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on February 19, 2014

Hey Guys. Hope your day is going A ok so far?

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have spotted me last week banging on about the MADS. (Quick aside; if you don’t follow me, why the devil not?! You can remedy that here).

For those not totally obsessed with all things blogging, the MAD Blog Awards are one of the biggest things in blogging.  Sponsored by Parentdish, they are now in their 5th year. Last year there were over 150,000 nominations and votes and this year looks set to top that.

The MAD’s showcase some of the very best blogs out there so, now that my nominations are safely in, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite bloggers so you can check them out and cast your votes accordingly…

MAD Blog Awards

Ready?..Actually, there are 15 categories; you’d better get a cuppa or, (it’s always afternoon somewhere) something stronger?!

To be honest, I haven’t nominated in every category as I don’t read blogs from every category but, if I’d said that straight away you wouldn’t be cradling an ice cold gin now would you so, please don’t be cross, instead have a swizz at the blogs below, tell them Muma sent you!


Best Food Blog

Love to cook? This award recognises blogs that provide mouth-watering recipes, healthy dinner options and great family food ideas.

As you know, I’m not much of a chef. Every so often however I think about expanding my repertoire from fish fingers and waffles (one of the best things about being a parent surely?!) and I head over to Emily at A Mummy too. As you can see, her surname is Leary too. She is not my secret sister, I don’t feel a need to cast my nomination in her direction due to our blood ties, she just does good food- lots!

Best Thrifty Blog

It’s been a hard year for many families struggling to make ends meet so thank goodness for thrifty blogs that show us how to make a little go a long way.

Jen over at My Mummys Pennies writes a fab blog which does loads of reviews and has shedloads of competitions. Who doesn’t love a competition hey?!

my mummys pennies

Best Schooldays Blog

This award celebrates blogs that share stories of family life with children aged 5-16, and the chaos and fun that comes with it!

Regular readers will know I link up to the wonderful weekly #LovetheLittleThings with Morgana at But Why Mummy Why?  Morgana does a fantastic blog and has a penchant for gin which is always nice. Guess what, she also has two girls, a little ahead of ours age wise but I love to read about what they’re up to. It helps that she’s crap at craft too! She’s my pick for Best School Days which she bagged last year too.

But Why Mummy Why

Best Blog Photography

Sometimes pictures can tell stories more effectively than hundreds of words. This award category celebrates the most creative and talented photographers in the parent blogging community.

Check out this utterly gorgeous blog by Katie at Mummy Daddy Me makes Three. Katie is a natural photographer and I always cringe when I compare my snaps with hers. She has two girls too (flip, we’re all over the place!) and I love her weekly link up of #TheOrdinaryMoments it is heart warming.


Outstanding Contribution

This award recognises that blogger who has contributed most to their community, through campaigning, charity work and practical support.LIFEASAWIDOWER
This one is easy for me. I have nominated a blog which, I wish had no need to exist. It is the wonderfully written, honest and emotional Life of a Widower. 
Ben’s wife Desreen was tragically killed when their son was only 2 and his blog charts their journey since that day. Through the blog Ben has helped so so many people who are struggling with their own grief and has provided a forum for people to share and open up. The supportive comments and love I regularly see on these pages are truly life affirming.
For all these reasons, I have also nominated Ben in the best writer category and am awaiting his book with trepidation, I know there will be tears.


Best New Blog

Every year, the blogging community grows bigger, with hundreds of new writers joining our ranks. This award celebrates some of the best new talent to emerge over the past 12 months

Most Entertaining Blog

We want to know about the blogs that make your sides ache with laughter, and are guaranteed to make you smile.

Oh…this IS awkward!! These are the categories that I nominated myself in. That’s right people, I’m nailing my colours to the mast, I have nominated myself. WHAT. A. LOSER.

Well, you say that but, anyone that can raise a smile by over sharing their experience as a mum, let alone cause someone to comment that my blog caused;

‘Proper balls out of the bath laughter’

must be worth a punt.

If you’re not sure, check these out, my top five funnies:

The one about the boobs

The one about the undercarriage

The one about the new house

The one about shopping

The one about becoming a grown up

And finally, who gets my vote for the biggy…I’m not telling you but it’s one of the one’s I’ve mentioned above.

So, that’s it really. My run down of the blogs worth watching.

If you do fancy voting (and you can win £100 if you do) click on the badge to your right but, you can only do it once so make sure you’re sure who you’re going for first.

Good Luck to everyone who is nominated.




6 responses to “MAD World

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me lovely lady and good luck in the awards! Xx


  2. agh what a lovely blog 🙂 Wishing you all the luck in the Mads xxx


  3. Good day so far thanks 🙂 Reading lots of lovely bloggers posts about the awards with a cuppa, makes my morning. Thanks loads for writing about the awards, here’s wishing you the best of luck for your blog!
    MADs Editor


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