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on November 3, 2013

Hi there!

I am so touched by all the texts, Facebook comments and tweets in response to my guest post today which I wrote in memory of my dad- THANK YOU.

For reasons unknown to me, my scheduled post for today did not upload properly so all of the links etc were missing so, I am reposting now. Maybe, one day I will understand all of this techno stuff…anywho, here it is my dears.


I love a list.

I write them out almost daily detailing all the stuff I need to do or get sorted and then, almost immediately, I go off task, and then later find myself stressing or complaining that I have got too much to do.

Often it seems that Mr L and I are having a ‘to do off’ to prove how busy/important/indispensable we both are.
Conversations tend to go like this…
“How was your day?”
*Draw long breath & sigh deeply*
I just have got so much to do and I can never seem to get to the bottom of the list.
I mean I have to…
And then we both proceed to think of the worst possible things that we ‘have got to do or else the world as we know it will implode.
I have to unblock the shower drain using only my teeth.
And then I’ll need to scrub the grouting with my bare hands.
After that I’ll be cutting the grass with some blunt scissors and then, if I can only make time, I might allow myself to get dressed.
Needless to say, my to do list tends to be a list of ridiculous crap that will simply never get done interspersed with the odd important but dull task.
No one needs to remind me to do fun stuff.
  • I don’t need to write on the fridge sit down with a cuppa and watch Downton on catch up (poor Lady Edith btw-what will become of her?!)
  • I never need a nudge to pour a glass of red and chill with the husband and back to back Breaking Bad.
  • Not a soul alive had to prompt me to book our tickets for the Santa Express WOO HOO!
Currently on my boring list is:
  • Collect dry cleaning
  • Appeal stupid parking fine
  • Take passport to bank to get new card because toddler hid old one.
  • Write review about how glorious the new Tesco finest range is (the dark choc orange flavour almost made me climax it is so good- ah, how times change!)
  • Blog about to do lists!
Then there is the work list which I won’t even go into
Then there is the blogging list which just multiplies daily due to all the ideas I have in my brain…much like Alan Partridge I need a Dictaphone to record them all in one place!
Then there is the bigger picture list which includes things like:
  • Run the Liverpool 1/2 in under 17 hours
  • Raise happy and well-adjusted children
  • Sort out life insurance
  • Write will
  • Become woman that writes to do lists in a Smythson note book and stores said book in Mulberry handbag rather than the current post it in a Primarni situation.
  • Learn Italian
  • Become accomplished hostess/domestic goddess
Now, I have absolutely no idea why I am prioritising writing this blog as opposed to working through my ‘actual’ list of important things to do because some of that stuff is important.
Clearly I will continue to dust the skirting boards by wiping my foot along them every so often but I can live with that.
What I can’t live with is the prospect of my family being left up the creek without a paddle if anything happened to Mr L or I.
(More him to be honest, finding another wife that can make him such delightful dinners as weetabix with a topping of ‘milk on the turn’ wouldn’t be too much of a challenge but I like to think he’d have the common courtesy to be sad for a while).
No one likes to think that they are going to cark it before their time. Everyone wants to be around to celebrate their children’s graduation, wedding etc etc (see raise happy, well-adjusted children part of list!) but, it happens.
I know that because today is the 26th anniversary of the day my wonderful, lovely daddy died.
Without warning.
Aged just 37.
You can read more about him here if you want!
I also know that because I subscribe to an excellent blog by a guy called Ben who lost his wife in an accident after barely a year of marriage.
So, if you put one thing on your to do list today- please make it to at least think about buying some life insurance. I know the value of it.
I absolutely hope that in 25 years time you will be shouting at me over an amazing dinner about how much money you’ve wasted on it.
Now, I’m off to start on the Christmas specific to do list- likely to be full of utterly unattainable tasks thanks to me leafing through Good Housekeeping! Why do I do it?!?
Loads of love.
Points to note-
I was prompted to write this blog after seeing an email from MumsNet about life insurance from Aviva.
Obviously loads of places do life insurance and you can get it wherever you choose but there is a guide here 🙂
Also, Ben, from Life of a Widower, is running the London Marathon in April to raise funds and awareness for Grief Encounter a fantastic charity which supports children that have lost a parent. Brilliantly, any child can access their  support in the event that the worst did happen. You can donate to the cause here if you would like.

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