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The Gods Honest Truth about Working from Home

on March 13, 2014

So, today has been a wfh day.

People think working from home is a dream, a play about on the computer, with This Morning on in the background. Doing a bit of pottering, a lot of snacking and a little bit of work when absolutely necessary.

Well; just to confirm, this is not the case. It is especially not the case when you are a part time work from home working mum who is trying to squeeze in two jobs and a blog plus the washing and cooking and cleaning and all of the other stuff that you need to keep on top of day to day lest you find yourself at the end of the year flailing under missed parents evening appoinments, dental check-ups and hair appointments.

Important to note I think that by ‘cooking’ I mean transfering an item from fridge to oven and by ‘cleaning’ I mean removing visible stains and signs of fungal growth! Don’t tell me I don’t have standards.

Lets take a whistful look back on today shall we and see where it all went wrong…

Wake up at 6:40am and go down stairs to get the nursery bags ready. Ask myself AGAIN in my head why I didn’t do this the night before like my mum taught me to with my school bags. Ever the rebel!!

Make the girls juice and chop up a pear for the walk to nursery. Remember that they are not walking today as Mr L needs the car. D’oh.

7:15am Head back upstairs and feel my heart melt as I listen through the door to my gorgeous babies chatting to each other and singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. This is one of the most perfect parts of my day. Before any demands, any tears or any tantrums. It is just undiluted wonderfulness and I adore it.

7:18am Walk in to their bedroom and enjoy some warm snuggles and hugs before the dance of the dressing begins. This consists of me retrieving tiny naked people from various parts of the house sometimes having to wipe up wee as I go. Eventually get both dressed included combing hair today and brushing teeth- mother of the year award heading this way I feel.

7:48am- YES the dance of the dressing really does take that long and is often accompanied by my monologue of 101 Dalmatians or The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Begin walking down the stairs carrying the little little and 4 comforters for nursery. And now for the new thing…

7:49am- The crying. This is a very new thing and one purely designed to make me feel like absolute rubbish.

Me no want to go to nursery. Me want to stay here with you in your kitchen.

Cue me trying to explain that Muma has to work today and will come to pick her and her sister up from nursery so we can have some nice cosy nug time this evening.

8:00am- Mr L takes the girls to nursery in the car and with a heavy heart I head to my computer.



10:40am/10:55am Miss calls from the hairdressers asking whether I’d forgotten about my appointment. Yes I had. Brilliant.

11:11am Miss call from the nursery

11:15am Call the nursery who inform me that the little little has conjunctivitis and needs to be collected pronto. Again, Brilliant!

11:20am get in the car…oh wait, no I don’t, Mr L has the car. Run to nursery to collect H.

11:35am- Yep, it’s still the morning!! Carry H home in the sling and put her down in the bouncy chair in the office for a sleep. Delude myself into thinking this might work ok.

Easy Peasy!

Easy Peasy!

12:10pm- Behave like the consummate professional whilst on a video call with my genuine grown up colleagues. This time I do not disgrace myself by talking to a blank screen with a mic on mute, I’m learning!

1:03pm- Finish email with a flourish and the typing wakes H up. IDIOT!!

1:30pm- Continue with emails and work with baby on my knee…Repeatedly have to delete sentences such as;

Dear Mildred, Many thanks for your emailr89r] mt—di#df[h;g’vjhx;

because they simply don’t make any sense!

I try everything I can think of to keep her occupied including bringing the letters in from the bathroom for her to stick on my whiteboard. All is fine and dandy whilst I’m on the floor with her but when I move the 30 centimeters to my chair it all goes to pot again.

The afternoon continues in much the same vein but we add into the mix the removal of all books from the bookcase and all CD’s from the rack. It is easier for me to work now and clear that up later on.

This is less sucessful!

This is less successful!

Eventually I relent and bring up her highchair so she can scribble next to me and watch some telly on the Ipad. I put S4C on so she is getting a flavour of her heritage; It works a treat, result.

Oh, yes, this is working a treat! TV solves everything

Oh, yes, this is working a treat! TV solves everything.Β 

3:15pm Have serious conversation with boss from the bathroom, the only room you can’t hear the baby crying in. Continually creep back to look through the crack in the door to ensure she isn’t choking, bleeding or broken. She isn’t but she is emptying desk drawers onto the floor. Again.

Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight!

Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight!

5:00pm- Walk H down to nursery to pick up the big little. Thank God that H can’t talk so B doesn’t need to know that she has been at home with Muma for most of the day. (They are in different parts of the nursery so this is doable!)

6:00pm- do the undressing dance- the reverse of the dressing dance we performed this morning. Historically this has included a poo on the carpet. It was like the Strictly Final free style dance where anything goes.

6:30pm- Finally we all clamber into bed with warm milk and trick the little little into having her drops whilst supping her drink. Clever!

Once the littlies are in bed I have the pleasure of discovering that this morning, when it seemed that the world was my oyster and today was the day I’d achieve it all, I did the shake park of the ‘Shake and Vac’ but totally forgot about the vac part. Hence I am now writing this stifling my sneezes as I just couldn’t be bothered to Hoover after a day like today. I also put on the washing, 12 hours ago…looks like that’s getting done again- tomorrow.Β photo (17)

Roll on tomorrow when it all begins again.
Thank The Lord I believe in my job.

Hurry up Friday!!

Hope you’re day has been ok…




35 responses to “The Gods Honest Truth about Working from Home

  1. Wow! You must be shattered!! Great account of a working from home day – I loved it πŸ™‚ #BinkyLinky

  2. Alice Megan says:

    Don’t you hate those women that pretend this doesn’t happen and everything’s a breeze? Very funny account of a real day being mummy and worker all at the same time

  3. Sounds like an absolutely crazy day! Hope the littlest ones eyes get better soon, conjunctivitis is horrible! Thanks for linking up to #binkylinky

  4. I found this funny and so true, when you just want to get something done there is a little person there, but oh we love them so don’t we! #binkylinky

  5. Louise Smith says:

    Aww bless your cotton socks. I also work from home and some days I get almost nothing done because the other half leaves a list longer than my arm of ‘things he thinks I ought to do’, my mother constantly calls to ask stupid questions and Oscar hates to see me sat at the laptop. Haha. The Peppa Pig DVD is usually my 2pm-3pm life saver so I can get something done before we fetch Stacey home from school!

    Hope little H gets well soon πŸ™‚

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  6. I’m sure its all worthwhile in the end. Your day does sound exhausting. I love your honesty and well done for keeping up with blogging despite your hectic daily life. #binkylinky

  7. I am still up just so I can do my comment blogging because I really need to have traffic in my blog. I don’t know how other mothers do this blogging and being a mother at the same time. Hats off to you cuz you are doing all this and you work! I know how busy feels and I think you know it more.

    Just dropping by to say hi!


  8. Fantastic post, though I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry because it describes my life pretty much exactly! When it all goes right and noone gets ill I count myself very lucky – no commute, housework and dinner done by the time the Bean gets home, all that jazz. But when he gets ill? It’s bloody apocalyptic.

  9. Oh dear. Kind of makes me glad I don’t work from home now. Must be really hard when you have the children home. #binkylinky

  10. Brilliant. I work from home so I totally hear you ha. And yes my washing gets washed about three times before it arrives in the dryer x

  11. mami2five says:

    Life with little ones is hard enough, I don’t envy you trying to work too!
    We love watching Cyw here too. I’m forever finding myself singing the Rapsgaliwn song!

  12. Oh my, sounds like a very busy day. I am terrible on my days off for putting a wash on and forgetting about it, I think this is why they invented tumble dryer sheets, to help take awak the smell of damp from clothes that have been sitting too long haha x

  13. Katie Clark says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I home educate my son and work partly from home and partly tutoring elsewhere. It is the most difficult thing on Earth – people think it’s so easy because you’re in the house, but trying to get your work done, your house sorted and your kids sorted is no mean feat! At least in an office, you can’t distracted by housework and feel guilty for leaving your kids to it for a while! #binkylinky

  14. Thought it was just me with the having-to-wash again thing and taking calls in the loo (the only room with a lock on the door!). Like to say it gets easier when they get older, but it doesn’t (well, not yet). The wii u sadly becomes a great fall-back for those days when they get sent home! #Brillblogposts.

  15. Haha, so relate to this and thanks for sharing such a frank and entertaining (although not always for you) glimpse into your day. I’m totally stunned by how so many mamas manage this crazy daily juggle. And the typing with the child on your knees — there should be a special class to learn that skill on its own! I find even when I’m ‘free’ from the children (they’re both in school) it’s never enough hours, never enough hands and always too much on that to-do list!

  16. rosieapple1 says:

    Brilliant! This sounds familiar. There is always so much to do and so little time then you get a moment’s peace and you feel too tired to bother any more. Thanks for sharing! #brillblogpost

  17. Honest Mum says:

    Urgh relate to this so much, made me lol too! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts please add my badge or link back!

  18. […] as a mum to two gorgeous girls regularly blogging about the woes and wonders of motherhood and the dance of the working mum I felt that it would be remiss of me to let the day pass without adding my tupence […]

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