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One for me, One for you; A Saturday Book Review.

on May 3, 2014

Morning All.

HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND. I don’t want to bang on about it, but Bank Holiday doesn’t mean exactly the same as it did pre kids does it…If it did I’d be peeling my face off the pillow round about 11, searching out the Evian and plink plink fizz before pottering around the house sipping hot tea and flicking through the papers before meeting mates for a long, boozy lunch…also it would deffo be sunny.

I’d wager that today it’ll piss down and the only possible role use our sun loungers will fulfill is as a makeshift barrier to stop the babies tumbling down the back step…again.

Anywho, just incase you do get 5 minutes to yourself- on a sun lounger or otherwise, I thought I’d start a new little feature. Saturday Book Review. I am hoping that this will evolve over time, perhaps become a linky or a podcast or whatever but equally, you might all hate it and I’ll sweep it under the carpet never to be mentioned again…lets see.

So, the way it will work isn’t rocket science- family Leary will choose two books each week to read and review;

ONE FOR ME: This is a review of a real life grown up book- This could prove to be the down fall of this feature…me finding time to read a book each week and then tell you about it. The only reason I had time this week is thanks to a work trip to the New Forest. On the train for 5 hours I didn’t do a tap of work and it was blissful.

ONE FOR YOU: The YOU I am referring to here is my babies- so, this will be a children’s book that we have read and enjoyed. This shouldn’t be too tricky since both girls love books though for the little little they are used more as elements of an obstacle course as opposed to a literary educational tool!

Without further a do, here are this weeks offerings:


Paula Daly Author

ISBN: 978-0-552-16919-6
Author: Paula Daly

I was drawn to the book initially because I often wonder what kind of mother I am. What others might say about me behind their hands, or, if they’re particularly outspoken, to my face, in the supermarket. The reverse of the book sadly includes a Daily Wail Mail Quote but, aside from that, it sounded right up my street; check this out…it’ll save me typing it!

Sounds good hey?!

Sounds good hey?!

So, on Friday morning I got on the bus, opened the book and, aside from swapping the bus for the train (and tube and train again) I didn’t stop reading. If you saw me walk into the actual window of Monsoon Waterloo you will understand why when you’ve read this.

The premise of the book is something I am sure we can all relate to. Lisa, a busy working mum of 3 is trying to do a million things at once. It’s the run up to Christmas and she has lots on her mind. She forgets a favour for a friend and everything unravels from there. It’s a totally believable situation. I regularly look at the totally together mum crowd and wonder how the hell they manage. I forget stuff all the time. I’ve had Frosties for lunch today because I keep forgetting

a) I’m a grown up
b) I need to go the supermarket

but thank God I’ve never forgotten if I’m meant to be looking after a friends kid…I don’t think?? Anyway, the girl goes missing and Lisa is beside herself. She feels compelled to try to correct her mistake and in the process learns that not everyone is quite what they seem.
I liked most of the characters, particularly the police womans crazy aunt and, I even recognized some of those I didn’t like! I was swept up in the story very quickly and felt like I was in The Lake’s with Lisa. I enjoyed the honesty about Lisa’s life and found myself nodding in recognition in several places. I can’t say any more in case I give something away but, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Give it a read.


We are very lucky to have both a brilliantly stocked library near by and family and friends who know me well enough to realise that the only person in our house who ever gets even a sniff of any chocolate is yours truly so, for Easter the girls received some really lovely books instead of eggs. I am becoming increasingly aware that I must sound like a right miserable witch dictator in relation to what is and isn’t ok in our house but, it’s our house and, I’m single-handedly preventing a childhood obesity crisis so I’m sticking with that for as long as my straining jeans can take it!

Sorry, enough of the over sharing, this is meant to be a high brow literary review…

Take a peek at this:

ISBN: 978-0-85763-108-4 Author: Caryl Hart Illustrations: Sarah Warburton

ISBN: 978-0-85763-108-4
Author: Caryl Hart
Illustrations: Sarah Warburton

We adore this book. It is quirky, engaging, funny, brilliantly illustrated and gives a fantastic nod to the original tale.

I love the fact that it is rhymes and so, obviously it is easy to get into a rhythm! There’s ample opportunity for voices (for some reason, despite the fact she lives in a forest, our Lily Rose May is cockney!) and, though I am now able to recite the whole book from memory, I am not yet bored of it and neither are the girls. A triumph!

Perhaps I’m an over thinker but, I do wonder where poor Lily’s mummy is. There’s a picture of her on the sideboard so I don’t think it was an acrimonious split…anyway, perhaps that’ll be covered in a follow-up or, perhaps I need to get out more…The other issue is that the doctor gave them a bill; is this a sign of things to come??

In short, glossing over these small snags in the plot I would absolutely recommend this book; it’s perfect for little girls of around 3 I reckon or younger if they have a good attention span with books.

And there you have it! My very first Saturday Book Review. If I have tempted you to go out and buy them, please check here for your local shop, you know my views on Amazon don’t you?!

If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them and, if you are a blogger that thinks this could work as a linky, let me know and I’ll set something up.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps…I’m going to attempt to cook something proper…from scratch. I feel I have to now I’m a #MorrisonsMum!

Loads of Love



PS- I don’t want to make a song and dance out of it but I made the shortlist for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards! If you want to make my day, you can vote for me by clicking the badge…I’m in the LAUGH category (13) Thank you!

Ooohh…Since I wrote this post, I have stumbled upon the Read with me linky from MammaMummyMum- check it out by clicking the badge.


6 responses to “One for me, One for you; A Saturday Book Review.

  1. Mummy Says says:

    Both look brilliant. Thanks for the recommendations x


  2. Catherine says:

    Love The Princess and the Peas – it persuaded my daughter to try eating peas 🙂


  3. […] will hopefully introduce me and you to some new stories and authors. So far so good. Have a swizz here if you want the full […]


  4. Great recommendations, I really need to read Paula’s book, I’ve read so many good reviews about it!! thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe I hope you’ll link up again x


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