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Oh what a Beautiful Bag…#ArchivePost

on June 17, 2014

Well Hello My dears!

Here’s hoping that you are well and happy after a sunny weekend and knowing that, after tomorrow we will be rolling down hill towards another. Lovely stuff! Summer’s a coming!

So, as I was faffing about on Facebook (whilst troughing left over pasta at a rate of knots) I came across this linky and, having done a few reviews, I thought I’d share one of my oldest ones. The ones I did when I was a brand new and utterly naive blogger who though that companies would be throwing their products at me to sample and review…Well, it turns out, that after little over a year of plugging away at this little blog, Pacapod ARE sending me a bag to review! So, by way of thanks, I am giving this post some archive love. Have a gander and don’t forget to subscribe or like me on Facebook and Twitter so you can be kept in the loop with all the forthcoming reviews and competitions….

golden oldiesAre you sitting comfortably?! Here it is, sans my opening blurb.

Point to note- this post is probably only going to be interesting if;
A) you want a bag to accommodate baby stuff
B) you like gimmicky things
C) you simply love reading my musings!
D) you think mooning is funny- even though you are over 13 years old.


By nature, I am a very ‘all or nothing at all’ type of character.
Take this blog for instance, rather than do a bit of reading about how to start a blog, get a site that looks nice, will be picked up on search engines etc, I just jumped straight in and now have a page which I need to alter so that it does what I would like it to do. Sooo, I just threw some money at the problem and bought two books; Blogging for Dummies and Get Rich Blogging. (I wish!)
Guess what, I haven’t had the time to read the books so the page looks just as it did before and I am carrying on doing the bit that I find fun rather than deal with the nuts and bolts stuff.

The same goes for my plan to become an actual grown up. I am attempting to buy my way out of the chaos.
To that end, I have bought myself some Tupperware and a bag. beautiful, beautiful bag!!

Pacapod Firenze Review

Yummy Mummy Alert!

Pacapod Firenze Review

A child in a white dress…you can tell this is a website shot and not one of mine!

Now, because I am a fool, I expected the bag to magically transform me into an amazing and organised yummy who would laugh in the face of the disorganised slummy and say kind things like;

“Not to worry, I always carry a couple of spare Muslins incase of situations like this”.

(possibly whilst making eyes at their friends!)

The bag, although lovely, is only a bag and you will (as my mother has pointed out) still need to fill it to make you into the kind of person deserving of such a purchase. It will not turn you into Mary Poppins which is a shame as I have long coveted her parrot head umbrella and also her tape measure but I digress.mary poppins umbrella

Anywho, because I am high on the smell of leather and the desire to become utter maternal perfection, I check out what the peeps at Pacapod say about what you should pack for a stress free day out. See here for their suggestions
I must highlight at this juncture that I very much wanted to prove the website wrong and return the bag with a haughty note having spent all my eBay profits on it since the website accepts paypal. Too. Damn. Easy. Their marketing people are genius!

BUT, it turns out that everything you need DOES fit in it. Humph. Look, I even took some pictures to show you. (This is what becomes of you when your husband works away. You become an utter nerd!)

Pacapod Firenze Review,

Absolutely loads of room.

Pacapod Fireenze Review

Creates order where there once was chaos!

Here comes the science bit…

The idea is that even if you have a baby bag (which I have never, ever had before) you will spend time rooting around looking for all the things you need for various times during an average day out. Sooooo Jaccqueline Waggett designed a bag containing two other bags; one for feeding and one for changing. There is also a separate bit for your stuff. I LOVE IT. It even has a thingy to attach your keys to- you know, an elastic thing with a clip; Fab!
I fitted in everything I needed for both babies and we were out all day. TOTES AMAZEBALLS.

You do need to pack it in advance though as it takes some careful folding and organisation to get everything in but I guess that would be less important if you only had one.
It means that, if you are sending someone else to the bathrooms to do the changing bit, you don’t need to take the bag off the pram (it has pram attachment clips). You just remove the changing bag bit and voila, off they pop whilst you sit back and relax!
NB- this is best done against a backdrop of the French Riviera with a glance which says;

I think you’ll find there is everything you could ever need in there because I am freaking amazing  and, yes, I will have some more champagne!! 

(but, it also works in the car park of Homebase!) 

My only gripe with this particular bag is that the long strap is a bit thin for it to feel comfortable when worn like a satchel and also, it is expensive. I am justifying this to myself by thinking of it in terms of cost per use, how lovely it is and because I paid for it via eBay sales. There are loads of others to choose from though and they also have an eBay store which sells their seconds, prototypes etc so you don’t have to go mad!

Now, what I am very much hoping, is that the quite amazing team at Pacapod, will send me another bag for me to give away as a competition prize to my readers… Obviously, this is only a possibility if lots of people read this post so- please like, share and above all comment so that I can show how much we would all appreciate it!!! What do you say Pacapod?!

Oh, one more thing…I was very concerned that becoming an organised mother would mean the end of this blog, after all, what am I to write about if I don’t have chaos and disorder in my life anymore.
Turns out I needn’t have worried as Baby A saw fit to pull down my pyjama bottoms yesterday whilst I was making coffee for the gardeners. I had two cups in my hand and so, for what felt like an eternity, I was mooning in my kitchen which has two sets of French doors just as the gardener came round the back with his pruning shears. Not Embarrassing at all.

Until Next time!




2 responses to “Oh what a Beautiful Bag…#ArchivePost

  1. Victoria says:

    i like big bags, but it is twice as good that it is a changing bag

  2. I have heard many great things about pacapod and lots of rave reviews. I love big bags and as Victoria says it’s great that it doubles as a change bag. Brilliant review and thanks so much for creating an archive post 🙂 thanks for linking up via #GoldenOldies

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