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For my Cheeky Baby!

on January 10, 2015

It’s been some time since I wrote my last blog post. First there was the Frost Fair, then there was Christmas, now we’ve had New Year and, being honest- I simply can’t understand how I had time to fit it all in before- I have every intention of writing and getting back into it but for some reason it hasn’t quite happened- until now.

There was probably only ever going to be one thing that forced my hand and that is the fact that you can’t do something for one child without doing it for the other. Thankfully I’m already a shamefully bad mother in the sense that neither of the girls have baby books and I’m dreadful at photos too but, hopefully writing an annual birthday blog will go some way to amending all of my other short comings…

This time last year I wrote about my first year as a life of two in Happy Birthday Beaut  and, the journey of the arrival is already more than adequately documented so the only thing left to do is this…

For My Cheeky (quite literally) Baby.

Kate Jade Photography




I can’t believe our baby girl’s already turning 2.
To celebrate I wrote this post- especially for you!

Creation station

Getting ready for a bit of DIY!!

Now Hannah darling it’s hard to know just where I should start.
I suppose a good place might just be
To say you melt my heart.

Don't worry about presents, just bring a cake!

Don’t worry about presents, just bring a cake!

Thank God you do because sometimes you drive me bloody barmy.
I think when you’re a teenager I’ll pack you off to the army.

2 brushes are better than one and, now I've finished the cup, I think I'll start on the highchair!

2 brushes are better than one and, now I’ve finished the cup, I think I’ll start on the highchair!


They say that no two are ever the same and this is very true.
You compliment each other though and you’re perfect through and through.



littleme teepee


Tanya & family-54

You wear your heart upon your sleeve.
We know when you are cross.
I think it’s also fair to say you’re actually The Boss.

Who doesn't love a hat!

Who doesn’t love a hat that says it how it is?!

Don't panic Muma; I'll get breakfast!

Don’t panic Muma; I’ll get breakfast!


Your smile just sets my heart alight you’re cheeky through and through.



I love you and you’re perfect.

Very few can carry off a  tutu on a trike.

Very few can carry off a tutu on a trike.

Don’t ever stop being you.




Tanya & family-58
(Unless that means that you don’t cry every single time you have to have a pull up on or I have to brush your back teeth).
Apart from that, we’re good.


I love you my darling.




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