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Toddler Tally’s.

on October 26, 2014

There are many things about formal education that I don’t understand.

Pythagoras’ Theorem for example. I have never once in my adult life needed to work out the angle of a triangles points.
I have only ever had to recall the elements of the periodic table for the purpose of a pub quiz and the Latin I ‘learnt’ in the hope of using it in my career as a pathologist or criminal psychologist is buried so deep I doubt I will ever recall more than the rhyme:
Which everyone has heard anyway.

But, one very useful tool I did take away from my schooling is the beauty of the simple tally chart.

Today is has come in handy for counting how often we use these common parenting phrases;

1) No thank you (5,009 approx)
2) Get out of there (3,912)
3) Come over here (possibly with a please depending on the time of day/patience ratio ( I didn’t really keep an actual tally you know but one day I will!)
4) Get that out of your mouth/nose/ear canal (or in one particularly high point- your botty…in relation to a toothbrush…) you turn your back for one minute!
5) What Do you Say?!
6) Because…(tailing off before finding a suitable answer which is not too long winded, scary, complicated or a lie)
7) Put that back
8) Come down before you fall
9) Where did you hurt (whilst internalising the SEEEEEEEEEE, I TOLD YOU SO!)
10) Stop hitting your sister.

Thankfully, coming in at number 11 was I love you very much…it was some way behind the others but it’s in there.

We’re going to be late and I’m going to count to 3 were very close contenders but just missed out on the top spots!!

Loads of love,




3 responses to “Toddler Tally’s.

  1. Parental disfunction gave me a sense of humour and a nack for spotting irony in life. Now I just find fraught situations crazily funny.

  2. jude says:

    Too true. Though my number one seems to be ‘get off the kitchen table’ at the moment as the toddler has decided to live up there. Still, I suppose that could be covered by 2, 8 and 9. Great post x

  3. Goodness our lives are full of this words and numbers too! Can you add ‘We are going to be late’ and ‘You need to pee few seconds before we need to go out???’ in the list too =P #pocolo

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