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Come to Go Ape she said…It’ll be fun she said!

One thing that I have not been very good at since I started blogging is linking up with other bloggers. I have a couple that I read religiously, there are a couple that can only be read in the comfort of my own home and there are lots more I dip into when I can but, recently I have met a lovely lady with an excellent blog and lo and behold, she lives locally. Hooray!!

So, when she messaged to say she had a free Go Ape experience for up to 6 people at the Delemere site I jumped at the chance to go.

When I mentioned it to Mr L he was encouraging; “remember when you did it in Center Parcs and you were so frightened you wet yourself?!” *

When I told my mum there was the standard eye roll; “you’d be better off sorting your housework and getting on top of your washing!”**

*slight exaggeration but I clearly had blocked out that memory!

**Totally true and reasoned statement but frankly, getting on top of my washing is something I’d want to seek sponsorship for such is the volume.

Supportive family comments aside, Karen picked me up on Friday and off we went to leafy Cheshire.

I almost wept with happiness when I got into the car…there were crisps and raisins remnants in the seats and the footwells contained crayons and general kid clutter and I knew then I’d made a friend for life!

There was another lovely lady in the car, Ally, who blogs over at Messed Up Mum and we met up with Laura from Tired Mummy of two and Sarah who blogs at Extraordinary Chao. ..A right little band of bloggers we were!

Ready to roll!

Ready to roll!

We had a brilliant day and I would definately recommend it so, if you’re considering a day at Go Ape; here’s what you need to know;

1) Very few people can carry off a harness.

I am not one of them…you might be but, when the alternative is possibly plummeting to your death you’ll be more than happy to risk a camel toe!

Don't know what I'm looking so smug about!

Don’t know what I’m looking so smug about!

2) It is scary.

I like to tell myself that I’m balsy, brave and not afraid of anything and, I think when you’re a parent you have to encourage your kids to have a go and not show them you’re frightened incase it rubs off on them but, there were genuinely a couple of occasions when I could actually feel myself shaking but, as they say at commando; If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!20150522_111705

3) It turns you back into a child.

Being a grown up can be boring. I should know (wrote a post about a laundry bin a few weeks back) you get caught up in the rat race of work, nursery runs, washing etc and you don’t often get the chance to let go.

Navigating a scramble net 20 ft off the ground is a great way of concentrating the mind on ONE THING. No multitasking, no checking the emails, just getting to the next platform. And when you are wizzing down the zip wire it’s really only polite to scream with pure abandon and then laugh till your sides hurt. Oh yes, inner child well and truly reconnected!

4) It gets you back to nature.

Although there are lots of ropes and nets and zip wires and so on, Go Ape really fits into the natural landscape and, when you’re up in the trees you can see things from a whole different perspective.

You are able to appreciate the views, the wildlife and (screams aside) you can enjoy a bit of proper peace and quiet. It’s good for the soul.

Check out the size of those trees.

Check out the size of those trees.

5) It is great for making friends.

Nothing makes me cringe like the idea of forced fun.

Building a raft with Geoff from the office before an afternoon of ‘Blue sky thinking’ makes me want to smash my head into a lamp post but, there is no denying that when you’re shaking like a leaf up a 40ft platform you appreciate the group of people around you and natural barriers are removed.

I’ve got to say, I don’t have many natural barriers, this blog has covered most things in its time but it is a different kettle of fish looking into someone’s eyes when they’re feeling a bit vulnerable and frightened.

Encouraging each other through the tricky bits, checking carabiners and not taking the piss when you look a bit of a lemon is all wonderful for team and friendship building. It was fab to spend a bit of time with you lovely ladies.

6) It earns you a bit of cake and/or a bacon sarnie.

You don’t realise when you’re up there but it is a bit of a workout swinging through the trees. No wonder Tarzan was always so keen to have his top off. It must burn some calories so, you can treat yourself to a celebratory tea and cake afterwards safe in the knowledge that the next day you might struggle to lift a cup to your mouth!! You’ll work muscles you never knew you had 🙂

Thanks for the invite Karen, I loved hanging around with you girls!!

Woo Hoo! We did it.

Woo Hoo! We did it.



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Weddings with wee ones; my top 5 tips…

This weekend is officially the busiest of the whole year for weddings…

Everyone loves a Summer wedding. It’s the opportunity to dress up, catch up with friends and sink a few shandies…isn’t it?! UMMM…Not if you’re taking the kiddiewinks!

Love this picture...totally glossing over the reality of the getting dressed drama!

Love this picture…totally glossing over the reality of the getting dressed drama!

Sure, it’s all fun and games, photo opps and compliments for the first few hours. The children are excited, they are cute in their posh frocks and they’re entertaining for the masses for a bit but, let’s be honest, there comes a stage when your back is in bits from the feet on shoe dancing, they’re cranky, crumpled and craving attention where as you’re sober and looking longingly at the guests on the dance floor giving it beans to a cheeky rendition of Come on Eileen (I never pretended to be classy!)

This year family Leary have 4 weddings and a blessing. Last year we went to 3 so I like to think that we have learnt a thing or two about how to survive the celebrations when you have kids in tow. Here’s my top 5 tips for getting it right or, at the very least, ensuring you get through the day without wanting to put a stiletto through your eye socket;

Pristine and ready to roll!  photo thanks to:

Pristine and ready to roll!
photo thanks to:

This is the easy bit!!

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