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Don’t be a World Cup Widow. Get involved.

on June 12, 2014

There’s no escaping it. The World Cups here! I’m writing this whilst we watch the (frankly dull) opening ceremony. It’s no Danny Boyle is it?
Roy is telling the team to sing loud and proud.
Sticker books and swapsies are conversation pieces for grown ups and I’ve started seeing those stupid car flags all over the shop so, we might as well embrace the stench of corruption and bed down for a month of pant wetting excitement and crushing despair.

This time four years ago Mr L and I were footloose and fancy free and partying hard on the streets of South Africa for three glorious weeks. It was absolutely immense.

We went on a wonderful safari.

We dined next to Jurgen Klinsman in a beautiful restaurant in Camps Bay.

We drank gorgeous wine, ate sublime steaks and,

Darren Gough bought me a beer!

I can not believe it was 4 YEARS AGO!! Pre-kids, Pre-responsibility, Pre-roof-boxes!

Nothing says FUN like giant glasses!

Nothing says FUN like giant glasses!

Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain. 

I realise I am not showcasing any of the classier elements of the trip but I assure you, they did happen!

Those of you that don’t live and breathe the beautiful game, KEEP READING! You may well be feeling that the next 4 weeks holds nothing for you. Fear not, I will be able to put more time into my blogging that ever before because Mr L and I can drop the pretence that we need to talk to each other about our respective days.
We can simply sit in stony silence whilst he watches 3 matches back to back and I tap the keyboard annoyingly next to him.


Anyway, they say the couple that cultivates a gambling addiction together stays together (or something to that effect) and so, to make sure that I have reason to glance up at the screen to check out the score and the talent we have devised a simply brilliant game. Get involved. Don’t be a World Cup Widow!

Here’s what you do…if you want…if you have an addictive personality or could potentially blame me in the coming weeks and months for forcing a gambling habit upon you, do not do this under any circumstances. Your home could be at risk if you do not keep up with payments and all that jazz.

So, now that I have the legal bit out-of-the-way;

You deposit £70 in an online betting account of your choosing. I like William Hill but check out a few and compare offers.
Under normal circumstances I am a big champion of the high street but unless you basically move in to the bookies you can’t do this game justice in store plus- it’s totally illegal to take a kid in…even if you hide them under your coat like you see cartoon characters doing!



The £70 will be used as follows;

£1 on each of the 64 matches in the World Cup tournament. You can spend this however you’d like. Lump the quid on a simple result OR, try to be a bit smart and increase your winnings by predicting the final score and any goal scorers.

£2 on each of the following bets:

  • The eventual winners of the tournament
  • How far England go
  • Who wins the golden boot (ie who scores the most goals)

These have to be straight bets placed before the tournament begins.

Now, here’s the science bit…

You can only bet £1 on the first game; Brazil vs Croatia BUT, if you win, you can (you don’t have to) add your winnings to the £1 you have for the second game.
Doing it this way ensures that you will have an interest right the way through all of the games.
At the end of the tournament you can compare your winnings (or otherwise) with anyone else you’ve roped in to this illicit game.

What do you think?
Who gets your cash?

Feel free to tweet me how you’re doing, I so badly want to beat Mr Football!





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