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The Gods Honest Truth about Morrisons…

on May 6, 2014

Right then, I was given the dosh (see how and why here), I’ve done the shop so now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and give you the Gods Honest Truth about Morrisons…in my humble opinion.

At the serious risk of sounding a little bit Hopkins…I am not usually a #MorrisonsMum. There, I’ve said it. I had a preconceived idea that it would be a little bit erm…I don’t quite know how to spell what I am currently doing with my face but, basically, I thought I was above it. You have not misread that. What a horrible, hideous, snobby individual I am but; at least you know that you’re assured of my genuine opinion anywhere on this blog. Always.

So, now that’s out in the open, first thing on Saturday we, the family all, headed off to the New Brighton Morrisons. It’s next door to a casino so Mr L and I briefly toyed with the notion of going in to swap the vouchers for gambling chips but, as the kids were with us, that was a non starter.

We were able to park really easily in a parent and child space and Mr L went off to get a trolley. Here is my first gripe; Why do you have to pay to borrow a trolley. I hate that. It makes me feel like the shop doesn’t trust me. Keep and open mind Muma, keep an open mind…

Anywho, we headed into the shop which was really lovely and light and found ourselves on ‘Market Street’ straight away. The fruit and veg looked fantastic and there was plenty of everything.

We've got the place to ourselves!

We’ve got the place to ourselves!

We stocked up on watermelon, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and satsumas and then started on the veg for our Sunday roast. I was surprised by how quiet the store was but, it made for a really stress-free and easy experience for us. The big little was able to walk around and pick up the ingredients- here she is doing her best ‘Chandler’ smile with her carrots.

CARROTS!!! Big Bag 45p.

CARROTS!!! Big Bag 45p.

As regular readers will know, I ain’t much of a chef but, I do have a couple of go to recipes, one of which is Jamie Oliver’s Fantastic Fish Pie. I completely forgot how much fish I should be getting but thankfully the lovely Christian was on hand and happy to help me.


The Fish Counter


Nothing fishy here- just the lovely Christian!

In fact, all the staff we encountered were really lovely. A real bonus. Another gripe for me are surly shop assistants; the clue’s in the name people, if you’re not happy to assist, perhaps the role isn’t for you?

The Britmums Brief said that ideally we should include a cost per serving in our posts so, being the geek that I am, I have totted up the cost of the fish ingredients (see the pink highlight on the receipt) and it works out as around £1.60 per adult when you take the store cupboard ingredients into account which, I think is pretty good as it’s not a meal you’ll have every day. If you fancy making it, have a swizz here for the details.


That’s a hearty portion isn’t it!

The big little requested that we made meatballs and spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp so we dutifully got all of the bits and bobs for that too. They worked out to be really economical at around £0.65 per serving (blue on the receipt). I’ll write up the recipe for them in a different post but I can happily report that they were a rip roaring success.

Like a Muma used to make!

Like a Muma used to make!



Mmmmm Thanks Morrisons!

I felt that I needed to buy some staples for the local food bank given that I had been fortunate enough to basically be given £80 so we got:

  • 1 family bag of pasta
  • A 4 pack of tuna
  • A 4 pack of baked beans
  • A large box of rice crispies and
  • A packet of chocolate digestives

All of that came to £11.74 which isn’t super cheap but not unreasonable either, they were all branded items too. (yellow on the receipt) and I was able to drop them in the trolley in the store so that was super easy.


Foodbank trolley at the store exit.

I really liked the New Brighton store, it stocked clothes (we bought 3 sleepsuits for £6- total bargain and they are lovely too) toys, home-ware and also has an ‘excellent’ cafe (according to Mr L who had an emergency post Bubbles Soft Play visit once…I think there may have been a code brown situation) the goods in the cafe are the same price as in the store, not marked up. I think that’s brilliant.

So, that’s it folks. Muma Leary took on Morrisons and, though I didn’t find any significant difference in the bill compared to Tesco or Sainsburys I thought that the quality certainly compared really well and the experience was a positive one. In fact, I have only one complaint; Unfortunately one of the things Morrisons didn’t seem to sell was humble pie which I really need a massive serving of if my experience was anything to go by. I was really impressed and would be more than happy to make them our supermarket of choice- even more so if they had a rewards card….any plans Mozzers?

Lots of Love,



Yes, that is a whiteboard. Yes I did used to be a teacher. Yes I pity my husband.

Yes, that is a whiteboard.
Yes, I did used to be a teacher.
Yes I do pity my husband.

11 responses to “The Gods Honest Truth about Morrisons…

  1. This was interesting, I am a Morrisons shopper & I know the one you went to, haha, it was mayhem when we called in after a walk along the prom. We have a lovely one by us & go often. I suppose that was the idea of #MorrisonsMum to invite new shoppers. My shopping is very much about location.


  2. Loved it!
    I sadly *pay* to be a #MorrisonsMum but have always found their fruit and veg competitive… and I hear you on the coin in the trolley… handbag, shopping bags ready to re-use, five month old baby searching for a ruddy pound coin! ‘Tis the exact reason I don’t bother with M&S any more!


  3. Great review. There’s not a Morrisons too locally to me, but if there was I think I’d definitely give it a go over Tesco. #BrilliantBlogPosts


  4. cariadmedia says:

    Great post, I’m also a #MorrisonsMum & was frustrated about paying for the trolley! We had to scramble about for a £1 coin!


  5. I did this project too, and was pretty impressed. But yes, that trolley coin gets me grrrrr – ing too, especially when you realise you don’t have a pound coin…


  6. Oh yummy dishes, my son Oliver recently modelled for Nutmeg at Morrisons so we pop in to look at him in the huge posters! Fab fresh fruit and fish counters! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please add my badge or link back. Thanks


  7. […] The Gods Honest Truth about Morrisons… […]


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