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For the one and only, Sister Big!

on February 6, 2014

Today my wonderful sister turns 35.

soraya races
That’s right people, in biblical terms at least she is officially half way through her life.

I hope she isn’t because I am hoping for us to be sipping Bellini’s in Selfridges well into our 80’s but- that’s what the good book reckons.
Let’s hope that given it is now almost 2000 years old there is some room or manoeuvre. There certainly has been for Tina Turner (73)  and Lionel Blair (82) and my big sister far outshines either of them. In fact, in Tina’s own world, she is ‘Simply the Best’.

So then Soray, this is especially for you. (as per annoying request)

My beautiful, brilliant big sis.
I love you very much.

Clear and natural talent.

Clear and natural talent.

It’s not always easy to write poems that rhyme,
I’ve left it quite late, not sure I’ve got time.
I don’t want to crowbar in things that don’t fit.
No one wants to read a poem that’s …not very good.

So this is a collection of some memories of you.
Some funny, some touching but all of them true.
You were Born in Australia in ’79
And like a good Shiraz you’ve improved with time.

Camping is always improved with a crown!

Camping is always improved with a crown!

You once were so quiet, so shy, so unsure,
But now you have flourished. A wallflower no more.
So how did you get here, let’s turn back the clock
Right back to the 80’s when I showed up on the block!

You were cautious and quiet and gentle and kind
A better big sister I just couldn’t find.

photo (7)

All our school holidays were down on the farm.
Out in all elements we came to no harm.
Climbing the hay loft or the sacks down the Cop
Or walking the miles to the one local shop. *

The walks home from school, Kicking through leaves.
And Laughing so hard that one of us weed.**



Red Cross was always a Wednesday night must.
In an emergency it’s the Corbett’s you trust.
A check of the scene and a pinch of the ear.
But that silly old Annie, never could hear.

Annie are you ok, Are you ok Annie?!

Annie are you ok, Are you ok Annie?!

We packed in activities each day after school
But it was the Roller disco that really was cool.

Jessica Ennis likes to think she can hurdle
But you used to fly in gym knickers like a girdle!
You swim like a fish and love to run too,
I quite often wish I was speedy like you.

BTR Liverpool half

2012…Roll on 2014…

total warrier 2

At this point I’m afraid I must, mention the quiff.
How much hairspray did you need to make it so stiff?
I don’t want to go on Soray but the big blue glasses too?
Who chose that pair in Conlons- please say it wasn’t you?!

(you are so lucky mum wouldn’t let me put in THAT picture!)

But this stage is long gone now. You are a real hotty.
Pedro is a lucky guy to have you as his totty.

Bit much for work!

Bit much for work!

You’re loyal to a fault and a wonderful friend
In fact, you’re so popular it drives me round the bend.
You love a prosecco and a night on the town.
If anyone asks, you won’t let them down.

Such a trooper! Tough times

Such a trooper!
Tough times

We are almost opposite but somehow the same.
Some times I’d swear you’ve seen inside my brain.***
You are so very kind and have so many friends
Your Christmas card list never comes to an end.

You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul
But without your glasses, you’re as blind as a mole.

You like Miranda,
I think she is pants.
I like to stay home
You love a good dance!

We are so different in so many ways
But when you are with me you brighten my days.
Without you my sister oh where would I be.
I don’t know, can’t tell you, but I’d be a bit less ‘me’.


Love You.

Your favourite Sister Little.

photo (8)

The 3 musketeers

The 3 musketeers

*this would be frowned upon in this health and safety obsessed times but it was acceptable in the 80’s (see what I did there!)

** by one of us,  I mean me. Sad times.

***not a huge amount to see here.


8 responses to “For the one and only, Sister Big!

  1. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Your sister sounds great and she is very lucky to have a little sis who writes her a lovely poem like this! Happy birthday to Soray!

  2. Ha, I love it! So heartfelt and funny; cheered me right up 😉

  3. What a beautiful, funny poem for your big sister – I am sure she’ll love this. #prose4t

  4. Absolutely brilliant! It just shows how much love you have for your sister 🙂 Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  5. thats such a lovely collection of memories and what a nice thing to do for your sister

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