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Are you a crap friend? I know something that can help.

on July 2, 2013

Yo dudes, I hope that you’ve all had a lovely day?
Mine has been a little trying, rain, buses, steps, rain, buggy, yadda yadda but I have now eaten half a lemon tart, straight from the box, and am waiting for Idris Elba to arrive in my bedroom to entertain me for an hour so it’s not all bad! (sadly what I mean is, I will be watching Luther, alone, in my bed).

Anywho, onto more pressing matters. My review of the tee shirts I was sent by Sgt.Smith.
I happened across Vicki and her team whilst trawling Notonthehighstreet for suitable gifts for a few of my friends that have recently had children. I could also have googled ‘great gifts to prevent yourself being utterly frozen out by your peer group because you are so god damn shoddy’)*

* this may not be factually accurate so don’t waste valuable time trying it.

As I had several orders to place I thought it would be easiest to go down the old fashioned route of actually having a conversation with someone.
So I called the number and- ruddy hell, someone picked up and was helpful.
We discussed my order (and utter incompetence and failings as a friend) over the phone initially and, as I had to cut the call short due to an inordinate amount of poo, I was emailed asking me for the addresses and words for the gift cards. This was a massive help and a real personal touch which I appreciated.

The Big Brother/Little Brother tee shirts were fantastic gifts for second time parents and the personalised dinosaur baby grow absolutely ideal for a gorgeous baby girl.

Sooo- because I am a mouthy mo fo, I mentioned on the phone about my blog and my willingness to review things- ha- how cheeky am I?!
And, they sent me a long sleeved tee shirt for Baba A.
I also bought a set of the Big Sister/Little Sister for my girls as a sort of ‘well done Leary, you have finally managed to pull your finger out and organise presents for your friends’ gift. I am sure you will agree this was more than deserved.

First things first; the customer service was great and the products were delivered really quickly which, if you are lacking in organisational skill, is a massive plus, they were also nicely wrapped in coloured tissue paper and string. (I know that really this isn’t massively important but I am a sucker for a little bit of effort).

The sizes were perfect for us 0-6 months for Baba B who is 6 months next week and 1 1/2- 2 for Baba A who is 22 months) which is weird as I find kids clothing sizes to be an utter bloody mystery. Baba A is still wearing some items which are 12-18 months but is actually 22 months. In others she is fine in 18-24 months. I find that Boots and Next are pretty generous in particular.
Apparently Sgt.Smith sizes are similar to Boden.
This means nothing to me as, though I have seen lots of items I’d love to buy for some reason I never quite have. This could easily be down to my ‘not posh enough for that’ chip on my shoulder which I have yet to polish away. As my mum says (frequently) you were brought up plain enough! That’s me told then.
I digress-
I know they say on their website that the materials they use are of a superior quality but, they genuinely do feel lovely. This could be because they are ethically sourced so your child/friends child are actually wearing an additional layer of

‘we are helping the planet’

They also wash well (yes Persil, even at 30!)

The girls wore their tee shirts to my old school summer fair this weekend and looked cute as buttons. I would absolutely recommend them.


Baba A wore her hedgehog tee shirt to playgroup today and we had lots of compliments so that is a crowd pleaser too. It is slim fitting and a great length as it doesn’t ride up.
I think that the only possible query re the design would be the logo label on the back of the tee shirts. It might be too obvious for some but, on the plus side, you could use it to hang your child up by ala Macauley Culkin in Home Alone 2.
NB- this is not a genuine suggestion. Do not do this.

At £17 & £16 respectively, they are on the pricey side for an everyday tee shirt but they are ideal as a present or a treat and will wear very well.
Also, as Sgt.Smith is an independent small, British business you can feel smug that you are doing your damnedest to help bring this country back from the brink. It is Shop Indie month after all.

There you have it lads and lasses, my first bona fide review on children’s clothing.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Hedgehog tee shirt was given to me for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own and unbiased.
You are welcome to bombard me with items to review. I specifically mean amazing cars, holidays, jewels and the like but I will consider all offers and will always speak the truth. 🙂


2 responses to “Are you a crap friend? I know something that can help.

  1. Caroline says:

    1) I love that I get a mention as the 2nd time parent- makes me sound very grown up!!!

    2) you never have been or will be a shoddy friend my love!

    3) very funny as always- I can hear you talking whilst I read your blogs!


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