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Give us a break…please Mark Warner!!

on December 4, 2013

Mr L and I are currently contemplating where we should go on our first family holiday…
We have been together for 13 years this year.
For the first 11 we weren’t invited to a single wedding abroad.
We attended numerous nuptials in the UK but not a solitary soul got spliced in Sacramento, hitched in Hawaii or had nuptials in Nebraska…


When we were only 3

When we were only 3


In the last two years however we have been invited to 5- count ’em, FIVE weddings that we have had to decline due to;
*pregnancy 1,
*pregnancy 2,
*time differences,
*money and
*all that other boring stuff that makes people reluctant to travel once they have kids.

This is annoying in the extreme (all our very best to all our friends who did get married abroad btw, they look like beautiful occasions. *sob*)

Anyway, we have decided that it is time to bite the bullet. Time to brave the boarders and hot foot it off on our hols.
Previously we have enjoyed; a honeymoon in the Maldives.

I'm not going to lie, it WAS this amazing. :-)

I’m not going to lie, it WAS this amazing. 🙂

A safari/world cup combo in South Africa

Outside the Kalabash!!

Outside the Kalabash!!

a baby moon in Marrakech


The souk, Marrakesh

The souk, Marrakesh


and some pretty fab city breaks

It wasn't built in a day you know.

It wasn’t built in a day you know.

but they feel like distant memories and we NEED to get away. En famille. And soon.

Mr L has been working away from home for the last 2 years!!!
Family time is a precious commodity for us (it is for all families) and since we have been a family of four, the furthest we have ventured is Surrey which, lovely as it is, frankly doesn’t count as it is where Mr L is from.

And so, here’s the million dollar question…Where shall we go and what shall we do?

My vote is Skiing-

I can practically smell snow! (pic from Mark Warner)

I can practically smell the snow!
(pic from Mark Warner)

I have been skiing several times before and I absolutely totally and utterly LOVED it.
My memories of family skiing holidays are hazy but they include-
Amazing breakfasts of natural yoghurt, meats, breads, cheeses and other yummy stuff.
Moving faster than the speed of sound (or so I thought)
Feeling the wind on my cheeks and Jack Frost certainly nipping at my nose and
Being in a big group of family and friends having a brilliant time.

Family skiing holiday...check out the threads people!

Family skiing holiday…check out the threads people!

Later, I went skiing with school and then uni and the incredible feeling of freedom zipping down the mountainside is something I have never been able to recapture—much less now. I can barely have a wee without two toddlers handing off my legs.
Unfortunately, because the mind is as weird as it is wonderful, my recollections of my skiing capabilities have taken me to the realms of *put name of any amazing skier here* rather than the snow ploughing scardy cat I most likely was.

I would absolutely love our children to experience a ski holiday at least once and, if I’m honest, I want it to become an annual event in the Leary calendar where we decamp with a group of mates and their kids to enjoy the snow, the skiing, the après ski (hic!) and all the brilliant memories that come with a family holiday.

Mr L on the other hand has never been skiing and, depending on which day you catch him, doesn’t seem all that keen, his vote is for Sunnier climbs…

He has beautiful skin and only has to look at the sun to get a lovely, even tan. (I can basically feel him swelling with smugness as he reads this!)

What a handsome chap! Rome 2011

What a handsome chap!
Rome 2011

I have the colouring of a corpse and, if I should ever catch some rays you can guarantee that I will be a blotchy, strap marked mess after an hour or so.
A sun holiday obviously means swimming and splashing and sun cream and probably sand.
The girls absolutely love splashing about in the pool so I know that aspect of a sunny holiday would be brilliant, if knackering but;
I am not one for sand. It gets EVERYWHERE and when you are washing and wiping sand out of literally every orifice, the beach somewhat loses its appeal, in my humble opinion!

So, I am looking for some advice…What shall we do. Where do we go?
I realise that this is the ultimate in first world problems but, just for the moment I’m thinking about our little family having some much-needed bubble time so, all suggestions welcome.

Where was your first family holiday and what advice can you give us?!


Lots of Love




Being a ‘single mum’ during the week means I seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time faffing about on twitter checking out what the celebs are doing.
Happily, as a result of that faffing, I spied that Mark Warner Holidays were looking for some bloggers to work with and I thought to myself, I’ll chuck my hat into that ring…

So, in order to do that I need to…write a blog- ha, what a stroke of luck. I already did that- it’s just above this. Yey.


16 responses to “Give us a break…please Mark Warner!!

  1. Rhiannon Davies says:

    HI Tan, love your blogs, always make me smile!

    perhaps leave skiing until the girls are older and can have lessons? we took Fred at about 18m and he liked the sledging, but not really a family hoidya as we had to leave him with each other/grandparents whilst the others went off skiing. We are going again in March (now aged 3.5) and he can have lessons too now and hopefully come out with us for an hour or so!

    as for summer hols, we spent the summer camping in france with a group of friends which was fab fab fab! because we were BBQing outside the tents, there was no need to faff around getting the kids dressed to go out, in and out of cars, quiet at the table in a restaurant etc. They were pretty much ferral in the evenings, running around whilst we ate and drank ourselves silly on cheap red wine, strange French sausages and gossip. Days were amazing too as the kids amused themselves in the kiddies pool whilsy the adults took it in turns to play with them/lie on a sun lounger.
    and we all took one night each to go out as a copuple, whilst friends babysat etc.

    Im sure you could rope Jo in? and if Sarah Bell goes too, her kids will effectively look after yours – everyone’s a winner

    • Mumaleary says:

      Hiya! Fantastic advice. Thanks Rhi. The summer hol sounds amazing. I am sure that is precisely what Mr L is angling for…I hope Jo and co are reading?!
      Snow and ski wise I have read all sorts about this- crèches, ski schools and alternative snowy activities so I guess there is more research to be done. Where are you going this time? I hope it is as fantastic as my memories are! XxX

  2. I hope you win and get a fantastic holiday!! we loved going somewhere not too far from the UK. My son gets plane sick and the first time we didn’t know so it was awful. We’ve learnt the lesson now and get him some medication.

  3. ooh good luck. I’ve only been overseas twice since kids arrived: a short break to Mallorca I won and a caravan holiday in France thanks to my folks!

  4. Colette B says:

    We haven’t been abroad in years! Good luck x

  5. Erin Ek Rush says:

    We travel a lot with kids but always to visit my family in the US. So I’m not much help in the destination department but as far as travel goes I recommend a bag of thrift store or cheap new (novel toys) you can pull out one at a time to distract/delight on the plane! Also a travel or trunkee bag to hang off the back of a plane seat with toys/essentials.

  6. Aww good luck sweets. This is a lovely post x

  7. notafrumpymum says:

    Good luck, I’ve never been on a skiing holiday and had just started skiing lessons at Chill Factor when I found out I was pregnant and have never got round to going back (especially because I was bad at it, really bad!)

  8. elliec1788 says:

    I loved this post ( your pics are great) and I hope you are chosen as one of the lucky people!

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