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Easy Peasy Chocolate Torte.

Since Friday’s post on what I shall now refer to as ‘Daphnegate’, I have been inundated with stories of the utter stupidity of strangers from other mums! Read some of them here. It has made me feel somewhat better about my ‘run in’ in the bread aisle but, stodgy white carbs do something to me!

I have also been swamped with literally tens of requests to know what I eventually made with my freebie chocolate and so, here is a little recipe that you can try which is ideal for an autumnal evening with a little trickle of cream. Yum!

Easy Peasy Chocolate Torte.


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Just a Quickie on another annoying woman in Tesco

Yo dudes,

Just a quickie so I can get this off my chest and not let it pollute my whole weekend…

So, because I am a weirdo and addicted to giving my opinion on stuff I get sent stuff to try from time to time from BzzAgent. If you have the same issues as me you might want to check them out.

A few days ago they sent me some Tesco finest chocolate which I have to taste, review etc. I had grand plans for the chocolate but what actually happened is I troughed it straight from the (lovely) packaging and then felt bad for not doing the job properly.

This lead to a trip to Tesco to buy some more and hopefully make something fun, creative and yummy with the girls.

Anywho, that’s the background so, both girls are sitting in the trolley and all is going swimmingly. Field the usual admiring glances from people and I am ambling around the aisles feeling that I am doing a pretty good job until…we come across a lady- lets call her Daphne, in the bread aisle.
The baby baby is babbling- not crying, babbling which is a lovely sound that babies sometimes make.
Waspy old woman turns around and snaps about the noise.
‘He’s a noisy one isn’t he’.
Now, because this is a blog I can’t do the tone but suffice to say it wasn’t a sing song sort of ah- that’s a nice noise statement.

Normally I’d leave it- it is a 50/50 chance as to whether a young baby not wearing a sign saying Im a girl/boy is a girl/boy but, she had already annoyed me so I said, she’s a girl actually.

That’ll be the end of it I thought- not so dear reader, not so.

Well, what do you expect.
You shouldn’t dress her in blue. Stupid.

Oh ho.


Now, Daph- can I call you Daph? I couldn’t give two hoots actually.

I have thick skin.
Not as thick as yours my love.
When you pass on someone can make a nice mock croc tote out of your leathery boat race but still, I have my limits.

My daughter is wearing a blue cardie. Deal with it.
She is wearing it because:
1) it is warm
2) it fits
3) it is clean
4) someone was kind enough to knit it for us
5) it is cute
6) she doesn’t need to be top to toe in pink just because she has a vagina.

Now, you look as though you were around at the time of the Suffragettes,which is ironic, so I don’t wish to be disrespectful but, if anyone is stupid, it is you.

That’s all.

PS- I made a chocolate torte. It is very tasty. Whilst I was making it the girls were doing this…


I noticed this just as I noticed it had starting tipping it down with rain whilst the washing was out. My previous biggest concern had been the fact that I’d commented on it being ‘A good drying day’. I’ve changed. 😦




Once upon a time there…

Hiya Everyone. How are you doing?
I have just woken up having put the girls to bed at 7pm. I am feeling hideous. URGH.
Think it comes from trying to do too much but I have always been the same. I get an idea in my head and I want to do it. NOW.
Start writing a blog I want it to go viral, start a business I want to be in the Times Top 100. Start doing reviews I take on loads!
I just can’t do baby steps very well for some reason. But I do seem to have a tendency to fall absolutley flat on my face. 😦
I have at least learnt that about myself in the 33 years I’ve been rushing around this planet like a blue arsed fly so I’m less surprised by my own actions than I used to be and I am taking steps to change that. Yey me.

Got to be honest though…still a little surprised by this one though…

Are you sitting comfortably?

Once upon a time, there was a crazy lady called Muma Leary.

She had uneven hair and twinkly eyes that crinkled when she smiled (which was often as she had two lovely daughters to make her laugh!)
Muma Leary loved reading to her little girls and, because she didn’t want to get a boring grown up persons job, she skipped along to a little bookshop she knew and asked if she could read stories for them.
They were very happy that someone loved books as much as they did and said that she could come and read for anyone that fancied coming to listen.
And so, that is how Muma Leary’s Story time was born.

Now, Muma Leary knew that some of you had school or nursery or lived down the road, round the bend, over the hill and past the postbox, which is far too far to come for a story, so, she decided that she would record the stories too (she’s a bit of a show off you see!) so you could listen to them whenever you fancied. In the car, in the bath, in your bed- perfect! What do you think of that?

I hope you enjoy listening to them. Did you know that reading or listening to stories is like exercise for your brain? It makes you super smart and gives you an amazing imagination. So, chose a story and let’s snuggle up and have a look.
If you have a favourite that you’d like me to read, let me know and I will read that one especially for you.
Lots of love,

Muma Leary. 🙂

So, yeah, that’s it really. My new (voluntary) job- alongside working remotely a couple of days a week for Young Rewired State is to be a modern day Mrs Doubtfire. Obviously I won’t be in drag and I am not doing it as an opportunity to see my children but you get my drift…do you?

I can’t wait to put on some weird voices and entertain some toddlers. Does that make me weird?
Anyway, if you think that sounds like fun, come down to Linghams in Heswall on Wednesday 30th October at 2pm and I’ll read some stories whilst you get a coffee or something.
Sounds good hey?
See you there.

Muma Leary.


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How to become a Domestic Goddess…via a Cif cream review!

Well hello there my ravashing readers. 🙂
How was last week for you?
Clearly I know it would have been tinged with sadness as a direct result of my lack of blogs but I mean apart from that- what did you get up to?

Did you have a good look around your house, have a stern word with yourself about your poor housekeeping credentials and then pull yourself up by your bootstraps and try out the amazing Cif cream?
Just me then…

Lucky for you, my cheeky little chinchillas, I am going to save you the bother and tell you whether it works or not and thus whether you should hot foot it down to the shops as fast as your little legs can carry you and buy some for yourselves.

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Lets hear it for the Girls.

Last Saturday we went on an impromptu family day out to Chester. It was fab. We went for a walk along the river, watched some rowers, had some brunch (I realise saying brunch makes me sound quite yah but what else do i call a breakfast/lunch hybrid?!) and ambled through the city. If you’ve never been to Chester, you need to, it is beautiful and totally worth a weekend away but I digress!

The Famous Rows

The Famous Rows

The bridge where we watched the rowers...wake up, This isn't boring.

The bridge where we watched the rowers…wake up, This isn’t boring.

It was Chester’s first Pride event so the place was buzzing.
Today, it is International Day of the Girl and I feel much the same about this as I do about Pride.
I think it’s a shame that days like this need to exist. 
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Who fancies a Fresh Start?


It’s Friday, I’ve survived my week of juicing. yup, that’s right. Not one piece of solid food has passed my lips since my dinner on Sunday night, apart from these;

I can’t believe it.

I wanted to give juicing a go because lately I have become really aware of my diet and how quickly I seem to be getting absolutely knackered.
I frequently want to crawl into bed as soon as the kids are down and, more than that, I feel like I am aging. uurgh. not good.

During a normal day we are so busy (don’t ask me what we do!) that I often have a slice of toast in the morning and then nothing for hours- or, I stick my head in the fridge and scoff a mini babel (or chocolate, yeah, most likely chocolate actually) at various points throughout the day. Not ideal!

I am so keen to give my girls a healthy body image and a good relationship with food that I seriously needed a kick up the bum to sort myself out.

My sister, who loves a fad, told me about juicing and so I thought I’d give it a whirl (yes, I said a give it a whirl!! I may as well be a pensioner)

I called Melissa, the owner of Fresh Start Health on the Wirral, who talked me through the various juicing options.
Now, I am a somewhat all or nothing character to be honest so the idea of one juice a day and a healthy balanced diet for the rest of the time wasn’t for me. Nope, I was all about the hard core, cold turkey, 5 day, pull no punches, detox.

I sensibly prepared for the coming week with fish and chips on Thursday night, excessive wine on the Friday and a last supper wispa duo on the Sunday night. (this is not exactly what Melissa recommends) on the plus side I did seriously cut down my caffeine in the previous week. YEY ME; Small victories!

There are several ways to juice but I opted for the easy peasey lemon squeezy method- freshly frozen. BRILLIANT.

  • No cooking
  • No washing up
  • No cleaning


Basically, Melissa brings all of the freshly made juices round to your house and you put them in the freezer.

You then get 4 out each evening (on my plan) and drink them instead of eating meals through out the day.

Don’t forget to do this or you will have to put them in a warm bath whilst you try to stop yourself from eating your own arm due to hunger!

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t easy it’s really, really tough.
On Monday and Tuesday I had a really bad headache and felt quite coldy but I soldiered on. (you don’t need to tell me what a hero I am)

Some of the juices taste lovely (Bananarama or something was my personal fave) and I would chose to drink them detox or not, think Innocent- yum!
Others are not really my cup of tea but none, I promise none, are horrid.

I seriously increased my water intake which meant that I was needing a wee loads more than usual but (here’s the science bit) it was so pale that I felt chuffed I was properly cleaning out my system…is that over sharing?

Oh, on that score- if you do juice, don’t expect to need too many number two’s, your body has much less to get rid of as it uses all the goodness the juice is giving you- what a time saver!

Now, I am sure that there are many, many health benefits to this juicing malarky but, there are other, hidden pluses too; you see me sitting here writing this blog now? Its because I haven’t got to cook or wash up 😉

I didn’t need to think about food or drink for me which is another massive time saver! Going to the shop with two little ones just to feed my chocolate habit is both time consuming and tiresome- plus embarrassing when the buggy knocks over the flower bucket at the end of the chocolate aisle. Tres Awkward.

Seriously though, this week has given me a real desire to eat more healthily and look after myself more consistently. I feel way more energetic, I think my skin looks clearer and more plump and I have lost 4lbs. I know that isn’t a mega amount but I was impressed, really impressed. Several people, including my own mother (for those of you that know me will know that she only speaks the truth in the way only a mum can!) have commented on how healthy and slim I look. JOB DONE!

The 5 day detox sounds expensive, it is £80.00, basically £4.00 per juice but you don’t need to buy anything else for those days (and how easy is it to spend a fiver in costa?)

Obviously it’s not something you’ll be doing monthly but I would absolutely recommend it for a seasonal cleanse and reboot and, you can juice yourself, have one a day or try a mix of what you think would work for you.

Now off for a big fat steak healthy and balanced meal so I don’t undo all of this hard work 🙂

Loads of love (bit over the top as I am so full of beans at the result!)

Muma Leary


PS- I was given the 5 day juicing detox at a 50% discount but all of the opinions are my own.
Thanks Melissa.
If you want to give it a try, all the contact details are here. Tell her Muma sent you. 😉


Thursdays Child

This time last week I wrote a post on the differences between my life as a mummy and the lives that some care leaving parents live. You can have a read of it here if you like.

Today, I wanted to tell you about the transition between being a child in care and becoming a ‘care leaver’.
Just a heads up; this isn’t a light-hearted, humorous post on the trials and tribulations of a middle class mum (I’m not sure that anyone really knows or cares what class they are these days but you get my drift) it is my experience of the care system in our country today.
How children end up in care is often just a tiny aspect of their story- if they are lucky they will find themselves in stable foster care and with the support of a social worker will thrive. At 18 (or 16 in some Local Authorities), they will become a care leaver and they will work with a Personal Advisor instead of a social worker and that is where my role began…
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Plum Baby (baby!)

Well, nearly two weeks after my Plum Baby party, I have finally got round to sitting down and writing about it. I can’t believe that it has taken me so long-sorry plum. 😦

It seems that life sometimes gets in the way of the important business of me making sure everyone knows my opinions on everything. Annoying.

Ok, let me get my very serious review head on and tell you what I (and more importantly my babies) and my friends thought about the products I was given to try.

plum logo

First though, let me just give you a bit of background:

Plum was set up by a mum who felt that the selection and quality of baby food available was simply not good enough. She made it her mission to create a brand that provided nutritious and tasty food for her children and every other.

Plum use organic ingredients and ensures that they are responsibly sourced which I really like as I always ensure I buy freedom food, free range eggs and so on.

They also use far more of the more expensive ingredients in their dishes than other leading brands, 27% more mango in their mango and banana puree for example. I know, I’ve checked this!

So, on to what we thought of the food themselves: I invited around 7 babies (and their mummy’s) to my party- in the end there was only

Happy Holly, Lovely Lily, Lush Layla and Jolly James (plus my little one) but to be honest that was plenty!

We started off with the Minted Lamb with Peas. It smells like a genuine Sunday roast and went down very well with all of the babies. I tried it and whilst the texture is not for me (not a surprise!) I thought that it was very tasty. Certainly not like some bland baby food I’ve tasted previously.

get in my belly!

get in my belly!

Next, we had a go with the Salmon and Spinach Risotto  this was less popular all round so possibly the babies were a little too young for the fishy flavour. Weaning advice suggests that you try a flavour at least three times before deciding your baby doesn’t like something so I will give this ago another time.

Next on the list was the Beef and Bean Stew which I would say is definitely Han’s favourite pouch. Holly however was all about the Lemon, Chicken and Sweetcorn– her mum couldn’t get it on the spoon fast enough!!



All of the fruit purees were really popular and, having sampled them myself I can vouch for the fact that they are delicious. They can be eaten on their own or mixed in with porridge to make a change.

In terms of the toddler meals- they are really exciting flavours. I like this because they are more adventurous recipes than I would try on a day to day basis.

My toddler loves the Moroccan Tagine and I have to admit it smells gorgeous. She also likes the veggie biryani though always pushes the chickpeas to one side.  I totally understand that!

do you like my hat?!

do you like my hat?!

Since the party, we have moved on to the stage three meals for the baby. I love these as they are so handy to have in your bag. They are in a pot which is great to encourage self feeding. Other brands tend to use pouches which, in my experience is far messier!!

Mr L did the Southport 10km on Sunday so we had a family day out and it was great to have some pouches and some pots in the baby bag so we didn’t need to rely on finding a café or restaurant when the girls needed feeding.

Pricewise, I think they are good value and I love the fact that Plum post on Facebook and their website which supermarkets have offers on each week. An excellent idea and allows you to stock up if you want to.

Pouches start at 80p and a toddler meal is £2.25 when at full price.

So there you have it; I am thoroughly impressed with the whole range of products from Plum Baby and will definitely keep them in our cupboard for days out and an alternative to cooking.

Oh, and for when I am in the mood for doing the whole cooking, mashing, freezing thing- Plum have a whole range of their recipes on their website which is totally free and a really nice touch.

I get the feeling that Plum really DO care about their customers and I’m not sure how many companies we can say that about these days.

James certainly agrees!

James certainly agrees!

Cheers Plum,

Muma Leary


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