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That Sunday Night Feeling…

on January 18, 2015

Today I feel pretty flippin low.
Lower than a snakes belly in fact.

The weekend has gone by in a flash and I am now wrestling with the dreaded Sunday night feeling- you know, when the prospect of work is looming over you and you simply don’t want it there?!
The girls keep whistling Hi Ho, Hi Ho which feels a bit like a kick in the teeth when you’re definitely not off to work so today’s message is this my little employed compadres;
thank your lucky stars that you do have a job because I don’t and let me tell you- it feels pretty miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being at home with my girls. If building shit hot Lego houses is a skill I can add to the CV then I’m well away not to mention skills in;
Bear hunts,
Jigsaw puzzles,
All manner of awesome voices and characters and
The ability to make up a story at the drop of a hat
but, alas, it is time for me to get back into the ‘real world’ for at least a part of the week.

So far though- I’ve got to be honest, I am drawing a bit of a blank.
Turns out that the North West isn’t flooded with 3 day a week roles for a mum with a CV which reads a little bit like an extract from Alice in Wonderland.

Care Assistant
Play Leader
White Rabbit
Mad Hatter
Personal Assistant to kids in Care
Team Manager
Event Planner
General Mischief Maker
Queen of Hearts*

Let’s be honest- it’s a bit all over the place isn’t it. **

The fact is, I am looking for a role which fits my needs but is also something I can really get my teeth into.
I miss working in a team.
I miss having colleagues and workmates.
I miss doing a cheeky google of the Ted Baker sale without an eagle eyes toddler telling me to stop playing with the iPad.
I miss having a purpose aside from being a mum.
Mainly though, I miss doing a wee without an audience.

Whoa there soapboxers; I realise that being a mum is a rewarding and wonderful job but, from a dignity, finance and sanity view point I need a job. PLEASE!!

I am well aware that competition is fierce out there so here’s a handy Top 5 list of reasons to employ me. Helpful hey?!

1) I know the difference between to, two and too and they’re, there and their.
Not to be sniffed at in this day and age.
2) I am degree educated and a qualified teacher.
3) I make a mean cup of tea.
4) I organise a fab night out.
5) I am honest, reliable, friendly and really want to work so will put a shift in when I’m there. 🙂

Can’t say fairer than that can you!

Now then, off to watch the remainder of The Fall- Gillian Anderson’s got a nice job- I could do that!!

Have a wonderful week people.



*oh no, that was Diana and she came to a bit of a sticky end.
** some of the list may not be 100% accurate.

PS- if you do know of a role for me or have any advice, guidance or suggestions drop me an email;


2 responses to “That Sunday Night Feeling…

  1. Kely says:

    I know how you feel. I’m working 2 1/2 days teaching and Charlie goes to school in September so I really want some more hours but the thought of teaching full time fills me with dread. I’m only just coping with the workload now. I would love to do some writing or be someones’s PA. I would love to give up teaching and do something that I really love. It’s just scary to start again!

  2. jude says:

    Aw, good luck with the job search Mama. You’ve got a nicely rounded set of skills there. You had me at a mean cup of tea… x

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