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on June 19, 2013

Now, I know that many of you will have been on tenter hooks waiting desperately for my review of Panoramic 34 where Mr L and I dined on Friday, but my week has been pretty busy planning for the party of the year (aka mums 70th).
In between times we have also been to a family fun day, a toddlers birthday party and Tesco where I bought the whole shop and then, struggling with a ten ton trolley with a dodgy wheel, I set of the alarms.
Of course I did.
I was worried that I was being too efficient and was looking to embarrass myself and waste a bit of time in one easy manoeuvre. Job done! I had to go through all my bags and show my receipt to find that the jumper I’d bought still had its security tag on. Seriously?! You are a jumper- from Tesco. Why do you need a security tag. Save them for the Hendricks and other quality items.

So- back to the job in hand. My valuable thoughts on Panoramic….


But, since one word does not a blog post make, I will tell you why.
(First though- did you know that there is such a word as whelmed?!? Yep, I checked it out. That is the level of dull I am now at- who knew!)

OK… Here goes, I was expecting a real, serious treat. Full on fine dining, sommelier, the lot.
What it is- is a restaurant with a view.
From one window it is a view of Cosco.

It may very well be that my experience was clouded by the fact I had no time to look forward to the evening what with the projectile vomit, the missing of the bus and the subsequent row in the taxi.
I might have viewed the whole evening differently if my stress levels had not been through the roof and my luxurious preparation ritual hadn’t amounted to applying some make up whilst holding one baby and calmly requesting that the toddler put back the can of shaving foam.

Anywho, Mr L and I arrived and were back on speaking terms.
The view from the base of the tower is pretty uninspiring- it is basically a tall building accessed from a Liverpool back street, not a brilliant start but not a deal breaker- onwards and upwards (to the 34th floor as it goes).

We were greeted by weird pink lighting.
No one offered to take our coats. Humph. (Keep an open mind Muma, don’t speak too soon…)

We were shown to our table which was excellent. Even on a pretty drab evening we had a brilliant view of Wirral and the Welsh Hills so I imagine on a balmy Summer night it would be better still.
The tables light up. Quite a quirky effect and looked good but- presumably due to the electricity needed for the lights there isn’t leg rounder the tables. Bit annoying.

The waitress came over (who btw was dressed a little too casually for me- how come they don’t have a uniform??) and offered us water but made no mention of pre dinner drinks or anything. Only if we’d like to see the wine list. Obviously that was a resounding yes.
We are out, for dinner, on a Friday night. We are sans kids. The wine list is essential pre dinner reading.
Anyway-ordered a cheeky G&T. Had to ask what gins they had which, when pressed, was an okay range but why wouldn’t you say what’s available.
I don’t get it.
I used to totally love being a waitress, I used to up sell, chat to customers and basically treat work like an evening out.
This is not what happens at Panoramic. Clearly I don’t want someone to bore me with how they are using this job to pay for uni/boob job/trip to Peru, but a touch of personality never goes amiss I would say.

The food was pretty good. Perhaps a 7/10?
I had pork belly followed by pancetta rolled beef which was served with liver.
As I have said before I am trying my best to become a cultured and unfussy eater so I tried it. Twice. The results are in- I CAN NOT abide it.
I wanted to be sick in my bag. That is absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the cooking- Mr L said it was the best liver he has ever had. I can’t deal with the texture it was akin to having a cats tongue in your mouth. Soft but rough. Blah. My stomach is churning slightly now just thinking back to it.
The beef was rare and gorgeous. Lovely, lovely. Melt in the mouth tender. Yum.
The parmesan mash was perfect. Very smooth and plenty of taste without being overbearing.

For dessert I had toffee apple mehringues. The least enjoyable part of it was the teeny tiny meringues. You wouldn’t see any such thing at Emma’s or Brimstage, they were neither chewy or crunchy. Just a bit meh really. The presentation was excellent, the toffee apple and the Chantilly cream were lush but they don’t make up for the utterly average meringues.

Mr L had rabbit to start followed by Seabass and neither complained nor waxed lyrical about either.

So- if you are soooooo boring that you discuss ratings over dinner you might say that being underwhelmed is 6/10 or less, whelmed (yep, I am actually giving you a definition!) is between 6 and 8 and to be overwhelmed you are looking at 9 or 10/10, then we were underwhelmed (and boring!).
It wasn’t hideous, it wasn’t complaint worthy but it wasn’t worth going back to either.
The whole experience was much like their choice of background music. Overrated and pretty bland. 😦

Where have you dined that you’d rate or slate?
Next on my list is The Mal in Manchester (did I mention that I’m here, for two days, having a spa and shopping trip!!!)

My current review is pretty short and simply reads:
Absolutely immense. Get yourselves here.


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