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A Birthday Promise.

on September 4, 2014

Holy Cow.
How’s this happened? I have a 3 year old daughter.

A real, live 3 year old person that I am actually responsible for.

I’m a 3rd of a century myself actually so it shouldn’t come as any major surprise but now, rather than being the one rolling their eyes at the ‘haven’t you/they grown’ comments, I’m the one making them and, yet again, I have made a rod for my own back by beginning with this whole flipping birthday blog/poem situation.
Honestly, it’s days like this when I think that communists and Jehovah’s have got it nailed; One choice of paint colour and no birthday cake to make or presents to chose- what’s not to love?! *

Anyhow, I’m in it now so I’d better cobble something together lest I look like a shoddy, don’t give a toss parent.

To my darling girl,

Last night, when, after a bad dream (you, not me) we were snuggled up in bed together and, to take your mind off it, I told you about the safari that Daddy and I went on in South Africa.
We lay, in the dark, nose to nose and you blew me away with your giggles  and your questions and your youness.
I told you all about the zebras and the lions and the leopards and the hippos and I promised you that, when you and your sister are bigger, daddy and I will take you.

When you were settled and I got up to go, you protested and, more because I wanted to spend time with you than anything else, we got up, went downstairs together and watched all of those amazing animals on the telly for a bit. Cuddled up together just us. It was lovely**
You seem to have these anxious moments when something is not quite right at home and, with Mr L away on a cultural tour of Cyprus (please read all boys pi** up in Napa?! Really- you’re 34 dude!! Too old for these shenanigans) you’re wondering where he’s gone.
So, on your birthday, as a cheap alternative to a genuine gift, I want to give you a sense of security…

My love,

You are careful and cautious and I know that your mind wonders and worries when things are slightly different.
That’s ok.

It is good to be a toe in the water type gal.

It’s more than sensible to want to check that your sister doesn’t break her head going down the big slide before you give it a whirl at a snails pace holding onto both the side of the slide and my hand.

It is prudent to survey the scene at the arts and crafts gig before getting stuck to the table or covered in glue or whatever but,

If you are worrying because your daddy or I aren’t there, you can cross that one off the worry list right now.
We will be there for you always.

If I leave you, I will always come back and, when one day that is not physically possible, I hope that I will have given you so many experiences and memories and will have filled your brain so full with exactly how precious you are, my love will be so ingrained and so certain that the physical stuff won’t matter half as much.

I want you to walk through life knowing that, whatever else might knock you down, the love from your Muma is unbreakable.


You can travel to the four corners of the globe in the certain knowledge that, if you really, truly, genuinely needed us, we would come.


You can sleep easy in your bed at night assured that you are loved and wanted and we are proud of you.


And, even if everything seems to be going wrong, you can always pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again.
We will be there.

Happy Birthday my Darling. I hope you have a wonderful day.

I love you.




Pic thanks to images by Kayte.

Pic thanks to images by Kayte.


* Chill out, I’m kidding

** Except when the snake ate the mouse

*** It shakes on occasion when you’re having an unnecessary wail. Can you please advise when these might stop?!

**** This does not include when things get a little bit tricky. It doesn’t mean when you’ve blown your budget on some shoes. That’s life. If things are tricky you carry on, you ask for advise and you work it out.
Don’t lets be a wuss about things hey?!

***** The pride aspect of this will be immediately revoked if you should ever appear on Jeremy Kyle, Big Brother or X factor et al.


3 responses to “A Birthday Promise.

  1. mousedogbaby says:

    This made me shed more than a few tears! Beautiful. Happy 3rd birthday little one!

  2. jude says:

    Awwww, lovely post – sob, sob – happy birthday to your little lady. x

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