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Happy Birthday Beaut!

on January 10, 2014

Good Morning My Beautiful Baby Girl.

Can you believe it- today is your very first birthday; you have been here with us for one whole year completing our little family unit.

Before you were born my darling, your daddy and I used to worry that there wouldn’t be enough love for you and your sister to share. I thought  that I couldn’t possibly have enough love for two babies. I thought that I would be stretched too thinly, that I’d have a favourite and that I wouldn’t be able to do justice to looking after two babies.
Now you are here I know that I was so silly to worry about that.
Even for a minute.
You have been loved unconditionally by 3 people rather than two from the moment you were born.
How lucky is that?

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Let me tell you, it is absolutely knackering being a Muma of 2!!
There have been many moments when I’ve wanted to tear my hair out.
There have been moments when you HAVE torn my hair out (just when I was thinking I quite liked it actually!)

But, one year in to this life long journey, let me tell you this Hannah Muriel.

You are loved beyond measure.

I love the fact that you wake before your sister and we have precious time just the two of us.
The moment that I walk into your room and pick you out of your cot will forever be one of life’s highlights.
In some ways you are so ridiculously different from your sister and because of that, the way I get to love you is totally different too.
She wants to be near me, you just want the odd glance to check I’m checking you.
That means that when you do fancy a Muma cuddle it is one of the highlights of my day.
You are the ultimate independent baba. I can tell already that you are a go getter and I adore that.
Get out there sweetheart. You grab life by the scruff of the neck and fly by the seat of your pants.
Your dada and I will be right here if anything goes wrong. Don’t you worry baby.


Your naming Day- not a great picture of you as you had the pox.


I am actually writing this a couple of days before your birthday.

I hope you don’t mind, it is just so tricky to get anything done when you and your sister are around, (I don’t know why!)

 And I would much rather be snuffling at your lovely neck or watching you balance in your little truck than be messing about on the computer if you’re awake (and anyway, all of the stuff I am about to tell you will be just as true next week as it is now).


Now, you may recall that I wrote your sister a very earnest sort of poem on her second birthday.
Yours, my darling is a little bit different because, you are a lottle bit different (this is not a typo- I have made it up. It is a mixture of ‘a little’ and ‘a lot’ because in some ways you are A LITTLE bit different and in some ways you are A LOT different; ged it?!). A bit more like me I think…

So anyway, enough of this- here is your poem. 

For our Glorious little adventurer Hannah Houdini.

You arrived right on time with a bit of a nudge.
Without the ventouse you just wouldn’t budge!

I think it’s because I made a comfortable home.
I flippin’ well hope so, I was the size of the Dome.*

My actual stomach. (not really)

My actual stomach.
(not really)

So Hannah my darling, a year has now passed.
I blinked and I missed it.
It flew by so fast.

So here are some highlights I want you to treasure.
I’ve written them down for you to read at your leisure.

Your smile quite literally lights up my world.
My beautiful, gorgeous, little girl.

Look how beautiful you are!

Look how beautiful you are!

When I walk into your room and see you stood in your cot,
It’s hard to think of a thing I’ve not got**

You are crazy!

You are crazy!

When you are sneaking your way back up the stairs.
You turn and you smile, as yet with no cares.

Your giggling, crawling, cruising ways, bring such huge pleasure to everyone’s days.


You are part of a pair but are whole on your own.

Taken by Kate-Jade photography. Thanks Kate!

Taken by Kate-Jade photography. Thanks Kate!


Know this my sweetheart, you’re never alone.***


When you and your sister are giggling with glee,
There’s no sight on the planet that I’d rather see.

You’re naughty,

It's like the Brittas Empire all over again!

It’s like the Brittas Empire all over again!

You’re cheeky,

Looking a bit like Penfold I think!

Looking a bit like Penfold I think!

You’re gorgeous,

Just hangin in the shower!

Just hangin in the shower!

You’re loud.

Milliseconds prior to meltdown

Milliseconds prior to meltdown

Hitching a ride with Dada

Hitching a ride with Dada


You’re our darling daughter and we couldn’t be more proud.


Love Muma and Daddy.


10 responses to “Happy Birthday Beaut!

  1. That is so lovely, happy birthday to your girl.


  2. What a lovely poem, and your daughter is so cute! I have three (boys) all very different to each other and I could never have understood before I had them, how much I could love them and how differently yet how equally! Sounds like you feel the same about your two!


  3. Mayfair Mum says:

    What a lovely tribute to your baby girl’s first year of life – and what fun she’ll have reading this in years to come!


  4. Lisa H says:

    What a lovely poem, I hope she had a lovely birthday! They grow up so fast! X


  5. Such a sweet poem and words written about your darling girl, she is gorgeous. Happy 1st birthday Hannah! Thanks so much for linking up to my blog hop 🙂

    Fiona @


  6. This is absolutely stunning – and my favourite Prose for Thought from last week. I love this poem and I am certain that Hannah will treasure it when she is older. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx


  7. […] time last year I wrote about my first year as a life of two in Happy Birthday Beaut  and, the journey of the arrival is already more than adequately documented so the only thing left […]


  8. Grace's mommy says:

    I came upon your site by accident and I’m so grateful that I did. I can relate to your writing in so many ways. I can especially remember being so fearful when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I loved my 1st child so much that I felt sorry for the new baby growing in my belly. I thought the new baby would be doomed to be my 2nd favorite and I already believed that I was a terrible person. As you know from your experience, a mother’s heart is an amazing thing. To my great relief I found out very quickly that not only did I love my new baby, I also learned that a mother’s heart is able to love all her children equally. You have a beautiful family.
    I hope that you can tell me what blanket is shown in the 6th photo with your daughter. I really like it and I know that my daughter would also.


    • Mumaleary says:

      Hi! I’m really pleased you found my blog and hope you come back 🙂
      The blanket it really lovely and was made for us by my Auntie. It was made with an unusual type of wool/yarn but I am sure if you show the picture in a wool or habadashery they would know exactly what it is.
      Good luck. X


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