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Hi there guys and gals and a very Happy 2014 to you!

I hope you had a ball last night and have woken up feeling full of hope and optimism for the coming year.

Look how handsome he is; I could almost cry!

Look how handsome he is; I could almost cry!

Those of you that read my post yesterday will know that it was not a good day! We spent yesterday evening at the doctors with our youngest who has wailed her way through Christmas with a tummy bug and teething and now has an ear infection. She is in such pain bless her, we trudged back home with antibiotics and settled in for a night of cuddles and Breaking Bad…no awful NYE TV for us!!

Happily she slept better than she has in days so I think she is on the mend- yey. Breaking Bad was, quite frankly, immense. We are mid way through series 3 and I am in love with Jessie. Actual Love.


Today, we have commenced operation potty training with the eldest and so, far from this being a day full of fresh starts and new beginnings is really is same s&*t, different day…3 knicker changes and a poo on the floor at my last count! onwards and upwards hey?

Anywho, as it is New Years Day and some people will be awash with positivity I thought I would share with you my New Years resolutions for 2014.

I know of some people who resolve to wear matching underwear for 365 days.

I know others that suggest having sex every single day for 12 months.

I have opted out of both of these for two reasons;

My underwear drawer is a sea of washed out whites and grim greys.

My husband works away.

I feel both of these could do more harm to my marriage than good so instead I have opted for the following:

Be consistently better to your body.

How boring is that???

But, given that I am a detox or retox, feast or famine, all or nothing kind of chick, I feel it is time to try to be a little more consistent in my approach to my health and wellbeing. I’m not getting any younger and, as I was pushing the buggy up a hill the other day I felt that my heart and lungs were going to burst so something has to give before they do.

  • I am not really unfit. I’ve run the London Marathon 3 times and several other 1/2’s but not for a while; it’s time to get back on the horse.

    Yup, thats right dudes, I was running when my baby was only 8 months old (and the other one was cooking!) BOOM.

    Yup, that’s right dudes, I was running when my baby was only 8 months old (and the other one was cooking!) BOOM.

  • I am not morbidly obese. I can usually find something to fit if we have an occassion to go to (we’re not over run with offers!)
  • But, I have a poor diet which is not helped by the fact Mr L works away and I often can’t be bothered to cook for one.
  • I have serious wrinkles- I’m not fishing for compliments; it’s true and, I am not the only person to have said it.

    I have all of the wrinkles and none of the ahh factor. (

    I have all of the wrinkles and none of the ahh factor. (

  • Some days I am so rushed and pushed for time I don’t even time for a shower. I am not proud of this fact but I comfort myself with the knowledge that at least it will be harder for witches to sniff me out…Rold Dahl told me.
  • My cleansing routine is none existent and make up is applied in the car if at all.

In short dear reader, I look like what I am…a really slummy mummy.

WELL, 2014 is the year it all changes.

Not over night.

Not in an extreme fashion but little by little.

I have signed up to run 4 races over the course of the year and have also signed up to a boot camp classes.

I am going to try to improve my diet and take up washing daily…I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

Blogging wise I am going to include more images in my posts and to that end I am taking part in the 365 project so I hope to improve my photography skills over the course of the year.

What are your resolutions?

Whatever they are, I hope you realise them and that 2014 is your best yet.

If you’re a blogger and have written about your resolutions, feel free to leave your link in the comments box. If you’re not a blogger, comment anyway and tell me what 2014 holds for you.




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