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My super douper new job…as a GEEK!

on February 5, 2014


So, lots of you have been asking since I name dropped about the Palace (yes that’s correct; actual Buckingham Palace and actual me) what this new and fantabulous job I am doing is.

Well, wonder no more people for I am about to fill you in.

So, in my former life daaaaan saaaaaf I knew an uber intelligent lady with two gorgeous girls and a dog. In actual fact, I used to be their babysitter.

On a recent visit to the Social Escalator region that is The South East, I dropped in to see them.

At some time during this visit; I am not sure if it was pre or post my little little puking on the new sofa, the big little deliberately pouring her juice onto the Persian rug or me wailing about my utter ineptitude as a mother, Emma offered me a job.

I think it was in part because she could see I was losing my mind and in part because she knows how passionately I believe in the need to nurture, support and educate all children to enable them to open as many doors as possible for themselves in the future.

In this vein at least, I am very much like Whitney. I believe the children really ARE our future so we must teach them well and let them lead the way. I am less like her in the famous singer type way. Whitney Huston

And so, here I am working two days a week for the simply brilliant Young Rewired State.

My role is to raise awareness of Young Rewired State, The Festival of Code and the need for all children to learn what computers are all about.

Here’s the geek bit…

So, computers and tablets and apps and all that stuff is where the future is going. The technology is moving at an astounding rate and if we don’t wise up and encourage our kids to learn the lingo then they’ll be left behind.

I am no computer expert by the way. In fact, my IT lessons were spent spinning on the wheely chairs and pestering two very patient friends to show me again


*wail, sweat, switch off*

IT in the 90's

It was a bit like this…with less boys. Are they boys or is it just bad hair?!


The whole IT department stank of ciggies and the softly spoken middle-aged male teacher was basically teetering on the edge of a breakdown throughout my whole school career. I’m not surprised given that amount of hairspray, hormones and hosiery that was thrust in his face daily at our all girls school. He must have been petrified! Poor Mr Haynes 😦

It was basically like learning how to be a second-rate secretary. Dreadful.




Anyway, times have changed and now computers and coding and websites and WordPress and apps and algorithms aren’t solely the reserve of 30 something lonely blokes who live in their room at their parents house and only open the curtains for 10 minutes every other Wednesday so they can catch a glimpse of Alice over the road going to the gym.


It’s for everyone. Even people who think they are too stupid for computers. Even me!

And so, if you have a child that fancies learning about computing, have a look at these pages and these pages to see what its all about.

You never know, you could have the next Mark Zuckerburg on your hands and anything that could lead to an early retirement is welcome isn’t it?

7 responses to “My super douper new job…as a GEEK!

  1. Lakes Mum says:

    I spent 15 years in IT not sure why or how!


  2. Wow what a great job. But nerdy, but then we’re all nerds aren’t we! Well done x


  3. Congratulations on the new job – very entertaining post lol!


  4. […] Young Rewired State which is all about teaching kids to code. Infact, I am so into it I wrote a post all about […]


  5. […] Young Rewired State which is all about teaching kids to code. Infact, I am so into it I wrote a post all about […]


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