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The Power of Twitter (or a review of Mrs Tinks Food!)

on February 10, 2014

So, the other day I was faffing around on twitter (as I am sometimes want to do) and another mum tweeted about how dinner time basically makes her want to smash her face into a wall.

She asked what others were doing for dinner as a sort of plea for help and inspiration and I replied. Something along the lines of:

My children will be having steamed ocra on a bed of wilted, home grown spinach with corn fed, organic chicken fillets wrapped in the silvery breath of a unicorn.
Because that’s the way we roll.

Or fish fingers and beans.

‘Cause I’m a dreadful mother who will be going directly to hell as soon as she has finished feeding her offspring ready made, supermarket slurry.

Anywho, this exchange was noticed by a lady who we shall call Mrs Tinks. I am calling her Mrs Tinks because this is in fact her name.

She suggested that perhaps we weren’t dreadful human beings, rather, we were busy mums who might also be crap at cooking.
Except she didn’t say the last bit.
That bit is just plain fact.

Long and short of it is, rather than calling a children’s charity, she offered to send me a sample of her homemade children’s food and that my friends, is the power of twitter. Jump aboard.

Two days later a box arrived containing a selection of Toddler meals from Mrs Tinks.

Firstly, I loved the packaging.
It is no secret that I love a well placed fact and, thanks to Mrs Tinks I can now inform you that wild rabbits don’t actually eat carrots. WHAT?!? Unbelievable. I could also throw into the mix that potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space. AMAZING.
I’m not going to hit you with anymore but, for the geek in each of us, the packaging rocks and you will certainly notice it on your supermarket shelves. I loved it!

On to the nutritional value.

This is an important issue for me at the moment as we went for the girls developmental checks just before Christmas. Amongst all of the positive news about speech and language, mobility, general unadulterated brilliance etc I was informed, very sensitively, that the big little was a little on the heavy side. Basically her height and weight at at opposite ends of the spectrum. Bless her!
I’m not massively concerned, she doesn’t eat rubbish, I don’t habitually pour sweets or fizzy drinks down her neck so I reckon, over time it will figure itself out but, it’s good to have a reminder about portion control and the fact that it is possible to over feed your child even if it is seemly good stuff. Lots of our friends were really offended on our behalf but, the statisticians have to draw their lines somewhere and we, for the moment, fall on the wrong side of the line. Better than a fussy eater? Yeah, I think so.

Mrs Tinks suggests that her portions are for an older toddler. One pack is 300g so enough for an older child or two toddlers.
Since a child’s portion of carbs, proteins, starches etc is deemed to be approximately the size of their hand, that would make good sense; so, I have been able to divide each of the dishes between the girls which is even more convenient and cost effective. Hoorah!

The taste test:

Genuinely- really, really tasty.The chicken curry was awesome and, as I have said previously, using a ready made meal allows you to try out more exotic tastes on your children without having to buy all of the herbs and spices etc just to find that”Mumas food is too nasty”. (Another dream day in the land of motherhood!)

If they like it, brilliant, you can then experiment with some new ingredients in your own cooking. If they don’t, you haven’t got a cupboard of Chinese five spice that will be untouched until you chuck it out in 2035 when you are downsizing to head off on your ’empty nester cruise’.
The lasagne looks a little sad if you microwave it but that would be true of all cheese topped dishes, they need a little bit of browning but that is easy to fix. The taste, again was brilliant.
The fish pie is lovely and, though I make a pretty mean version myself, it is always so handy to have something portioned up and ready to go in the freezer. In case of emergency.
By emergency I mean poor planning, general laziness or shoddymumaitis which can strike at any time and can be quite debilitating.

So, would I spend my own cash on it? In short, yes, if I could find it. Mrs Tinks is from ‘daaaaan saaaaf’ and as such is currently only available via Ocado up in these parts but I reckon that’s set to change, the Cheshire set would love it and, it is perfect for the slummy mummy in all of us. I would absolutely recommend.

Thanks Mrs Tinks
(And thanks Twitter!)


Mrs Tinks sent me a selection of her toddler meals to review for free.
All opinions on my blog are open, honest and completely unbiased.


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