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Time for Bed Baby

Since I can remember I have always had a passion for writing; for creating and sharing stories. For making people laugh (or cry) and, hopefully, making them feel good. In truth, it is also a really useful and positive way for me to express and make sense of my own experiences and feelings. Time for Bed Baby is my first book borne out of my own experiences whilst pregnant and then as a new mum.

For much of the time I was pregnant with our first child I was wracked with anxiety that I wouldn’t be a good mum, I worried that I wouldn’t bond with our baby and that I would stick out like a sore thumb amongst the other picture perfect play group parents. I wanted to be a mum so much but wasn’t confident that I’d have the patience or the knowledge or the know how or the love needed. When B was born she was just perfect and fortunately I did not experience the PND I had feared so much- but- much of the pleasure of being pregnant was lost due to my worries which I was too afraid to voice.

This verse came to me one evening when I was bathing our gorgeous little baby in our teeny tiny bathroom. It is an outline of our evening ritual which allowed us both time to relax, bond and get to know one another. It is a reminder of an incredibly precious time.

The yoga, breathing exercises and meditation kindly provided by LushTums are just some of the other coping strategies or ‘tools’ I called- and continue to call upon at the end of the day.

My aim in publishing this book is to share some of my experience with other new mums and in doing so, help them feel a bit more normal and a bit less alone. A gentle routine and opportunities to bond are known to really help alleviate anxiety and the risk of developing Postnatal Depression. But, perhaps most importantly, I wanted to remind mums that it is okay to take time out and ask others for help.

I launched the book in June 2018 at a gorgeous little afternoon tea event at Benty Farm Tea Rooms. My fab friend Gemma came along, took some photos and posed some questions, you can take a look at the short video on Youtube here

I have been really touched by the messages I have received from mums that have either bought or been given a copy of the book- I am chuffed to know that it is becoming a part of families night time routines and is proving helpful for new mums and babes. I hope that a copy will find its way into the hands of everyone that needs to hear the message; you are good enough.


You can buy the book direct from Amazon or, if you’re lucky enough to live on the Wirral πŸ™‚ you can pick up a copy from any of these lovely locations;

  • Occasions of Irby
  • Style at No30, Hoylake
  • The Barn, Heswall


Huge thanks to Claire and the LushTums ladies and also to Karen from the fab Mini Travellers for her support. I would love to hear from you if you’ve read the book so feel free to drop me a message or share a pic.

With lots of love, as always,


AKA Muma Leary πŸ™‚




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