reading of other blogs to be honest and I defo need to do more of the whole social media thing.
I am always really moved by Life as a Widower but I also like to hear about what other mums are up to and humour is big for me.

2 – Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging when we moved back to the Wirral, where I was brought up. I naively imagined that I would be blogging about becoming the next Nigella (minus that nasty strangly thing obviously) and basically educating others into becoming a modern day Mary Poppins. Ha ha ha ha ha.
It quickly became clear that life with two under twos was not that simple and the blog has morphed into a way to get all of my rants and irritations off my chest at the end of a long day. My husband works away so it is instead of offloading everything to him really.
Also, I have an illness which means I genuinely think that I am right about most things, most of the time. Part of this debilitating condition means that I feel people need to know my opinions, whatever they are. I am currently seeking help.

3 – Where do you find inspiration to blog?

Blog inspiration mainly comes from the weird things the general public feel it is ok to say to a random person as long as they have a baby with them. Why is that?! The funny things my babies do and the utterly ludicrous things that pop into my brain which, it seems, is getting tinier and tinier all the time.

4 – What’s your guilty pleasure?
Without doubt, Neighbours. I LOVE IT.

5 – First song or album you ever bought?</strong>

The first album I ever bought with my own money was Definitely Maybe by Oasis. I bought it in HMV Liverpool and still love it.

6 – Best childhood memory?

I had a very happy childhood and always felt loved. I really hope that my children will know throughout their lives how precious they are to me and their daddy.
My best childhood memory would probably be an amalgamation of the many, many years that my sister and I used to position all of our Christmas presents underneath the tree and then go back and do the same less than two hours later. We’d feel each present, guess what it was and who it was from and feel so excited.
I am smiling now just thinking about it.
I am hosting Christmas this year for the first time ever.
Really hope I don’t screw it up. 😉

7 – What’s the one thing you can’t go a day without?

Um… I pride myself on being pretty low maintenance to be honest and, if I can’t have anything for a day I’d be ok because there’s always someone worse off isn’t there.
Any problems I’ve got can be very safely filed under #firstworld. #dontknowyou’reborn.
Having said that, I do love a good cup of Twinnings English Breakfast tea in the mornings and, if its been a tough night a Berocca Boost is always welcome.
Oh- I will never, ever go a day without having an opinion. On anything. Yep, that probably could have been my whole answer! Rather than the initial stuff which probably made you either Vom or stop reading.

8 – Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Kelly Macdonald. She is a very talented actor (we don’t say actress anymore do we?) and has carried off many different looks in her various roles. and she would need this as I have had many different cuts, colours and styles in my 32, nearly 33 years. Some better than others!
I reckon she could do the voice and she looks like a real person so that would be a help. 🙂

Oh- or Amy Adams, she was able to look quite rough in The Fighter so she could probably do it too.

9 – What song would feature as the credits roll in that movie?

Make Someone Happy by Jimmy Durante. I love it. It is from Sleepless in Seattle.
Obviously, I’d only be using this track if Adele hadn’t penned something herself for the movie a la Skyfall!

10 – Where would you like to see yourself in ten years time?

I am presuming we are giving honest answers here and so, if I am being really, really honest I would like to be earning lots of money as an authority on women’s issues and the needs of children and young people in care.
At the moment the whole system is totally, totally messed up and there is no cohesive support network for children in care or young people leaving care which allows them to develop and build a life for themselves as children do if they are supported by their own parents or extended family.
I feel guilty every single day that my family and I live as happily as we do and I have the amazing support network at my fingertips when so so many people are struggling to cope alone through no fault of there own.
If it’s not good enough for my children then it really shouldn’t be for anyone else’s either.
Something needs to be done. See more of my thoughts on this here.

11 – What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is related to my answer above. It is that there are children and young people in our country, probably in our neighbourhoods, that are not being cherished, loved and supported as they deserve to be.
I have witnessed this first hand and it is a cycle which desperately needs to be broken.
The care system in this country doesn’t work and children are suffering because of that.
I regret that I don’t know what to do to improve the situation. I need to work out where to start…my good friend Emma Mulqueeny is a big inspiration on this as she has (and is) transforming the world of technology and coding for young people. She is the brains behind Young Rewired State and has done this through years of hard work and determination so there is a model out there for me to follow. Thanks Em. 🙂

The blogs I am nominating.
I’m not doing 11 because I’d be getting into the realms of lying that I have read them all often and right through.

To become Mum
Eeh Bah Mum
Boobs, Baking and Broccoli
Distressed housewife.

And there you have it.
If you are still reading I believe you also deserve to be nominated for an award.

Thanks guys.
Now I’ve got to get back to the list. Actually, who am I kidding, it can wait until the morning.


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Whatalottalolly OR How I’d spend £20k.

When the National Lottery- oops, sorry LOTTO posed the question,

“How would you spend £20,000?”

I thought I would find it easy to answer. After all, who hasn’t whiled away the afternoon of a Mega Euro Millions Friday, wondering what they’d do if it was them.

The very first thing I had thought I would do, was to hire a Private Detective to find out where Mystic Meg had got to.

But, what with the old tinter web, there is no need- she still does her thang for The Skum Sun and, more interestingly- owns several race horses! Who knew.
So, that’s a massive virtual saving. Yey me.

Now, £20,000 is round about my previous PA salary, (incidentally this is £6k below the national average which is utterly criminal given the nature of the job, but I digress)

Soooo; what decided I could do, is simply pay myself a salary to stay at home for another year and spend time with my gorgeous girlies- £750pcm = £9,000.
But- it would be even better than that because I would be afforded the luxury of our nursery fees being covered- 2 days per week for both girls- £6,912.00
That still leaves me with three days per week with them and two family days. Perfect.

I have zero intention of sullying these play dough free days with cleaning, so I am adding on a cleaner for 4 hours a week.
That allows some time for some ironing too- £2,080

During these ‘free’ days, what I would want to do is lie on the couch and watch him write, write, write and also, do some mentoring because, to be serious for one cotton picking minute, I think that if you have a lucky break it is your responsibility to ‘Pay it Forward’. Plus, I used to really love that aspect of my job and the reward is honestly worth far more than money.

Anyway…moving on,
I don’t have a car and wouldn’t buy one (the 471 provides far, far too rich a vein of stories for me to stop taking the girls on the bus. Today I met Clive who is my almost neighbour. He’s 80 soon and was a total gent. I think I’ll take over a cake).
This however means that gym membership is a no go so I’d defo get involved in personal training- £3,000.

And that’s it- gone. In a blink of a year- Actually, I’ve over spent by £992 but I reckon that I could get a deal on the PT or the cleaner or both if I made them aware of the year long job security. 😉

All that money gone without any of this lovely, lovely stuff…

Cushions- I would love to buy a selection of Jan Constantine cushions for our room, the spare room and the lounge and then we would have the unadulterated luxury of having to take them off the bed every single night and then putting them back on the bed every single morning.
I wouldn’t lean on them. Ever.

A lovely new bed- like this one.

Our bed is a metal frame. Absolutely perfect for the 50 Shades shackling to the bed sort of shenanigans.
I know this only because my bracelet got caught on it the other day and I nearly dislocated my freaking shoulder trying to free myself without disturbing the baby I was feeding (incase it’s not clear, it was obviously my baby).
I was getting that feeling you get when you’ve foolishly hopefully tried on a size 12 in Reiss (wrong on two levels- you can’t afford it, and you knew you needed a 14. You are wriggling and struggling like Tiddler in the treasure chest whilst the size 0 assistant asks if everything is ok, it clearly isn’t. You are sweating so much you fear you’ll have to buy the dress anyway- we’ve all been there…haven’t we?!?) anyway- alls well that ends well but I’d get a new bed!

Candles- I would absolutely go mental for a Jo Malone luxury candle. I would very probably buy several along with the stick in a bottle things to really ‘layer the scent through the home’. I can’t believe people write this. And people like me are then sucked in-totally.
They smell absolutely out of this world but I find it hard to take candles too seriously. They are after all, candles.

Cups- I would buy the full range of cups from the excellent Big Red Tomato Company just so I could amuse myself when people came over for a coffee.
Weird neighbour (not you Clive) He gets: BARKING.
Hot gardener? He gets: ADONIS
This also serves as a handy code for your other guests and, beauty of it is no one can be offended, it’s just a random cup. It’s not as if you picked it ‘specially for them…did you.
As a double bonus you will give them a little niggle in their brain. It could be the first step to genuine madness- like Michael did to Julie Martin in the worlds greatest soap, Neighbours.
If you would like to reminisce further on this topic see here for some amazing snippets!! I have been wetting myself due to some of the comments!

Anyway- I am very much feeling that this post has gone a little bit too weird now so I am signing off.
Before I do though, I must just let you know this…
This post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here –
Basically, I could win a prize for this post if they like it enough.
It’s not £20,000.

Anywho, What would you spend your £20k on?

Can’t believe I forgot these too…These are amazing- best toys ever. I would totally buy one of these…cushions smushions.




Hair of the Dog (I’m the dog!)

As I write I am sitting cross legged in a twirly chair being mauled by a hairdressing tutor and her student.
Not mauled in a bad way, they are colouring my hair, and because I care deeply about the next generation of hair dressers am on maternity leave and a skinflint, I am their guinea pig.
£15 for a full head of colour. You can’t go wrong. Except obviously you can.

I could leave here looking like a skunk or a punk or a knackered mum trying to recapture her youth via a wacky hair cut and colour. Hum…wonder which is most likely.
This is what I was hoping for…

Particularly the porcelain skin, the pout and the general beauty.
Following our stint in hospital a couple of weeks ago I am looking and feeling ancient and knackered. Having to sit facing a mirror for hours on end is doing nothing to dispel this.

I realise that some of this comes with the job but, some of it also comes from living off tea and chocolate, either not putting make up on or putting it on and not taking it off and generally not looking after myself properly.

In June and July I did have a spell of being really on one, going to Bootcamp, eating well and all of that and I really enjoyed the way it made me feel but I utterly fell off the bandwagon when Baba A was ill and haven’t yet clambered back on. In fact, I am so out of shape I am not even sure if I can…

But, as a new season and a new school term begins I intend to change all of that (again).
I LOVE Autumn for this exact reason. It’s another opportunity to wipe the slate clean, make new resolutions and, if you want, go stationary crazy.
Given the chance I would be an utter stationary ho. I like to imagine myself as a Smythson kind of gal but, the reality of the situation is very much more WHSmith and, at Christmas only, Paperchase.
I have no need for it at all at the moment and I fear that stationary may actually die off as more and more is done on IPads, via email or text etc. Sad times indeed. 😦
If you’d like to have a quick hit of some stationary porn, take a look at this
I particularly like the Squirrel holding the tape!
Can not wait until I need to go school shopping with my girlies.
Anyway, since I have no stationary needs at the moment I am just intending to use the new term and new season to sort myself out.

To this end I have finally registered with a dentist and booked an appointment with the hygienist too. Hell, I may even consider flossing!
I’ve had a good old wax which my baby daughter had to witness. (Currently looking into child counselling).
She kept me occupied which was fab as following the whole hideous undercarriage nastiness I was shitting myself (some of you that have had similar experience to me will know whether this is literal or not!). Turns out I was fine, my scar didn’t tear right open when the hot wax was ripped off and, the new me booked my next appointment before she left. Thanks Lou!
New leaf or what.
I’ve had my nails done which was supposed to double up as a social occasion but actually involved my friends having a mani and pedi, drinking at mine whilst I sat upstairs in the dark trying to soothe my daughter, who is taking some time to get used to the fact that I am not sleeping in a camp bed practically nose to nose with her, whilst randomers in uniform come and poke us at regular intervals throughout the night. Lets get our minds out of the gutters shall we ladies; not those kind of uniforms and certainly not that kind of poke.
She finally settled after watching The Gruffalo’s child on the ‘generic tablet device’ and a little story- at 11ish?!?

So, come September I will be hitting the healthy eating and the exercise regime in a bid to become ‘fitnotthin‘ (an excellent ethos currently being championed by Daisy Lowe, Jo Whiley and The Times. I think it might be in response to the dicks from OK magazine– yup, still not over it).
Obviously I won’t be doing that on my birthday. On that day I’ll be eating and drinking whatever the hell I like.
I have requested Personal Trainer vouchers for my birthday and have registered for the Wirral 10km here I am for my rad new hair cut. God, I hope it turns out ok.

Incidentally, it is a new term at my salon, three juniors have watched Ellie and Linda do the colour today, and I feel like I’ve been in double science with Mr Weston all over again. Hairdressing is pretty complicated let me tell you. It was all keratin this, cuticles that, percentages, peroxide and pass me the stain remover- her ears have gone purple.
Anyway- after 5 hours here is the final result… What do you reckon?


Ignore my stained top, forehead and-well, anything that isn’t the hair actually! The rest is a work in progress. 🙂

I’m off to have a humongous bowl of pasta now. I am storing energy now for my new regime!!

Night Night.

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Pause for Thought

I am not enjoying the fact that so many of my blogs recently have been less about the baring of boobs and the other humiliating aspects of parenthood as I know it and more about the serious emotional stuff that comes with being a mum.
I would love to be regaling you all with the fact that, just today, my baby baby had to watch me being waxed whilst I tried to entertain her from the bed and not wince and scar her for life, oh the hilarity that brought! I shall save that for tomorrow.
Here, I hope, is the last serious and sombre blog for awhile….

I have long loved the Pause for Thought slot on Radio 2- several times it has made me well up and most days it makes me genuinely makes me…Pause for Thought– ah ha- Job Done. 🙂
I was really excited when there was an opportunity to write a script to be the next voice of Pause for Thought and was really keen to enter. I wasn’t sure what topic to cover so procrastinated for sometime and then came our hospital trip which provided some inspiration…
Here is my very own Pause for Thought script. I missed the deadline to enter due to our hospital stay but wanted it to be out there just for the record.

Here goes…

It is very rare that people in this day and age take regular time to Pause for Thought. We are connected to people via Twitter and Facebook and SKYPE and email and text and occasionally through speaking OR seeing each other. We are the ultimate 24/7 society.
How many of us can honestly say that we regularly switch off and take time to pause, reflect and just be?

As I write this, I am sitting on a hospital camp bed next to my baby daughters cot watching her breathe and seeing her eyes occasionally flicker when a buzzer goes off or another patient moves or coughs or there is some other unfamiliar noise in this, her unfamiliar, temporary home.
We have now been in hospital for 3 days and are likely to be here for a few more. She has a serious infection that has totally knocked her, and subsequently me, for six.
She has been poked and prodded and pricked and scanned and has barely made a murmur. Some of this is no doubt down to her being absolutely bone tired but some is down to her extremely placid and patient personality.
She is a dream, everyone says it. She is an absolute pleasure to be around and as I watch her now breathing and dreaming and being I am bowled over by the strength and depth of my love for her and tears prick my eyes. I am so sad not to be able to make her better with a kiss and a cuddle.

In these late nights and early mornings I have nothing to do but pray and Pause for Thought!

The news bombards us daily with stories of those that choose to do unspeakable things to others.
Our society is so full of social media and virtual relationships that it is possible to forget how to show love and compassion instead of fear and misunderstanding in the real world.
It is possible to bully and belittle people without ever meeting or laying eyes on them.
It is possible to hide behind a screen and pour hate and bile into the universe without a thought for the consequences of your words.
It is possible to pretend to be living and interacting with the world around you whilst hiding away.
But, it is also possible to do the exact opposite.
In the last few days our friends and family as well as virtual friends who subscribe to my blog, acquaintances from mother and baby groups and actual, proper strangers, have been so, so kind that on occasion it has been hard to speak.

I stand by my mantra that it is always better to risk saying the wrong thing than to say nothing and risking people thinking you don’t care. And I also totally stand by my favourite quote from Henry James who said;

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”

The more I know of the various big and small religions of the world, the more dumbfounded I am by the amount of utter evil committed in its name.

I suppose that is why I think that stripping humanity back to the absolute basics works so well.
Who could argue with the idea of showing another person kindness?
Who would disagree with the basic premies that every living thing deserves to be loved?
Who should decide who is worth more than someone or something else?

Whilst I am confident that God exists, I know that there are many many people who bandy about the term Christian whist doing and saying things that the God in my head would be appalled by.
Equally, I know plenty of people that are non religious but their moral code and their unfailing sense of what is right should make many others have a good look at their own ideas.

So I guess what I’m saying is; given the chance, most people ARE kind. In the real world, in the virtual world and most certainly in my world and, I for one have rarely been so touched and grateful.
When you are out and about in the world today, whether that world be real or virtual, take some time to be a little more Henry James, it would do us all the power of good.

There, that’s my script. 😦
I will have to wait a whole year now to be able to enter. Sad times indeed.

On the plus side, Baba A is now home safe and sound(ish).
She has a chicken pox like virus and is covered in spots.
Baba B is puking for Britain and likely to have the same sort of spots by the time she wakes up.
Her naming day is in 17 days….what are the chances of that being a spot free affair do you think?
Slim to none I would suggest. I have been living on Snickers (Marathon), tea and toast and the consequences of this are literally all over my face. I look like a spotty teen with the crows feet of a pensioner.
Oh well, at least I’m silky smooth now. I believe my waxer is fashioning a new winter fur from the fruits of her labour 😉

Night night all. XxxxX