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Thanking my Lucky Stars

on April 7, 2013

I was just about to post a blog entitled ‘Wonderful wonderful Wirral’ when I received a notification saying that someone had liked my blog and suggesting that I should have a look at theirs. Being a new and keen blogger I did and you should too; it is called Pregoandtheloon
It is basically a blog about a very brave lady who is rebuilding her life after fleeing domestic violence.

My post was going to be an update of the brilliant week that I have just had with my family but now I have read Pregoandtheloon I want to wait a little before posting it and rather than regaling you with hilarious anecdotes about what Mr L does to wind me up, my day to day catastrophes and my most recent incident when I nearly killed the in laws dog, I will simply say this;
I am a lucky, lucky lady.
I have two beautiful daughters, a loving family and a wonderful husband who I adore. So, if you fall into my camp, say a little thank you tonight. If you fall into prego’s, please keep being brave and strong and believe that things will get better.
Not all men are bullies, not all men will treat you badly so don’t give up hope and know that people are thinking of you and hoping that things get better soon.

All my love. XxxX


2 responses to “Thanking my Lucky Stars

  1. Soraya says:

    Yep deffo worth remembering what’s important in life xxx

  2. Tricia Murphy says:

    Loving your new found talent ‘blogging!’ You are very good and no doubt bring a little light humour and appreciation to the people who read. I always agree that we each need to be thankful for what we have and that things really can get better. “With the new day comes new strength.”
    Loads love
    Tricia xxxx

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