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I come from A Land Down Under!

on May 10, 2014

Hey Guys and Gals.

Happy International Blog Swap Day!! I know- you’ve been wondering all year what to do and how to celebrate; whether to get me a card or perhaps some flowers well, don’t worry if you forgot, I’ve got something for you instead!

It is a virtual trip ‘Down Under’ to meet my sort of blogging pen pal Lisa. We’ve been teamed up by Tots100 to introduce our blogs to a whole new audience so, without further ado- please give a warm welcome and round of applause for lovely Lisa. Blog profile pic

Thanks to Tanya for having me over on her blog today. I usually blog at in Australia, sharing about my life as a Mummy and a Minister’s wife (the church type, not the political type).  There are quite a few stereotypes that surround minister’s wives, and I am doing my best to break them down (not always on purpose).

I am not the perfect wife, mother, homemaker or the perfect anything really. I have three small girls who keep me very busy (5, nearly 4, and a cheeky 2 year old), and I also write this blog, study, and try to be a good friend. I fail at these things a lot but sometimes I get things right.  Recently I tried something new with my girls and I did get it right!  I wanted to share it with you today. If you stay at home with your kids, this idea may work for you too.

My husband had to go out for the entire day last Saturday, leaving me home alone with my three girls. I know lots of mothers spend every day at home with their kids, but I almost never do. Even when my eldest daughter was born, I would take her out somewhere almost every day of the week. I found that staying at home all day was not good for me (or for my kids).


Now that they are older they are used to heading out every day, but they really enjoy staying home. The only problem with staying home is keeping them occupied. They often start something, get bored, and then get into mischief. Or more commonly…..they FIGHT! The fighting drives me crazy and I end up yelling at them. Then we are ALL grumpy and I feel like the day is ruined (I know that’s a bit dramatic).


In order to make our day easier I tried something new. I noticed that Miss 5’s school teacher started each day by putting laminated cards onto a board with the day’s activities. That way the kids knew the structure of the day, and what things they have to look forward to.

I already had some laminated cards with the days of the week on the back so I turned them around and wrote the activities we had planned for the day.A Structured Day of Play

The kids loved it. They enjoyed helping write the cards (Miss 5 “helped” with some of the drawings), and they loved being able to see what we had already done and know what the next activity was.

I found it helped me be more organised with giving them my attention. Other days I get busy cleaning the house or using the computer. Using this system, I was held accountable by the kids to do the activities. The kids also seemed much more focused on each activity, rather than deciding they were bored and moving on to something else.

We had a lovely day of playing, painting, cooking and eating (we didn’t bike ride because it rained). I will certainly be trying this again with the girls.


Do you structure your days at home? Or do you just go with the flow?




**Important Note from Muma** Do not start expecting useful posts like this from me. I will remain as chaotic as ever but I might laminate some paper so the girls can draw and I can save the planet by wiping their boards clean and using them again!…


Lisa lives in Canberra, Australia with her hubby and her three little girls.  She shares her life as a Mummy and a Minister’s wife on her blog Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings. She would also love you to visit her facebook page



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