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Cards, chickflicks and Chill Factore Love the Little Things #lost count tbh

on June 6, 2014

Morning Ladies and Gents, I am writing this feeling pretty chipper! I am over my Miranda/Bridget Jones moments yesterday which were, what I call, embarrassing but I am totally, over being rescued from an escalator during Waterloo Rush hour. Totally.


You said it!

You said it!

Bloody heels!  Now I am simply looking forward to my loooong weekend. In fact, it is possible that as you read this I am still in my PJ’s- possibly filling my face with a croissant!

So- what have I been up to this week? Quite a bit as it goes- read on!

Read: So, now I am a fully signed up and committed book reviewer, I need to find something else to fill this spot. Something a little less official. Well, this week having spent some time hanging around train station shops (pre-rescue) I have had the rare opportunity to peruse the card stands. This led to at least one occasion where I accidentally snorted and crossed my legs simultaneously in an attempt to stifle the wee and pig noises.  Most un-ladylike (and as we know, I am nothing if not a lady!) Anyway, this was in Joy, Waterloo where I eventually parted with 10 of my finest English pounds for some fab cards- check them out.

by Frankie Whistle

by Frankie Whistle

by cardelicious

by Cardelicious.

By Frankie Whistle

By Frankie Whistle

Watched: So, first week of every month, my mum, sister and I get together and watch a film. This month, just to mix it up a bit, we headed to the cinema. I love the flicks. But the best thing about the whole thing is the trailers. I love them. I always want to watch almost everything that they preview. This time there was an absolutely cringe worthy trailer for the next wanna be Mama Mia film which seemed to be 2 hours of cobbling together songs from the 80’s around no discernible story, a film about a chef who sets up a mobile food van and the heart breaking- even in the trailer, The Fault in Our Stars.
Needless to say, I expect to see them all.
Oh, the actual film we went to see this time was The Other Woman. It needs no synopsis. It is exactly what you’d expect, ridiculous, unrealistic and, yeah, I admit it, I laughed. the-other-woman-movie-wallpaper

Heard: This week Karl Pilkington has been all over the TV and radio. He’s promoting his book, The Moaning of Life. I love listening to him. Mr L thinks that we are kindred spirits. A pair of moaners that just like things a certain way. Well yeah actually, I do just like things done in a particular way. I don’t want cress with my steak. I don’t want chefs adding stuff to my food. I want things the way I want them and so, it seems, does Karl! Love it.

Worn: Hooray. Finally I have something of note to write here. This week, Mr L and I went on a brilliant date day to Chill Factore, Manchester. We had a snowboarding taster session and also did some extreme sledging and had a cheeky couple of goes on the luge and the donut thing. It was awesome. Think I’ll do a whole blog on this…

chill factore manchester



chill factore manchester
Neither of us had ever tried snowboarding before and I fell over more than anyone else in the group but the boots were far more comfy than ski boots, my ancient sallopettes (is that how you spell it?!) did a perfect job of keeping my bum dry and I got to give my fab panda hat a run out but, most importantly, Mr L has conceded that he thinks a family ski holiday would be good. Result.
Are you listening Mark Warner?!

Made: This week I have surpassed myself and made some beautiful red velvet cupcakes with an amazing cream cheese frosting. Light as air and absolutely out of this world.



Kidding!! This week I have of course, made absolutely nothing. I have however eaten plenty. Sorry I’m not sorry. PS- the lovely recipe for this can be found here, at the brilliantly named ‘give me some oven’; see what she did there?!

And another thing: By the time you are reading this. I am hopefully going to be miles away from wifi and mobile signal and all things work and real world. The girls and I are off to Bluestone for the weekend with my sister and our two oldest friends. Bring on the splashing, laughing and late night gabbing.

Gods Own! Bring it on!!

Gods Own! Bring it on!!

Cheers everyone.



Love the Little things butwhymummuwhy

5 responses to “Cards, chickflicks and Chill Factore Love the Little Things #lost count tbh

  1. Love that you get together with your mum and sister one a month to watch a film. Enjoy Bluestone. Never been but it looks fantastic x


  2. Love this! The Chill Factore is a great place to go for the day 🙂 And I’d like to recommend Maleficent for your next film- it really is fab
    x x x


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