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Happy Good Friday!!

In less than 48 hours I’ll be able to chow down on my own body weight in chocolate and sup tea or coke til my hearts content. YEY!! Lent will be over.
Did you give anything up? I do it every year. Next time I might contemplate sky diving or smoking though. Might be easier and mean that I don’t over compensate with fudge. And biscuits. And toast.

This week has passed in a flash and has even mega busy for some reason. Even without doing anything really of note- shit, how am I going to make a Love the little things post this week?!

Read- you know that book I promised to start this week? I didn’t. Didn’t even pick it up. Soon I fear it will be relegated to the pile. The I’ll get round to it pile. Uh oh. There’s almost no coming back from that. It’s like a book no mans land. It’s not the bedside table which suggests you’re enjoying it at the moment. It’s not the bookshelf which indicates a much loved tome that you’ve enjoyed before. It’s a place to put other stuff on. Rubbish.
Happily though I have read the menu of both our local Indian and chippy. I don’t know why; that would suggest that I might try something different or unusual. The craziest I go is an extra popadom with my Lamb tikka boona and sag aloo. I do love lime pickle though.
Obviously not great for the diet but, I’ll start again on Tuesday…or the following Monday. New regimes don’t start mid-week. Fact.

Watched- last night we watched the last ever episode of Breaking Bad. It was immense. An absolutely perfect ending. It is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the TV ever. But, in the interests of keeping this blog new and fresh, let me hit you with something new…Homes Under the Hammer. The ideal pottering programme. I will be sure to incorporate all of Lucy and Martins invaluable advice when I begin my own property empire and, hopefully I’ll source some cheesy, themed music to accompany me on my road to a property empire!

Heard- this week was the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster. 25 years since Liverpool was rocked to its core and changed forever. I listened to the memorial on the radio and was moved to tears by the list of names and the togetherness of the football community on such a difficult weekend.
Stevie G really encapsulated the mood and is an absolute Liverpool legend.

Made- I’m not going to lie. This week I’ve made nothing. Instant rice and a tin of tuna doesn’t constitute a meal so I’m just going to level with you and admit defeat!
The little little did make an Easter hat at nursery though. Hat might be a slightly grand term for a circle of cardboard covered in feathers but it was cute none the less. However, as I am writing at 6am en route daaaan saaaaf I don’t have any pictures of it. Soz dudes.

Worn- This is more about what I haven’t worn. This week we headed over to Liverpool so I could get a dress for a wedding. After minimal faffing elsewhere we headed to my old friend Ted Baker where I am almost guaranteed to find an outfit for any occasion. I headed to the changing rooms whilst the rest of the troupe remained outside…until I was only wearing my knickers and socks (a great look I’m sure you’ll agree). At this point the big little decided to join me in the changing room. Fine. Until the little little toddled over to join her and the two of them began a game of peek a boo which saw me expose myself to the whole shop. OMG!! Curtains for doors are all very well until you’re shopping with kids! Soz Ted! 

And another thing- so, you know my buggy broke. On a road. With the girls in. The manufacturers still haven’t been in touch. At all. Shoddy. John Lewis were brilliant but am I being precious expecting a call or email or something to ask for more info or offer an apology?

Happy Easter Lovelies.




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