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Mum’s gone Mad.

on May 22, 2013

Evening all.

I know what you’re thinking. Tut tut, she’s fallen off the blogging bandwagon already. Sad really. She started so brightly. Oh well, I can now get on with all the usual tasks and chores that I’d be filling my time with rather than perusing these little ramblings.

Well- you are right, I did fall off the wagon. Helped in part by the reopening of EGO Heswall on Friday. I went out for an actual meal with an actual grown up (not really, it was my sister!!) and had way too much wine which resulted in a head down the toilet start to Saturday morning. Incidentally that event coincided with Baby A finding her recorder. Hooray. So, I am slightly behind where I should be.
I should now be posting a blog on how brilliant Ego looks now it has been refurbed, how fantastic the food was and how efficient the staff were but, because I am an imbecile, I have instead written this… I promise I will write the restaurant review tomorrow.


Once upon a misty Monday mum was going mad.
All because the kids were screaming,
Crying for their dad.

She took them to the park,
They made dens in the dark,
And mum even built a humongous ark.

Once upon a Chilly Tuesday mum was going mad,
All because the kids were screaming.
Crying for their dad.

She stood on her head.
Let them bounce on the bed.
And they even cooked some really posh bread.

Once upon a Windy Wednesday mum was going mad.
All because the kids were screaming.
Crying for their dad.

They all went out to fly a kite
And on to a cafe for a bite,
They even had a pillow fight.

Once upon a Thundery Thursday mum was going mad.
All because the kids were screaming.
Crying for their dad.

She plaited their hair.
Wrestled a bear
And even opened a tiny fair.

Once upon a frosty Friday mum was going mad.
All because the kids were screaming.
Crying for their dad.

She juggled with cats.
Pulled rabbits from hats.
And even sung in a choir with bats.

Once upon a snowy Saturday dads brain was going funny.
All because the kids were screaming,
Crying for their Mummy!!

Oh no said dad, don’t give me that.
You lot sound like spoilt brats.
Climb up here. Up you come. I bet you don’t behave like that for mum!

I bet Julia Donaldson and JK Rowling are shaking in their boots!!!

Test it out on your kids and let me know how it goes down. Xxx

Night all πŸ™‚


7 responses to “Mum’s gone Mad.

  1. Kelly says:

    Well I read it to Henry at bedtime tonight and his comment was, “can you do all those things with us mummy?” So yes I am now practicing my best singing for the bat choir I will be required to perform in tomorrow! Thanks Tan! xxxx More of the same please! x

  2. Jenny says:

    I love this post. Don’t worry hun we have all been there and it’s ok to take time off your blog all your fans won’t go anywhere without you. Head in the toilet oh no I have recently did this first time in five years. Took a bit of recovery. Hope you are feeling better now. Love the poetry form at the end. Glad you had such a great time with your sister. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  3. ghostwritermummy2014 says:

    Haha love it! Hope you have a better week this week. And hide that recorder well, ours seem to turn up every few weeks or so and I have no idea how they find them!!
    x x

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