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No such thing as an ordinary moment?

on February 16, 2014

This morning, for the first time ever, our big little girl woke up in our bed.

She had a nightmare in the early hours and when I went to check on her she clung to me like a limpet. When I tried to put her back in her cot she shook her head and repeated no no no so forcefully between sobs that I didn’t want to let her go either so, I took her into bed with us and Mr L and I squoze into about 1/3 of the bed whilst she and her two comforters spreadeagled over the rest of it! Sleeping in mumas bed

As I watched her fall slowly back to sleep, her eyelids flickering and her chest rising and falling rhythmically, I was entranced.

She slept through her daddy getting up for a shower.

She slept through me getting up and dressed and sorted and she only began to stir when her little sister clambered over to snuggle in next to her. photo (11)

As she opened her eyes and yawned and stretched and quietly watched what was going on around her I was reminded of being a little girl myself and watching the early morning routine of my daddy. I don’t know if it is one memory or an amalgamation of lots of early mornings feeling cozy and safe in my parents big bed.

He used to do this thing with his socks where he’d flick them into the air from his elbow crease and then catch them. He used to turn them almost inside out to put them on and that is all I remember really. Absolutely nothing more than a scrap of a memory of a happy time. An ordinary moment.

Perhaps this was one of my mum and dads ordinary moments. But it occurred to me that, once my daddy had gone, this would have been a precious, precious moment that we would give anything to have another moment of so, perhaps there are no ordinary moments.

Perhaps in hindsight everything is precious and it is only seeing them in the rear view mirror that we can appreciate them fully.

With lots of Love,



I am linking this post up with the lovely Katie who blogs at MummyDaddyMe. Full of beautiful snaps and, as a mum of two girls I love checking out what they are up to!



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