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Fairy Godmother…not here!

on June 28, 2014

Watcha- Happy 6 months until New Years Eve!!
Sorry, I didn’t mean to stress you out but I do struggle for original ways to start these posts…

I have started this blog 3 or 4 times now and have even had 2 disastrous attempts at a video following a session at Britmums.

I know there is such a thing as too rehearsed but, I honestly think went too far the other way when I commented on the bird poo on the window and the potty training…clearly not about to be headhunted by QVC but, to be fair to me, it is my first attempt and I was talking and walking and recording so, you know, multitasking!

Anyway, since Fairy sent me some (brilliant) free dishwasher liquid capsules and; since 10 people that take part in this post are going to win £100, I thought I’d give you a swizz around the heart of our home…I wrote on this at 4:19 the Friday morning of Britmums…


I must just tell you, incase this turns into THE most garbled, non sensical post ever, that I’m off to Britmums live today. The biggest blogging conference in Britain. Naturally, because I am due to be awake and on top form in just over 2 hours and 3 minutes, ready to spend two days presenting my very best self to some total strangers as well as some twitter mates and blogging friends and soon to be friends (I hope) I am sitting here in my kitchen (having cleaned up last nights beer bottles) thinking about this post….

Welcome to our Kitchen, grab a seat, I’ll whack the kettle on!

I love our kitchen. It is absolutely without a doubt what sold the house to us when we were beginning to think that we’d never find somewhere we really liked in time for us to move in before the little little arrived.

Looking around my kitchen now it is totally different to the way it looks 90% of the time, all washing up and piles of clothes and bloody ‘stuff’ everywhere.


Item 1 of 4…

Right now it is a still and quiet place where I can stare out at the view and gather my thoughts.

I love my kitchen.

It is genuinely the heart of our home.

It is what sold us this house and it is where we spend the lions share of our family time.

I spend hours crawling around the floor chasing my babies here.

I feed them here.


Meatballs AGAIN…seriously?!

They splash in the sink here; photo (30)

And it is where we sit around the table having ever more intelligible and surreal conversations! “What is life Muma” WHAT?!? Not ready for that yet…

Every surface is becoming cluttered with our daily lives and the fridge is plastered in what I will loosely refer to as art. It is certainly a lived in kitchen.20131025-202508.jpg

Oh, yes, obviously I have plans.

Obviously one day we will be knocking down this and re painting that and amazing bi-fold doors the other.

It goes without saying I’m sure that one day in the not too distant future I’ll be knocking out the perfect twice baked soufflé for our dinner party guests whilst we chink glasses and discuss high brow topics of the day around this very table.

One fine day the kitchen and garden will link seamlessly together and our home will grace the pages of ‘Look at our utterly amazing Home’ Magazine. Not Yet.

Not Yet.

Not whilst there is painting to do and play dough to grind into the table and dens to make underneath the table.

Not yet whilst we cook and we clean and we chat and we laugh and we live in this kitchen.


Yes I have been chewing a felt tip... don't worry, it was non toxic!

Yes I have been chewing a felt tip… don’t worry, it was non toxic!

Not yet.

For us, for now, this kitchen is perfect.

This kitchen is an absolute world away from our last one. That one was teeny tiny. I could touch both walls if I stretched out my arms but, once we had knocked down the wall dividing the weeeeeeny kitchen and the dining area, it did the same job. It allowed us to be sociable with our mates and enjoy each other’s company.

So, I guess the moral of the story is, it’s not the size of your cooker it’s what you cook in it that counts.

Yummy Tuna

Yummy Tuna

Crunchy topped Torte!

Crunchy topped Torte!

Brilliant Beef

Brilliant Beef

Oh, and just incase you are concerned that I am some form of step ford wife that has no clutter or mess or unfiled unsorted no designated home for this kind of gal…I have to tell you….we have a utility room!! The home of oh cr*p, were having guests!!

So, I’ve shown you mine, now show me,yours!
This crazy post is my entry to the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum. Should you wish, you can find them on Facebook here;

Lots of Love,




6 responses to “Fairy Godmother…not here!

  1. Kate Holmes says:

    Looks like you are making some very happy memories in that kitchen of yours. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. You have a lovely kitchen! I can’t believe I missed you at BritMums – I’ve come home wondering who I actually did speak to as I seemed to miss that many people. And nothing wrong with meatballs again either! x

    • Mumaleary says:

      I LOVE our kitchen!! (especially when it is clean, tidy and silent!) They really are the best place to hang out aren’t they. I bet yours always smells lush.
      I know, sorry to not catch up at Britmums…next year my dear! xx

  3. A lived in kitchen is THE best type! I always have to have a major tidy up of clutter before anyone comes round – the rest of the time i like to keep all the kids activities / homework and bits and pieces to hand. x

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