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How Happy are you?

on March 20, 2014

Today is The United Nations International Day of Happiness!

That’s right, there is now a day to celebrate feeling happy.

Has life really become such a hard old slog that we need a date in the diary to take a step back and appreciate the good stuff? I hope not.

But, lets not be too quick to dismiss this (I’m mainly talking to myself here!).

No one feels happy constantly. Happiness, in my experience is like the tide, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’ll feel like everything is going your way, you’ll have a spring in your step and the world will feel a rosier place. On other occasions it feels like you’re wading through treacle just to get to the end of the day and you wonder what the hell the point is in anything. I have had my share of dark days. I have suffered from depression and happily, at the moment I am well and…happy or, more accurately, content. It feels pretty good.

It is easy to dismiss the idea of a specific day for happiness but, actually, it gives us a platform to consider what happiness is, why it’s important and how we can both get more and give more.

So, here’s my top 10 of things that make me happy.

1) Hearing my babies giggling and chattering to each other. Watching them play together when they don’t know I’m there.

2) Spending time with my husband. Having a conversation and a catch up and a cuddle.

3)  Spending time with my family, my mum and my sister.

4) Hanging out with my mates, talking, laughing, catching up and not having to explain yourselves because you just know, you know?

5) A long hot bath with a magazine, a glass of wine and time to really chill out and relax afterwards.

6) Hearing a favourite old song and being reminded of happy times.

7) Exercise (or the feeling I get afterwards!)

8) Good food.

9) Making plans (usually months in advance!)

10) Oh, and shoes. I love a good pair of heels!

SURPRISE!! It isn’t stuff- it isn’t a wish list of products and brands and things. It is people (mainly).

When people ask me what I want for my girls, my first though is always that I want them to be happy. I never think, I hope they’re loaded. I hope they get a 1st class degree. I always want to see them smile. I want them to have a warmth in their hearts and to know true happiness. It will help them through when times are tough.

Happy Happiness Day.

Lots of Love,



John Lennon quote on happiness


24 responses to “How Happy are you?

  1. notafrumpymum says:

    I agree with all 10! I am in desperate need of a hot bath, wine and a crappy magazine! x

  2. Happy Happy Happy!
    There is no finer thing on this earth than hearing my little fella giggle and seeing him happy. When he is happy I am well and truly rich.
    …….that saying it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery……just incase anyone important at Camelot is reading lol #PoCoLo

  3. Happy Happiness day to you too. Hope you had a good one!
    x x

  4. Maxine says:

    I’m with ya on this. As long as my son’s happy, I’m happy. Although they do say you have to experience low points to know what happiness feels like.

  5. Great happiness list hun! And I agree, as long as my little ones are happy, then nothing else should really matter xx

  6. Colette B says:

    That John Lennon quote is awesome – I’ve not read that before.
    Giggling children and high heels – hell yeah. And gin.

  7. I agree with all of this 🙂 That John Lennon quote is one of my favourites. Grace, Ross and I have had a very happy day today – spending time with each other and going to the park. We are now lazing on the sofa. Perfect.Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  8. ClearlyBex says:

    Very positive and something I will bear in mind when i’m having a low day to make me appreciate what I have in my life. Thank you for sharing x

  9. Katie Clark says:

    I agree with all of these. Happiness in the most important thing – especially for our children.

  10. Lakes Mum says:

    thanks for sharing these on reasons to be cheerful it just goes to show how its the simple every day pleasures that matter x

  11. ojosworld says:

    It’s so hard to forget the simple pleasures isn’t it? About an hour before reading this, while sat in my conservatory, 2 of my boys were on the trampoline. They were giggling and belly laughing so much! That, is utter joy xx

  12. That quote form John Lennon is excellent, sums it all up really. Mich x

  13. Great #AllAboutYou post – thanks so much for linking up, and sorry to be delayed on getting around to comment! I absolutely agree with you, especially on the fact that what we all really want from life is to be happy, not just the stuff (but a good pair of heels… that always makes me smile)

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