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Love the Little Things, you know you want to!

on June 13, 2014

Morning All,

I am hoping that you’ve all dragged yourselves through the week with minimal vomit, snot and bodily fluids spilt? We are still in the midst of potty training so I can’t profess to keeping entirely clean this week but we’re getting there!

This week has sped by for us because we only arrived back from our little break late on Monday night- if you’re looking for a super-douper stay cation then you could do worse than check it out. In fact, check it out anyway, it’s sweet (if I do say so myself).

Right, I haven’t got time to faff around today- I’ve got a to do list as long as Stretch Armstrong, (Lances more popular brother) so lets get down to the business of the day shall we…What do I love this week? I’ve put them in a handy list below…

READ: So, you know the holiday I keep banging on about? I read a ruddy paper!!! Yup, my sister and cousin took the girls out for a couple of hours and, after I’d had a cheeky little snooze, I read about the D Day commemorations. I love the story about the guy who sneaked out of his care home wearing his medals and basically ran away to France. I think that is fab and it’s good to know that there is still a little bit of the fighting spirit that helped Great Britain win the war.

HEARD: Well, sadly this evening I have heard an inordinate amount of crying- absolutely no idea why. Not a clue. Perhaps the girls overheard me say how well they usually sleep. Perhaps they wanted to watch the opening ceremony of the World Cup but whatever, tonight I have been up and down more than a brides nightie. The other thing I was going to put in this bit was our new Babies go Coldplay CD. It is ace; Coldplay in lullaby format is so lovely and it is what finally got the girlies to sleep tonight. If you are sick to the back teeth of nursery rhymes, you need the babies go range in your life…

Guess when I bought it?! Annoying this game isn’t it!

WATCHED: I give it a Year. (Whilst I was on holiday!)

Oh my word- Utter crap.  Please don’t watch it. Stephen Merchant, I am disappointed in you. I can not believe that it is from the writer of Borat- there are absolutely no chickens in suitcases here. DREADFUL. Don’t give it 5 minutes!

I give it a year film

WORN: So, you know that holiday that I keep banging on about? I wore a swimming costume .Bright red. All very Special K! I also had cause to wear sunglasses and flip-flops!! WOO HOO! I love the summer. Prefer Autumn but Summer’s cool too.

MADE: Urgh, it feels like this week all I have been doing is making list after list after list. Blogs, work, life etc etc…Someday I’m going to add the following to the list:

Hire a PA/Butler/Housekeeper/Chef. I can not wait for that day!! Come on lottery…


AND FINALLY: You Know that holiday I keep banging on about? I bought this for absolutely no good reason!

Today i will be as happy as a seagull with a stolen chip

Fab hey?

Happy Weekend People!!

Until next time.



Thanks to Morgana for hosting this link up- why don’t you click the link and read some other posts….

Love the Little things butwhymummuwhy


7 responses to “Love the Little Things, you know you want to!

  1. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Oh Muma – the holiday sounds pretty amazing! 🙂 Hope you all had a brill time. I loved that story about the War Veteran too. Bless him, he was pleased as punch at making a break for it! And adore your little sign – so sweet! Have a great weekend sweetpea xx

  2. Oh my goodness….your “Heard” is literally music to my ears!!!thank you,thank you xxxx

  3. Ah fab post! I’ll steer clear of that film, thanks for the heads up 😉 Glad you had a lovely time – love the seagull sign! #littleloves

  4. The Scientist by Coldplay is one of my favourite ever songs … not quite sure I like the lullaby version (something about those panpipes!) but I’m glad it got the LO’s off to sleep 🙂

    There have been a few “rock” bands/songs turned into lullabies in previous years … I know Radiohead and Nirvana has been “lullabied” and I’m sure Mr M mentioned Motorhead had been too … they’re a great alternative to standard lullabies 🙂 x

    • Mumaleary says:

      It’s one of mine too. They do great music. Any standard baby music will send you crazy after awhile so this is our ‘I’m done with ba ba’ alternative! X

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