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Lullaby’s, Life and Licking the Bowl. #Lovethelittlethings

on August 15, 2014

Hey lovelies, I hope you’ve had a lovely week- Half way through the Summer holidays hey- this year is whizzing by. This time next month it will be my birthday weekend WOO HOO!! Not totally sure why I seem to be excited about the aging process but it is a privilege denied to many so I will smile and be grateful for the wrinkles!

Anyway, I have had a serious break from my favorite Friday posts- Love the Little things but this week I am back with a bang, check out what we’ve been up to this week.

READ: This weekend, God only knows why, Mr L and I succumbed to the glorious temptation of buying a newspaper. As we all know, weekend newspapers are not for parents. Newspapers are not for parents. You will most likely find them, untouched some weeks later, only suitable for covering the floor when undertaking an over ambitious craft project with the kids.

However, as we drove home, I had time to read the front page of the family section and I would urge you all to read it too. It is about what to do if you see a child being mistreated in public. We all like to think we’d intervene but when, at what point and how? Having worked very closely with the care system I absolutely know the damage that can happen if children are neglected or abused. The scars take years, life times to heal.  Have a read so you’ll know what to do.



HEARD: I heard the big little humming the other day and, when I asked her what it was she went all shy. After a little bit of prompting and cajoling she sang a few words and I recognized it instantly as a lullaby I have been singing to them both since they were in my tummy. Naturally my eyes misted over (daily occurrence!) It is ‘Baby Mine’ from the utterly fantabulous film Beaches.

WATCHED: So, you know I keep banging on about film night that I have once a month with my mum and sister, this time we headed to the flicks to watch The Fault in our Stars.

Cried. My. Head. Off.

Heartbreaking, Real and Beautiful.

Heartbreaking, Real and Beautiful.



A really beautiful, touching, emotional and real look at life and living. The 3 of us were wrecks when we got out. I would absolutely recommend. Who doesn’t need a good cry from time to time hey?! Wonderful.


WORN: I am made up with this one. After around 18 months of looking I stumbled across a watch that I love. Hooray! I am being a little bit precious about it at the moment though, taking it off for everything and not wearing it around the girls- WHY?! but I’m sure that will wear off. It’s lush. Happy early birthday to me!

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.


MADE: My my, let me polish my halo and pat myself on the back…this week we have made some Rocky Road. It was blimmin’ lovely too. I used Nigella’s recipe as a guide, chucked in a few raisins, added some chocolate buttons, few hours in the fridge and hey presto- cellulite on a plate- delicious. photo (51)


Felt a bit mean cooking it with the girls since they’re not really allowed chocolate but, they liked the stirring, the rich tea and the raisins! As ever, I was pretty haphazard with the quantities but they turned out brilliantly and were delicious and, I caved- the girls did have a little try and, obviously, we licked the bowl!



Back to work mode for this one; Each year Young Rewired State host the brilliant Festival of Code which you must have heard/read me banging on about before.

This year, all of the finalists pitches were recorded and there is now a public vote to see if you guys agree with the judges… Have a look at the jaw dropping ideas, feel proud that there are such brilliant kids in our country and get voting.


PS- If this appeals to you and yours, registrations are now open for the 2015 festival. GET INVOLVED!! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, We’re off to Lollibop. I’ll feedback next week. Can’t wait, totally calling it a festival…



Love the Little things butwhymummuwhy


One response to “Lullaby’s, Life and Licking the Bowl. #Lovethelittlethings

  1. There’s no way I could watch that film, way to sad. The watch is very pretty in that rose gold shade. Me and The Bloke have just put that NSPCC number in our phones – thank you.

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