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We’re Racing For Life…Jog on Cancer

on July 27, 2014

Hi again All!

I hope this post finds you well and happy? I am- very happy in fact, I have received an email from the wonderful people at Aqua Pura who read my blog about last years Race for Life and wondered if I’d like to be a Race for Life Champion. You know me, usually I’d shun the lime light but, when offered a bottle of water, a free tee-shirt and a £50 donation to our Just Giving Page I caved in.

We love the Race for Life and this year, Aqua Pura are supporting the thousands of women that are getting involved to give cancer the heave-ho. They sent me a big old goodie box which, sadly, arrived on the Monday following the race but- we all need to hydrate don’t we so it hasn’t been wasted. photo (52)


Hands up if you’re doing a Race for Life this year.
Hands up if you’re doing it for somebody specific.
Someone you loved and lost,
Someone you love that is fighting or
someone you love that has fought and won.

This weekend, all the birds in my brood got  together to complete the Birkenhead Park Race for Life in order to give humongous thanks for the successful cancer treatment of the oldest and youngest of us.

Have you any idea how tough it is to get 8 females looking the same way at the same time?! Impossible!

Have you any idea how tough it is to get 8 females looking the same way at the same time?! Impossible!


Now, the race for life isn’t a massive physical challenge, it’s not a triathlon or a marathon or even a 10km but it is something that anyone can do. It is achievable for almost everyone (with a vagina!)
It allows families to do something together. To show solidarity and to be a part of something amazing and emotional.
I am so pleased to discover that the funds raised go towards research for all the 200 types of cancer. They all need beating as much as each other.

Cancer is utterly indiscriminate isn’t it. An absolute blight on people’s lives. It changes people physically, mentally and emotionally.
It thieves futures, it prevents people becoming parents and it is an all round horrid, horrid disease which needs to be understood and stamped out as soon as possible.

This isn’t news though.

What I suppose could be classed as news though is the relationships it helps form, the barriers it breaks down and the close bonds that are forged as a result.

That’s what I am focusing on this weekend.
Last year, my baby cousin Bex was diagnosed with breast cancer.
On Valentines day.
Now, I know there’s no ‘good’ day for news like this but really? When you’re 25, totally beautiful inside and out and looking forward to a night out with your boyfriend, Valentines day is a bit of a bummer don’t you think?

The news of Beckys cancer rocked the family, much like my mums did a few years before. She was a baby, just back from travelling and embarking on her teacher training.
She underwent surgery, lost her hair to chemo (and totally rocked a number 1 btw) and astounded me with her attitude and spirit throughout.
During this period, something unexpected happened; The group of cousins- spread across the globe started sharing Facebook messages more frequently.

We started texting and calling each other.

We started to be a bit more open about saying that we loved each other.

Without Becky’s cancer, I am pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened. Not for any reason, just life. Everyday life keeping people busy.
I am pretty sure that we wouldn’t all have got together this weekend, had a meal for 12 including Aunties, cousins, partners, husbands and kids.
We wouldn’t have laughed and drank and cried and hugged.
We’d always have been family but we would have been slightly less close.

Without the big C, we wouldn’t know each other so well and my cousins would very likely be a little less involved in the lives of my babies so, weirdly, I’d like to say Thank you cancer.
Thank you for helping my family develop closer, stronger bonds. Thank you for reminding us not to take anyone or anything for granted, to show that we care for people whilst they are here.

So, thanks for that cancer but enough now. Job done, you can DO ONE.

We’ve got memories to make and you’re not invited.

This wasn't quite the plan!!

This wasn’t quite the plan!!

Family- even if you not here this weekend please accept this blog post as evidence that I love you all. I would like to see more of you all and you are precious to me.
Friends, ditto.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

Love each other.





PS- If you want to sling some pennies our way it would be very welcome…


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