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Top Tips for a trip to Disneyland Paris.

on July 11, 2019

Well bloody hell, that half of the year pretty much flew by in a flash didn’t it!

This time next week Mr L will be having the annual classroom show round from the kids and a sly cry when we read the reports because, no matter how we dress it up, they’re growing up and, in the words of ABBA, slipping through our fingers all the time. SOB!

Funnily enough this week has also involved a few mum’s messaging for some insider advice on Disneyland Paris and this my friends means only one thing… people are planning for Christmas. Yup, you heard me, they are planning for CHRISTMAS and, when this popped up in my newsfeed it made perfect sense.

christmas countdown .jpg

Now, if you’re familiar with my blog you’ll know that I’m not big into stuff for the girls preferring experiences and memory making over forgettable plastic clutter any day and it was this that led us to have a personal one on one chat with Mr Christmas himself a few years back…After a bit of toing and froing we decided to go halves on a holiday to Disneyland Paris and this is how we broke the news to the girls:

Disneyland Christmas Letter (1)

They were over the moon and, given that we were going less than 2 days later the excitement never had time to waine.

We looked into booking direct but found the prices quite tricky to work out as they vary from day to day depending on what dates are peak, saver etc and, you pay the rate of the day you arrive for the duration of your stay. In the end we booked through Tui which meant that everything from airport carparking to transfers and our lunch with the Princesses was all sorted in one face to face meeting and everything ran like clockwork.

OBVIOUSLY You want the Disney hotel…I mean look at it!!!


But, I just couldn’t justify the additional cost and I am so glad we didn’t; The Newport Bay was absolutely perfect and an easy walk from the park entrance.

Disney_s Newport Bay Club External at night1_960x960

There is so much I could say about Disney- it was a holiday much more than I could ever have imagined. Even Mr L who readily admits Princesses ‘aren’t really his genre’ adored it. So, what would we advise if you’re taking the plunge this year…

Top tips for a Winter Break?

  1. Stock up at breakfast- we opted for half board accommodation which enabled us to have a really good breakfast each day and also to stock up on fruit and snacks for our day bag to eat whilst queuing for the rides- there is absolutely nothing to be gained from queuing to buy food in the park. It won’t be memorable, it won’t be gourmet and it will mean time wasted when you could be having another go on the Peter Pan ride!
  2. Book activities ahead- Disney do Fairytales like no one else and whilst you’re there, there are so many opportunities to emerse yourself in them. See a show, eat with your favourite princess or enjoy a themed meal- the opportunities are endless. BUT- make sure you take some time to plan this in advance- think about what your littlies enjoy and book accordingly. They do fill up fast and you don’t want to miss out. The website has lots of detail so grab a pen, make a brew and create an itinerary- sounds boring but it is your ticket to a far more enjoyable holiday where you don’t miss out on things because you either didn’t know or didn’t book.
  3. Make use of your bonus hour- if you are staying in certain hotels you are entitled to an extra hour in the park before it opens to the public. It is worth making the effort to get there for this and making your way to the furthest most corner of the park or getting in position for your chosen meet and greet or the parade.
  4. Don’t get sucked in by the stuff- OMG…OMG I had no idea just how much retail there would be on offer literally all over the park. Disney does everything- seriously- from costumes to crockery it is there and it is pricey. A friend gave us this top tip before we went; when your children ask for something say that they can add it to their birthday wish list- that way; you’re not constantly saying no but you’re not buying something every two minutes either. They will either forget about it or, you’ve got a ready made list of things to buy later in the year… at home where it will be cheaper!
  5. Take a nap- The parades and the evening light show are absolutely spectacular. They blew us all away but they are late at night (around 9.30pm) and, when you’ve been on your feet all day that might be a big ask. We went back to the hotel around 4pm, grabbed some z’s and headed back out around 8pm when the park was quieter.
  6. This is a bonus tip…you’re welcome TAKE A KETTLE- apparently, in Europe it is pretty normal not to have a kettle or any tea or coffee facilities in your room- OMG- I was not prepared for that. For an 8 cup a day gal this was hard to take… pack a travel kettle and your fave tea.


There’s plenty more so I’ll probably come back and add to this but, for now the message is simple- If Father Christmas is taking your crew to Disneyland Paris this Christmas, book now, there are some fantastic offers on for free nights, upgrades etc and- browse the website, it’s well worth it.

Have a ball- it’s what memories are made of.


Love Me.


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