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In Which Computers remind me that people are Awesome

on July 24, 2014

It has been over a week since my last post, I can’t remember the last time that happened but I quite literally have not had a minute to sit down and untangle all of the various threads of my life that have been knotting together leaving an ever present gnawing in my tummy of you need to do this…you haven’t finished that, what about your babies, you’re letting them down blah blah etc etc.

It is finally beginning to look as though there is a little chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Obviously it may well be a train careering towards me but for now, I will think positive;

  • The golf is over (Well done Rory)
  • We had a brilliant weekend in Harrogate with our friends and their beautiful boys
  • We have moved back into our own house (and I have nearly finished the washing!!)
  • Trunks is home safe and well (Thank Goodness) and
  • The iDEAS Week Project which I have been working on is happening, ready or not, from Monday. Bring it on!!

The last two in that list have only been made possible thanks to Social Media- AMAZING!!

Somehow these days almost everything comes back to technology, social media and the crazy world that so many of us don’t really ‘get’, the stuff that goes on behind the code

Last week I started my journey into unpicking the whole coding thing- I know, I know, I work for Young Rewired State, I need to know this stuff. I am constantly in awe of the stuff that the young people create using code and technology and can not wait to attend my very first Festival of Code next weekend where kids as young as 8 will clamber on to a stage to show the 1000 or so other attendees what they’ve made and why.

Anyway, I digress, last week I headed down to Somerset House for an intensive day learning about code with Freeformers. It was unbelievable. I actually understood it and, as soon as the Festival is over I will be teaching myself some more, if you start seeing some cool stuff on the blog, you’ll know where it started!

But, tech is useless without people. Last week, Emma shouted on twitter that iDEAS Liverpool needed some support- the responses came in their droves;

“Have you thought of this person”

“I’m free”

“Let me see if so and so is available”

“I’ll come and bring loads of champagne and cakes” *

We now have speakers and mentors and all sorts, incidentally, there is always room for more so if you are Liverpool based, love a bit of geek in your life and want to support young coders, let me know).

When I ambled through West Kirby and Hoylake soaking up the sun and atmosphere of The Open, Trunks made a run for it after a thorough search of the buggy, car, mums house etc and 3 disturbed nights and forlorn requests for ‘Tunks’, Facebook came up trumps (excuse the pun!) and I collected our elephant from Aldi West Kirby on Monday- Hooray!!!

#elephantattheopen #findmytrunks


And that’s how life is these days isn’t it- the friends and communities we build and develop on-line become as precious and important as our ‘real life’ friends, and, I guess, this rambling long post is just a round about way of saying a massive THANK YOU.

Thanks to social media, thanks to everyone that shared our posts, retweeted our requests and generally helped to make me a little more sane and a little girl very, very happy.


Lots of love,



* This is sadly a tweet I have not yet received…

PS- If you want to know more about Young Rewired state or The Festival of Code or any of this stuff I keep going on about- check out our website here or hit me with any questions- we’re international ya know!

PPS- I am linking this post with Vicky at Brilliant Blog Posts…using code to do this too- where does it end!!

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4 responses to “In Which Computers remind me that people are Awesome

  1. The DADventurer says:

    Technology is awesome – did you know they have the internet on computers now a days 🙂

  2. Codes are one of the things that I would want to dabble into but im just too busy lately. I hope next time I have time its not too late for me =) #BrilliantBlogPosts

  3. Honest Mum says:

    Online communities are so important and twitter especially along with blogging has meant making real friends with so many for me-love a bit of code-husband is in IT though so I have back up if I need it! Thanks for using code and linking up to #brilliantblogposts

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