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What’s it all about (Alfie)


Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂

If you’ve been snooping about here for a while you will see that I’ve been writing off and on since shortly after the birth of our second daughter in 2013.

I have had periods of writing daily, periods of not writing at all and periods of getting the balance right!

This blog- along with about a gazzilion others is about life- life as a mum, life as a woman muddling through all of the stuff that is impacting on me and mine daily so, some times that will be about;

  • Health and fitness- I am perpetually trying to find a routine that works for me, fits with my family and isn’t to do with fads; this has eluded me for the past 3.5 decades! I love the way exercise makes me feel so I don’t understand quite why this isn’t something that I always carve out time for?! Answers on a postcard please.
  • Mumming- Clearly; being a mum of two means that much of what I do, where I go and the experiences I have are shaped by my little family.
  • Wirral Life- We live on the Wirral and part of my paid work is to help further develop the visitor economy on Wirral- it is an absolutely gorgeous part of the world and I love living here so; when we find somewhere super expect to hear all about it.
  • Mental Health- I have had several experiences of depression and it is the absolute worst. Writing helps, sometimes more than face to face talking for me at least but- whatever the medium, I think that honest conversations about how we feel are so important.
  • Writing- I love writing and am over the moon to now be able to say I am a (self) published author. My first book; Time for Bed Baby is a book aimed at new mums and my hope is that it will help all parents understand the importance of looking after themselves as well as the new born.
  • Occasionally; because this is simply the way I am, you can expect a totally random post about my take on issues of the day; Brexit, Feminism,  Celebrity culture, Religion and anything else that weaves its way into my psyche!


When I began this blog way back in 2013 the online landscape was totally different- it was an absolute unknown. Since then bloggers have become a key part of how people digest news and views so I must be clear; all views and opinions on here are purely my own; My first introduction to the blog stated the following-

The purpose of this blog is quite simple really; I will obviously write a hilarious blog about how I stumble from one cooking or housewifery disaster to the next. It will quickly gain cult status for its quick wit and insightful messages and I will be bombarded by offers from advertisers, sponsors, TV execs etc.
However, should this inexplicably not happen, I will use this blog as a sort of free therapy- somewhere to rant and offload and share my journey to becoming a fully fledged ‘grown up’- the blog could be quite a long runner as I am some way off this currently.

I’ve missed the boat on the first part but the second still stands! Thanks for popping by; I hope you feel at home here.


Tan. x

11 responses to “What’s it all about (Alfie)

  1. I will look forward to reading Tonya ;0) xx


  2. Soraya says:

    Look forward to the next instalment! be sure to mention at some stage just how helpful your sister is ……


  3. Emily says:

    Yes! It’s almost like you never moved away 🙂 And I totally read that in your voice by the way. Miss you…look forward to the next one x


    • Mumaleary says:

      Reading it in my voice was my intention though obv as it goes viral there will be people who have no idea what I sound like! Weird. The next one is a cookin!


  4. Can you write a blog on Miranda (AKA) Soraya Moments?? xx.


  5. […] night I had a look back at one of my early blogs which suggested that I’d be writing about cookery and housewifery. Who was I kidding?!? I barely have time to shower let alone teach myself to cook, clean and […]


  6. PS Are you on Twitter? Do I follow you? Excuse me if I do, can you tweet me?


  7. […] Hiya! If you are wondering what you’re getting yourself into, you might want to check this out. It’ll give you a tiny insight to who I am and why I started these […]


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