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It’s Good to Talk; especially with Vonage.

on September 1, 2014

Evening All,

Happy 1st September to you! My favorite month of the year; It’s all back to school, new books, new possibilities and all that jazz, it’s also mine and the big littles birthday- yey for the Autumn.

I have been a little light on the old blog fodder of late, I’m sure you’ve noticed and calls to The Samaritans have increased as a direct result but, the thing is, I’ve been busy with the new ventureFabulous Frost Fair, Hillbark Hotel

I know, first I steal the last few days of summer with my talk of Autumn and now, to add insult to injury, I have set up a business specializing in the magic of Christmas; Sorry I’m not sorry!

Anyway, this has been taking up a lot of my time and, has involved much chatting to local businesses and so on. How fortuitous therefore that Vonage were looking for bloggers to test their low cost business plan which allows you to turn your broadband into a phone line, giving you much lower phone costs with high quality calls. I was on it pretty sharpish.

Frankly, who doesn’t want an excuse to purchase a second phone that looks like this;

Dog and Bone... Get it?!

Dog and Bone…
Get it?!


Anyway, on to the serious stuff. I had never heard of Vonage previously and wasn’t sure what to expect but the product and the customer service has been excellent.

  • Installation was idiot proof, there are minimal wires and connections to make and the box itself is small and unobtrusive.

    The whole kit and caboodle. Teeny!

    The whole kit and caboodle. Teeny!

  • You can select your own number (inc dialing code) so you can have a number which relates to your customer base even if that is not the area which you work out of.
  • The quality of the sound is top notch, no issues with crackles and breaking up though on some occasions this would have been useful…”We sell Dog and Bone novelty phones and would love to exhibit at your event” a quick “Sorry, I’m afraid you’re breaking up” is always welcome during such conversations!
  • You can transfer calls to your mobile so you can receive calls when you are away from your desk.

The plan I have been using with Vonage includes the following which, for £15.00 a month I think is incredibly reasonable; particularly since my most recent phone bills had been hitting the £60 mark…

– unlimited UK landline calls
– unlimited calls to 68 countries
– 250 min to UK mobiles, 3p a minute thereafter
– use your calling plan on your home phone and smartphone
– a dedicated second phone line with no installation costs
– your choice of UK number and area code (as your second line)”

One downside is that at the moment, Vonage have an offer on which actually includes a handset so, sadly for me, there was no need for a new Dog ‘n’ Bone.

If you do have your own business or are thinking of setting one up, I would definitely recommend checking out Vonage and, whilst you’re at it, why not look for a novelty phone to go with your plan- anything to make the office more fun hey!

They were acceptable in the '80's!

They were acceptable in the ’80’s!

Happy Chatting!



PS- If you are a business and would like a stall at The Fabulous Frost Fair, you can find all the details you need on our website:

PPS- I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent
bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for
Mumsnet. As such, I did not pay for this service but, as ever, all views are my own and I retain both editorial control and integrity.

PPPS- For more details on Vonage and their various deals and plans click here

PPPPS- Kidding, I’m done! xx


2 responses to “It’s Good to Talk; especially with Vonage.

  1. […] was so easy to use, and didn’t take up much space near my router or phone”, while Mumaleary focused on the ease of installation, describing it as “idiot proof, there are minimal wires and […]

  2. […] was so easy to use, and didn’t take up much space near my router or phone”, while Mumaleary focused on the ease of installation, describing it as “idiot proof, there are minimal wires and […]

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