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3 Reasons to love John Lewis!

on April 14, 2014

There are several reasons I love John Lewis;

1) Their brilliant Christmas Adverts, I’m thinking this one in particular. (I love the song…not sure what Morrisey thinks though!)

2) Their stunning carrot cake- it’s possible that I had a slice of this today (it is nearly Easter after all!) 

3) Their amazing customer service…

So, we all know I’m a crier. This isn’t news. However today, crying in the customer service department of John Lewis was a new low! 

Let me just try to explain myself shall I, before you all start thinking I’m a bonafide weirdo who needs to be committed. 

Ok, here goes. Last week the girls and I walked to the shops and, on our way home, with all our booty in the buggy we crossed the road. When, much like the chicken, we got to the other side, I tilted the buggy to push it up the curb. The front wheels folded under and the buggy collapsed leaving me struggling with the weight of two toddlers and a broken buggy whilst apples and oranges careered across the carriageway. Thankfully someone stopped to help. Oh wait, no they didn’t so I had to do a 180 and drag the buggy up the curb, retrieve our stuff whilst consoling two crying kids and continue our walk home just as the heavens opened; naturally. It was pretty bloody frightening. 
Clearly, I am now petrified of it happening again and so I have to make a massive scene every time I go up a curb by doing so in reverse. It’s not a good look. 

We bought the buggy, which at almost a grand for the whole travel system shenanigans is not to be sneezed at, from the high street giant, John Lewis and so, following a buggiless trip to the Aquarium today we headed over to Liverpool One to see what could be done. 

Their customer service team were nothing short of fantastic. I arrived and, as I replayed the whole sorry incident to the lady, who I think was called Jill, it hit me again how lucky we were that no one was hurt. I know this sounds dramatic but, on a busy main road with cars speeding past anything could have happened. As I did that whole half cry, half talk thing, rather than feign a phone call and palm me off to someone else, she brought me some water and offered drinks for the girls too. She and another member of the team, Lisa, immediately saw the issue and telephoned the buggy manufacturer straight away to ask for a replacement. No quibbles. 
Additionally, they swooped our chassis for their own demonstration one so I could feel safe and happy using the buggy whilst waiting for a new one of my own to be delivered. 
They chatted to the girls and kept them occupied whilst I searched for the email receipt and gave all the necessary details and their consideration and level of service was absolutely fantastic and, in these times of online shopping, faceless telephone help lines and a general loss of the sense of loyalty and customer care, I really thought it was worth a mention. Oh, and they gave me a voucher for the afore mentioned carrot cake. Very kind. 

Thanks John Lewis, there’s a reason your one of my absolute high street musts. Long may it last. 

Have you got an absolute favourite shop or are you an internet all the way kind of guy/gal?

I will look forward to hearing what the buggy manufacturer has to say…I’ll keep you posted. 




15 responses to “3 Reasons to love John Lewis!

  1. Jenny says:

    OMG you poor thing I can’t imagine that happening. I have a double stroller they are hard up those curbs. Poor thing. I can’t say it enough I am a crier too. We have that in common. I have cried many times in department stores. They all think I am crackers. hahaha You are not alone . Look forward to hearing what they say glad they were so good. I love John Lewis too. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope it doesn’t happen again and they do something for you. #sharewithme

  2. They are just so good there – I love them, too. Glad that no-one was hurt, and that you should be getting a nice new replacement soon x

  3. I love them to bits (& waitrose too) ! They have the nicest till people too! No questions asked and they smile genuinely! We should have a fan club =)

  4. Oh no, I hate when things break but great that you are getting it fixed! I also struggle not to break down when telling someone a sob story, so I tend to email instead, but face to face, and a few tears is usually good for getting results! #sharewithme

  5. Liverpool One John Lewis is brilliant. Being a Wirralian, I know this too well.
    Oh, and I can’t believe no one stopped to help you when the buggy collapsed 😮 shocking xx

    Popped over for #sharewithme, would love if you came and said hi back @ xx

  6. I do love John Lewis 🙂 One of the shops I miss over here! #ShareWithMe

  7. Fantastic. Its so nice to read about positive experiences like this and I’m so glad you have a new buggy on the way
    x x x

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