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Just a Quickie on another annoying woman in Tesco

Yo dudes,

Just a quickie so I can get this off my chest and not let it pollute my whole weekend…

So, because I am a weirdo and addicted to giving my opinion on stuff I get sent stuff to try from time to time from BzzAgent. If you have the same issues as me you might want to check them out.

A few days ago they sent me some Tesco finest chocolate which I have to taste, review etc. I had grand plans for the chocolate but what actually happened is I troughed it straight from the (lovely) packaging and then felt bad for not doing the job properly.

This lead to a trip to Tesco to buy some more and hopefully make something fun, creative and yummy with the girls.

Anywho, that’s the background so, both girls are sitting in the trolley and all is going swimmingly. Field the usual admiring glances from people and I am ambling around the aisles feeling that I am doing a pretty good job until…we come across a lady- lets call her Daphne, in the bread aisle.
The baby baby is babbling- not crying, babbling which is a lovely sound that babies sometimes make.
Waspy old woman turns around and snaps about the noise.
‘He’s a noisy one isn’t he’.
Now, because this is a blog I can’t do the tone but suffice to say it wasn’t a sing song sort of ah- that’s a nice noise statement.

Normally I’d leave it- it is a 50/50 chance as to whether a young baby not wearing a sign saying Im a girl/boy is a girl/boy but, she had already annoyed me so I said, she’s a girl actually.

That’ll be the end of it I thought- not so dear reader, not so.

Well, what do you expect.
You shouldn’t dress her in blue. Stupid.

Oh ho.


Now, Daph- can I call you Daph? I couldn’t give two hoots actually.

I have thick skin.
Not as thick as yours my love.
When you pass on someone can make a nice mock croc tote out of your leathery boat race but still, I have my limits.

My daughter is wearing a blue cardie. Deal with it.
She is wearing it because:
1) it is warm
2) it fits
3) it is clean
4) someone was kind enough to knit it for us
5) it is cute
6) she doesn’t need to be top to toe in pink just because she has a vagina.

Now, you look as though you were around at the time of the Suffragettes,which is ironic, so I don’t wish to be disrespectful but, if anyone is stupid, it is you.

That’s all.

PS- I made a chocolate torte. It is very tasty. Whilst I was making it the girls were doing this…


I noticed this just as I noticed it had starting tipping it down with rain whilst the washing was out. My previous biggest concern had been the fact that I’d commented on it being ‘A good drying day’. I’ve changed. 😦




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