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An idea for Jo Malone…

on January 9, 2014

It might have become clear from some previous blog posts that I LOVE Jo Malone. Specifically, I love Pomegranate Noir.

Beautiful presentation and packaging...not so good for the environment...

Beautiful presentation and packaging…not so good for the environment…

I don’t like ‘stuff’ in general, and I don’t like rubbish so, when people ask me what I’d like for birthday’s, Christmas etc this is invariably the answer.

HOWEVER…I have got a little suggestion to make to Jo Malone (not the person Jo Malone, she is now doing her thing at Jo LOVES which I haven’t yet tried).

YOU NEED TO OFFER REFILLS and, if you are feeling generous,


The reason I feel compelled to write a blog post about this is because I received some gorgeous bits for Christmas which come in really beautiful packaging.
It is in perfect condition.
It is too good to chuck in the recycling (because it takes energy blah blah blah to break down and make into something new) but I have no use for it and I am in danger of becoming someone who keeps things ‘just in case’. This is not a trait I wish to encourage.

I have asked in store and over the phone (I didn’t call specifically for this reason- I am not an elderly nosy curtain twitcher type) but no one knew of any schemes and this evening, to prevent myself from looking like a total idiot when I get a reply saying- we do recycle; this scheme already exists you fool, I have also checked the website and asked on twitter but nada, nothing. ZIP. so here is my plea…

Please can you make a refill for your room defusers so I don’t have to chuck away the perfect glass container.
Please can you offer a scheme where by people can return their boxes and bags and
Please, please can you offer an incentive scheme such as the one MAC runs, basically a free lippie if you bring back 6 empties. See more info here.

It’s just an idea- I’m not suggesting I will boycott your stores or anything- quite frankly, popping in and giving myself a cheeky (very generous) spritz is one of the few times I wear perfume but still, it’s important so, give it some thought.

I was wondering if you don’t do this because you feel it might devalue the brand? I honestly don’t think it would. It is everyone’s responsibility to try to cut down on waste, luxury or everyday item and I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanking you very much in advance,


Do you think recycling cheapens a brand or devalues a product? Let me know what you think…

3 responses to “An idea for Jo Malone…

  1. […] to receive some of their products for Christmas, they were at the forefront of my mind when I wrote this (so far unanswered post) over a month ago. There are many, many more companies that I could name. I just want to highlight […]


  2. […] to receive some of their products for Christmas, they were at the forefront of my mind when I wrote this (so far unanswered post) over a month ago. There are many, many more companies that I could name. I just want to highlight […]


  3. Deborah Seldon says:

    I agree,I have lots of jo malone products a majority of which are in glass containers,it would be a great idea to do refills, seems a shame to just throw them in the recycle bin.


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