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End of an era (or…are you ready Red Class!)

So, this is it…this is the moment we have all been working towards- 2 bona fide children in actual school. Not nursery (with the awesome 52 weeks a year provision!). Not pre-school (with the option to bring your cuddlies and skip the odd day) but actual, get fined if you bunk off, big school.

I appreciate that, having been through this whole rigmarole just a year ago I should be double hard and ready to toss the baby into the class with barely a backwards glance but- having actually cried in a coffee shop today I can sense that it’s not going to be quite that simple. 😂

I have spent most of my days over the last 4 years and 9 months with my littlie and I am not quite ready for this part of our lives to be over. Admittedly when she was 2 1/2 she was a bloody nightmare for much of the time but- we weathered that particular storm and now she is my shadow, my constant companion and I am going to miss her like crazy!

So- some words of advice that I wrote for her naming day are getting a second airing tonight- for 2 reasons;

1) they are still true

2) my creative juices are exhausted!

Advice for Life.

Good grief!
What advice people can give.
Going round telling others how they think they should live.

So Hannah, these snippets were written just for you.
Take them or leave them, it’s all up to you.

Be kind.
Be polite.
Try to sleep through the night.
If you think something’s wrong try putting it right.

Dream big dreams Han,
as big as you dare,
For if you should stumble we’ll always be there.

Work hard at school.
Never, ever be cruel.
But don’t be afraid of bending some rules.

If you see someone struggle,
Don’t walk on by,
Give a hand, give a smile
Please don’t be shy.

Don’t try to conform,
Just be yourself.
You are at least the equal of anyone else.

Don’t think life is easy,
Sometimes it is tough.
But that’s no excuse to treat others rough.

Don’t get confused by money or fame,
At the end of your life all you have is your name.
My sweetheart, you are bound to make some mistakes.
No worries, that happens to all of life’s greats.

Life is for living,
You get just one go.
So live it my darling and never let go.

Right-thats that! Let’s get out the big girl pants and help our super second into the next phase…

Good Luck Hannah- you’re going to be amazing.



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And then poof- just like that, it was gone

I can’t believe that this is it!

After all of the build up and anticipation we have come to the end of our first proper School Summer Holidays- where did they even go? At the risk of becoming a total cliche mum I feel like they flew by in a whirl of picnics, park trips and Peter Pan Party Prep!

I am sad that I stopped regularly blogging but there never seems to be enough hours in the day for me to fit it all in- perhaps now you will both be in school it might be different…. I know others do- plus much more but there it is- no one but no one is doing it all- whatever it looks like.

Every so often though, I want to write to you, my beautiful babies no more babes, just so one day you can look back in a teenage tantrum and catch a glimpse of how special you are and how loved you have always been…

3 people in the last two days have commented that ‘I bet you can’t wait until they’re back at school?!’

Maybe I look knackered (axe the maybe) maybe it’s just a conversation piece, maybe I am thinking on it too long but do you know what?

I can wait.

I honestly really can (and not only because I haven’t got my finger out of my ass for long enough to finish your school bags and name tags and PE Kits). It is because I love you.

I love being around you.

I love hearing your little conversations with each other, I love having chilled out breakfast times and PJ days and doing almost anything with you. You two amazing little humans- and your daddy rock my world. You always have.

I’m not saying you’re perfect or that I am either; let’s not pretend there haven’t been tears and tests and tantrums.

I’m not saying that this whole six weeks has been an unadulterated dream- there have been plenty of challenges- recall the dark day I swiped all of your craft clutter into a binbag because seriously why does glitter have to go EVERYWHERE and why in God’s name do I have to repeat myself 17 times in order for 1 pen to be picked up and yet you can hear me rustle a packet of buttons from the bottom of the bloody garden.

But, those memories are already distant specks in comparison to me watching you swim 5 metres on your own and sharing the sea with you whilst we body boarded in Cornwall.

Visiting Polperro and climbing to the highest possible beer garden!

Careering down the slide at the Crocky Trail with your cousin and friends.

The day our picnic blew away.

Reading just one more chapter of The Far Away Tree.

Reciting all the words to SING!

Our day in Bristol with Daddy when you paddled in your pants.

The bus tour of Liverpool.

Chester Zoo.

Your on going musical education in the shape of The Beatles and Deacon Blue as well as breakfast discos with Uptown Funk and Happy!

The fabulous family party

The photoshoot on the hill.

All of these and a million more.

Every day has given us time to be together, to do something and nothing and it has been a privilege and I know that not having to juggle too much work has made this possible and I am so fortunate and grateful to be in that position.

So, when you pull on your shiny new shoes and button up your cardigans and skip off for your first day back and, for you Hannah- your first day of big school, know this- I would have done this Summer with you a hundred times over.

Someone else said to me yesterday that you are wonderful girls and I should be extremely proud. I am. Now and always.

Daddy and I will love you until the seas run dry and my loves, that will never happen.



Image credit to the amaxing Frith Photography.

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