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Brand, Books and Sophoe Ellis Bextor…Love the Little Things!

on February 21, 2014

Watcha! Happy Friday everyone.
Another week done and dusted and, as you read this my lovelies, I will be winging my way to Madrid with Mr L. WOO HOO. I am so excited.

Let’s cut to the chase with my low down of the sights and sounds of the week in Leary Land…thanks to the link up that is; Love the Little Things. (Thanks Morgana!)

Read: As this week has been half term up here, I have been doing Storytime at my local bookshop, Linghams. I really, really enjoy it.
I think that getting kids into reading at an early age is so important and love to see them getting into the story and pouring over the illustrations.
One of the many, books we enjoyed was One Ted Falls out of Bed. 20140221-102209.jpg

It is a great read for babies and toddlers as it is so much more than a counting book. There is lots to talk about in each of the pictures and so far, I’ve not got bored of it. Bloody annoying that it’s another from Julia Donaldson really- she is too good.

Watched: On Saturday we went out. Together, on our own. I don’t want to refer to it as date night but basically, it was a date night. (Blugh, hideous term).
Anyway, we went into town to watch Russell Brand at the Auditorium at The Echo Arena. It was amazing.

He has got such an amazing way with words, such a stage presence and such a major pathological need to be the centre of attention it is wicked. We loved it.
The warm up guy was a poet who I thought was really, really talented. I would definitely recommend you check him out. Mister Gee.
The venue was absolutely perfect, quite small, intimate and it looked like all seats had a brilliant view. We did.
Joan Rivers is on there later on this year, I think I’m going to book. She is hilarious.

Worn: I am rocking some fake eye lashes in honour of the weekend!! They are amazing. They are so long that they knock against my glasses a bit but, they are the glorious opposite of Meh.
I have a slight concern that they are addictive. I had them done at Christmas as a treat and I loved looking at least a teeny bit ‘alright’ without having to do anything at all. 🙂
Check these bad boys out!

Made: A bit of a show of myself. I think regular readers of the blog will be well aware by now that I am neither a cook or a crafter or homemaker. In fact, the only thing that I make on an almost daily basis is a bit of a show of myself.
Take the time that I kissed the doctors hand. Repeatedly. In error, thinking it was the little littles head. Awkward.
Or, in the case of this week when I sent the girls to nursery with all their bits in the nursery bag. Obviously I’d packed in a rush and when they arrived home I realised that a pair of massive pants had been attached to the bibs by the Velcro.

Heard: This song was on my ‘heard’ list for last week but was ousted by Dire Straits which played on the radio as I wrote.
It’s called Young Blood and I think it is a really beautiful, gentle, unusual tune and have found myself playing it again as soon as it finishes which I think is the sign of a good song?
Mr L is a Sophie Ellis Bextor fan, not musically. I think that her looks and her music match each other. Striking, unusual and a little aloof. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, the YouTube link isn’t working so you’ll have to look it up yourselves. Soz people, that’s what happens if you leave things to the last minute. This blogging malarkey is tougher than it looks hey!

And another thing: I am typing this in the taxi on the way to the airport because I ran out of time to do everything yesterday. Does this mean I am an actual blogging addict or just a lunatic?

Right…that’s all for now folks, I logging off and tuning out because we’re going to Madrid people!!!!
Adios Amigos. Have a wonderful weekend.





2 responses to “Brand, Books and Sophoe Ellis Bextor…Love the Little Things!

  1. bakedpotatomummy says:

    I actually LOL’d at the massive pants! Sorry 🙂
    One Ted Falls Out of Bed is one of our favourites too.

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